Chapter 1659 Leaving the Jade Lake Sacred Land

Long Chen recovered while examining the strange earth essence floating within his primal chaos space.

It actually didn’t fall to the ground. It simply floated there as if it couldn’t merge with the ground.

When he had sucked it into the primal chaos space, he had clearly felt a terrifying burst of power about to erupt from it, and it had been about to flee. However, just the slightest shaking from the primal chaos space caused it to turn still.

The earth essence was now dull, like an ordinary piece of earth. Even its divine pressure had disappeared.

Long Chen was thankful for the primal chaos bead, otherwise, this priceless treasure would have been impossible to snatch. However, not just anything could be sucked into the primal chaos space. For example, the Black Illusion Dragon Flame. He hadn’t dared to pull it into the primal chaos space for fear that it would destroy all his medicinal fields. The reason why he dared to do so with the earth essence was because it wasn’t as berserk and explosive as the Black Illusion Dragon Flame.

However, he hadn’t expected the earth essence to attempt to flee. Fortunately, it had been suppressed by the primal chaos bead.

As Long Chen could only control the slightest bit of the primal chaos space, he was unable to force it to listen to his orders. Hence, there were many things that he could only test bit by bit.

After two hours, they had recovered a portion of their energy and slowly stood.

Tang Wan-er had made great contributions when it came to taking the earth essence this time. Only she had had full spiritual yuan at the time, otherwise, without enough spiritual yuan, Long Chen wouldn’t have been able to draw it into the primal chaos space.

“Long San, let’s split our gains.” The Pill Fairy’s blush faded as if nothing had happened.

“Our gains?” asked Long Chen.

“The Black Illusion Dragon Flame is currently completely suppressed, and it has been refined into flame essence. However, it’s too berserk, and after being suppressed, seeing that it had no hope, it actually exploded of its own volition. The energy it felt behind was refined into two portions, a berserk energy and an illusory energy.” The Pill fairy took out the Daynight Furnace.

Its runes revolved, and it turned transparent, allowing them to see what was inside. There were two spheres, each with one kind of rune around it. Those runes were the same runes as the ones in the Black Illusion Dragon Flame’s eyes.

Its eyes had represented its two different kinds of power, the softer illusory power and its fierce berserk power.

Clearly, the Pill Fairy was letting Long Chen choose between these two kinds of power.

“Then I won’t be courteous.” Long Chen delightedly waved his hand, and a golden flame dragon flew into the Daynight Furnace, swallowing the globe of berserk energy in one gulp.

“Long San…” The Pill Fairy couldn’t help being a bit guilty. 

The reason the Black Illusion Dragon Flame was ranked above the Heaven Incinerating Flame wasn’t just because its destructive power was greater than it, but because it possessed a strange kind of power. Its illusory energy was priceless to alchemists. This illusory power had its own special name, the Black Illusion Spirit Flame. It was the flame alchemists longed for the most.

However, the Black Illusion Dragon Flame’s berserk power was merged with its illusory power. To separate them required a great deal of time. Hence, the Pill Fairy had actually been quite lucky that this Black Illusion Dragon Flame had been too berserk and detonated itself upon seeing that it couldn’t escape.

To increase the power of its detonation, it had expelled all its gentler, more spiritual illusory power, and instead concentrated all its berserk power. That explosion had caused the Pill Fairy to receive a heavy injury at the time. Fortunately, the Daynight Furnace was extremely powerful, or even another divine item would have exploded from that.

Due to this explosion, there was no need for them to separate the illusory power from the berserk power. In fact, it was even purer, as no matter what a person did, some of that berserk energy would remain in the illusory aspect, but here, the Black Illusion Dragon Flame had done it all on its own. The two types of energy were as pure as possible.

The Pill Fairy naturally wanted the illusory aspect, but in truth, it had been mostly thanks to Long Chen that they had managed to obtain the Black Illusion Dragon Flame. If it hadn’t been for him, she’d have long since given up on it.

So, while she naturally wanted this Black Illusion Spirit Flame, she couldn’t say it directly. That was why she gave the initiative to Long Chen. She was already prepared for Long Chen to take the Black Illusion Spirit Flame, because she knew that he was also an alchemist, and an extremely powerful one at that.

The Black Illusion Spirit Flame posed a fatal attraction to alchemists. No alchemist could resist its lure.

