Chapter 1661 Tang Wan-er Fights

Long Chen’s foot struck like lightning, viciously striking Wang Haishan’s crotch and causing him to fly back with a miserable wail.

Wang Haishan had underestimated Long Chen too much. He thought that when he used his full power, Long Chen wouldn’t be able to receive a single one of his attacks.

However, with the Five Star Battle Armor, Long Chen was so strong that Wang Haishan, a peak Life Star expert, was unable to shake him in the slightest. Instead, his one attack caused Wang Haishan’s lower body to explode.

As raging winds roared around him, Long Chen sneered, “Since you don’t want to hear my explanation, I don’t need to bother wasting the effort. I’ll tell you all right now, all your Southern Xuan Region’s experts were slain by me, Long Chen. If you want revenge, then come. It’s the same thing, fight or fuck off.”

Long Chen knew that this kind of blood debt could not be resolved by reason. Explaining had no meaning, as no one would care. However, he wasn’t unreasonable. If they wanted him to explain, he would. It was just that since they didn’t, he wouldn’t have to waste the time. He didn’t care either way.

If no one would listen to his explanation, then they couldn’t blame him when he killed them. Anyone who wanted his life would have to be prepared to risk their own.

A random attack from Long Chen had destroyed the lower body of one of the rulers of the Southern Xuan Region, startling the other experts from this region. However, their fury was further provoked when they heard that Long Chen had slain their disciples.

“Bastard, hand back the life of my granddaughter!”

The ancient family alliance’s branch master, Han Wanchang roared furiously and slashed a sword at Long Chen. When that sword slashed through the air, heaven and earth quivered.

Long Chen snorted and suddenly thunderforce circulated around him. Lightning wings appeared on his back. He shot toward the clouds like a Great Peng.

“If you want to kill me, then come with me. Don’t stain the pure land of the Skywood Divine Palace with your dirty blood.”

Long Chen rushed off in an instant. He didn’t want to destroy the Skywood Divine Palace.

As for Han Wanchang, he was shocked. He had clearly used his aura to lock Long Chen down when attacking. However, his lock had been absolutely useless. Long Chen had ignored it and left as soon as he had wanted to. That shocked Han Wanchang, as well as infuriated him. Long Chen didn’t place him in his eyes. That was an insult.

“Brat, where do you think you’re running?!”

Han Wanchang charged after him. The other Southern Xuan Region experts also followed.

“Master, I…” Chu Yao suddenly walked over to the palace master. She knelt on the ground, ashamed.

“Good child, you can go. As master and apprentice, I respect your decision. No matter what happens, you will always be my apprentice. Even if you are no longer a disciple of the Skywood Divine Palace, you will still be my apprentice.” The palace master lifted Chu Yao and gently rubbed her cheek with a loving smile.

She knew that Chu Yao was about to leave. Although she had been prepared, she couldn’t help feeling a bit unwilling. Chu Yao was her most outstanding apprentice, and she viewed Chu Yao as her own child.

Now, Long Chen had become enemies with the entire Southern Xuan Region, and Chu Yao had to stand by him. Since that was the case, she could only leave the Skywood Divine Palace. Otherwise, the Skywood Divine Palace would have to face everyone’s aggression. With Chu Yao’s kind nature, she definitely wouldn’t want to implicate her master or her sect.

The palace master truly understood Chu Yao well. She knew exactly what Chu Yao was thinking, and she comforted her by saying that even if Chu Yao left the Skywood Divine Palace, she would forever be her apprentice.

“Thank you, master.” Chu Yao once more knelt on the ground, kowtowing to the palace master three times. This was a form of goodbye.

In all her years at the Skywood Divine Palace, the palace master had treated her like her own child, even sacrificing her longevity and beauty to rebuild Chu Yao’s foundation and talent.

Chu Yao didn’t know how she was ever supposed to repay her master for her kindness. Tears of shame dripped down her face.

“Good child, you can go. Even if you leave the Skywood Divine Palace, I will always be your master. As your master, my greatest hope is to see my apprentice’s accomplishments surpass my own. That would be my greatest glory. Nothing else is worth bothering about. I trust you will definitely become stronger than me, and I trust that day won’t be too far in the future. I’ll eagerly await that day,” said the palace master softly as she helped wipe away Chu Yao’s tears.

Chu Yao nodded. Clenching her teeth, she flew away with Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er.