So the Pill Fairy’s heart was conflicted. However, Long Chen had taken the berserk energy without hesitation. That berserk flame had no use to alchemists. Hence, the Pill Fairy was both grateful and ashamed. She opened her mouth to speak, but she found that she had no reasons.

“Hehe, I have two reasons, one real and one false. According to a normal person, I should say that I adore beautiful women and only the Black Illusion Spirit Flame is fit for your immortal grace. To be able to see you soar to the peak of the Pill Dao would be my life’s greatest fortune.”

Long Chen’s mischievous smile completely ruined the effect of his words.

The Pill Fairy reddened, not expecting him to say such words in front of Meng Qi and the others.

“Of course, that’s all nonsense. That idiot Di Xin is the only one who would use such words to trick women. The truth is simply that this berserk flame is what I need the most. Even if you wanted it, I would have to fight to get it back because it’s very important to me,” said Long Chen matter-of-factly.

These were honest words. The Black Illusion Spirit Flame might be the number one divine flame for alchemists. It could merge with the Pill Flame and support the alchemist, and that might allow them to refine a legendary peerless grade pill.

Medicinal pills were divided into low grade, middle grade, high grade, top grade, and peerless grade. Top grade pills were already extremely rare existences in this world. As for peerless grade medicinal pills, they were restricted to just legends. No one had ever seen one.

If the Pill Fairy had the Black Illusion Spirit Flame, she might just become the first person to refine a peerless grade pill since the dark era.

However, all of that was just nonsense to Long Chen. He was surrounded by powerful enemies and could barely protect his own life, so how could he have any interest in pursuing the Pill Dao?

The berserk aspect of the Black Illusion Dragon Flame was precisely what he needed. It was pure brute power. Once Huo Long refined it, its power would probably defy the heavens.

Furthermore, once Huo Long devoured its energy, it would still retain the power of the Heaven Incinerating Flame. As Long Chen could refine pills with the Heaven Incinerating Flame and fight with the Black Dragon Illusion Flame, he naturally didn’t care about some illusory flame.

“Alright, since we both contributed equally, we’ll split it equally. It’s very fair,” said Long Chen.

“Thank you.”

The Pill Fairy was extremely grateful. From start to finish, she felt that Long Chen was simply saying this for her benefit. Anyone who was an alchemist wouldn’t be able to resist the Black Illusion Spirit Flame’s charm.

In her eyes, Long Chen’s explanation was only to make her feel better about herself. For him to even go that far for her, she felt even more grateful, as well as a bit lost.

The Pill Fairy put away the Daynight Furnace. After that, they rested for a full day, using their Heavenly Dao manifestation to recovery quickly.

Long Chen only recovered to fifty percent in that time, showing that compared to Empyreans, his recovery speed was still lacking.

However, fifty percent was enough. They began flying toward where they had entered from.

Like ascending mortals, they flew toward the ‘moon’ up ahead. From up in the sky, they overlooked the mass of ruins. The scene when they had first entered had been completely wrecked.

The women looked at Long Chen. Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Tang Wan-er laughed. Wherever Long Chen went, destruction followed. It had been like this for so many years. Even this beautiful sacred land had been turned to ruins.

The Southern Xuan Region’s experts had been completely annihilated. Only Di Xin had fled, or more accurately been saved. However, considering the ‘ill omens’ Long Chen had read in his future, it was unknown if he lived or not.

They entered the water and rapidly swam up. Once they were out, furious roars rang out. They were surrounded by golden tree demons.

“I’ll open a path.” Tang Wan-er walked to the front and slowly formed hand seals in front of her. Long Chen suddenly felt a strange fluctuation in space.

As Tang Wan-er advanced, any tree demons within a hundred thousand meters exploded.

It was like countless invisible blades were following Tang Wan-er, forming a domain that sliced the tree demons to dust. Golden specks rained down.

“This is… the pinnacle of wind, embryonic spatial blades,” exclaimed the Pill Fairy with shock.

Long Chen and the others were also shocked, as well as delighted. Unexpectedly, Tang Wan-er was able to use her wind inheritance so quickly.

They followed Tang Wan-er. The golden tree demons crazily attacked, but they all exploded when they stepped into her domain. The ground turned golden.

Tang Wan-er directly killed her way all the way to the exit.

“You’ve come out! Hurry and run through the secret transportation formation. Something major has happened!” One of the Skywood Divine Palace’s disciples was there waiting for them. 

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