“Using my status as master of the Skywood Divine Palace, I announce that starting from today, Chu Yao is no longer a disciple of the Skywood Divine Palace. Her actions have nothing to do with my Skywood Divine Palace.” The palace master’s voice rang out through the sky.

Although she had been prepared, Chu Yao still felt like a blade was slicing her heart.

“Don’t feel bad. She only announced that you are no longer a disciple of the Skywood Divine Palace. She didn’t say you are no longer her apprentice,” comforted Meng Qi softly.

The Skywood Divine Palace had no other choice. When Chu Yao had first come here to cultivate, she had said that she wouldn’t be able to stay forever. She cultivated solely for Long Chen.

Chu Yao had now formally left the Skywood Divine Palace. Hence, the palace master had no choice but to take away her status as a disciple. However, Chu Yao would always be the apprentice she was proudest of.

Suddenly, they felt the world shake. Divine light erupted like an exploding sun.

Long Chen had left the Skywood Divine Palace’s territory, and no longer had any misgivings. Evilmoon had suddenly appeared in his hand, and he immediately slashed it at Han Wanchang. The collision of two divine items caused a huge explosion that pulled open the curtains to this battle.

“Long Chen, I will definitely get vengeance for my granddaughter today!” Han Wanchang roared and once more attacked with his sword. His aura was vast like a sea and heavy as a mountain. He was actually a half-step Netherpassage expert.

“Just half-step Netherpassage. With how arrogant Han Feifei was, I thought you would already be at the Netherpassage realm. I wonder, how is it that people like you with garbage combat power can still be so arrogant toward other people?”

Long Chen met Han Wanchang’s attack with his saber. The immense power shook the land, shocking the others. Long Chen was actually so powerful that he could fight evenly against a half-step Netherpassage expert. He was a monster.

A golden spear shot through the air, joining the fray.

“Long Chen, return my sons to me!”

The wielder of this spear was the one Long Chen had just sent flying, Wang Haishan. He had fully recovered and charged back.

However, just at that moment, a lithe figure appeared before him. Space twisted strangely, and an invisible blade blocked his path. It sent him flying with a powerful explosive sound.

Tang Wan-er had appeared before him, her white dress fluttering around her. Looking at these experts from the Southern Xuan Region, she announced, “The reason why Long Chen killed your experts was because those people were controlled by Shen Bijun’s zither music and were trying to kill him. He acted in self-defense and had no choice but to kill them. This matter-”

“Bullshit! We refuse to believe it! You’re all just as bad as each other. Who would listen to your nonsense story?!”

Wang Haishan’s rage was further provoked upon being blocked by Tang Wan-er, and he charged forward once more, his manifestation appearing behind him.

“Since you don’t want to believe it, then you can die!” Tang Wan-er frowned as she was also enraged. Now she knew why Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to explain himself. Explaining had no use against these people. They wouldn’t listen no matter what.

Tang Wan-er’s own manifestation appeared. Within that endless primal chaos was a full moon. Although it was still indistinct, that moon had already formed.

When Tang Wan-er’s manifestation appeared, for a single moment, it felt like time was standing still. Tang Wan-er’s invisible blade slashed down.

What shocked everyone was that despite Tang Wan-er being miles away from Wang Haishan, and despite there being no sword-image or divine runes, this simple slash caused Wang Haishan to suddenly smash his spear forward with a horrified expression.


Wang Haishan’s spear smashed into the air. An invisible existence sent him flying.

As he flew back, blood streamed out of a large cut on his chest. Even the soft armor he wore had been cut through.


Startled cries rang out from the Southern Xuan Region’s experts. What kind of magical art was this? An invisible, silent attack that came from miles away?

“I didn’t want to kill you, but you are forcing me.” Tang Wan-er stood in the sky, looking down on these experts. This was her warning.

“Everyone, don’t be afraid! This kind of magical art is completely heretical. We have to attack together to get vengeance for our disciples!”

A white-haired elder roared and took out a shield. Light blossomed from the shield, protecting him as he took the lead to charge toward Tang Wan-er.

Following his actions, other experts roared as well. Their favorite disciples had been slain, so they had to get vengeance.

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Liu Ruyan, and Cloud were about to join the battle when their attention was suddenly drawn to a gloomy Tang Wan-er. She slowly pressed her palms against each other. When she pulled them apart, a sphere appeared between her hands.

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