Chapter 1658 The Essence of Earth

There was a golden triangular object about thirty meters long. It looked like a dark gold piece of iron, and shocking fluctuations were coming from it.

It was what had broken Di Long’s hand and the spatial formation, forcing him away. This strange object was floating in the air, waves of divine pressure coming from it. It was like the world was trembling because of its existence.

“The world’s innate elemental structure is based on earth, water, fire, and air, with earth coming first. It is the first element used to stabilize the world. It should be the core of the Jade Lake Sacred Land,” said Chu Yao.

“None of us are earth elemental cultivators. We probably won’t be able to take it,” said Tang Wan-er.

The current Tang Wan-er had absorbed the wind essence. Although she hadn’t fully refined it yet, she had comprehended the essence of it. That was the comprehension the Jade Lake Venerate had had toward wind energy. It had greatly benefited Tang Wan-er. Her inheritance was something countless people would go crazy for.

Otherwise, Tang Wan-er wouldn’t have been able to use wind energy in that crisis just now to escape the lock of the huge hand and bring everyone away.

“I might be able to try it with the Daynight Furnace.” The Pill Fairy walked forward. She sent the Daynight Furnace floating over to the object.

However, when the Daynight Furnace was a few miles away, it suddenly fell out of the sky and crashed into the ground.

“What?” Long Chen and the others were shocked. It was like an invisible hand was pressing the Daynight Furnace into the ground.

“This earth essence has a terrifying gravitational field around it. My power is too low to get the Daynight Furnace close to it,” said the Pill Fairy.

“Gravitational field?”

They were shocked. This strange object actually possessed such a terrifying gravitational field that not even the Pill Fairy’s Daynight Furnace could approach it?

“Yes, it’s too powerful. I can’t sense any resistance or malice coming from it, but I still can’t get close,” said the Pill Fairy.

Chu Yao nodded. “That proves it has to be the core of the Jade Lake Sacred Land, the essence of earth. It’s the earth inheritance of the Jade Lake Venerate. Based on what she left behind, the person to receive her inheritance must have an affinity with it. There’s no way for someone to snatch it through power. That person has to have the right elemental runes with it, but we…”

Chu Yao’s meaning was clear. They had no earth elemental expert here and could not connect to this earth essence. Even if there was an earth cultivator here, it would have to be someone with high enough talent to receive it.

“I’ll try it.” Liu Ruyan refused to accept it like this. In her Undying Willow true body, she sent out countless branches at the earth essence.

Those branches exploded while they were still a long way from the earth essence. She raged, “How can this be?! Earth births wood! There’s no clash between our elements, but it won’t even let me get close!”

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Cloud, Liu Ruyan, and the Pill Fairy were all unable to find a solution. They looked from the earth essence to Long Chen. None of them had any ideas.

Tang Wan-er suddenly pointed a finger. A thin wind blade silently shot out at the earth essence.

When Tang Wan-er unleashed an attack, Long Chen and the others were completely shocked. Tang Wan-er’s wind energy was completely different from before.

Before, when Tang Wan-er wanted to use her wind energy, it would cause spatial fluctuations. However, now she was able to unleash this thin wind blade without causing any disturbance in the air around her. This thin little blade gave Long Chen a dangerous feeling. Perhaps even his body wouldn’t be able to block this wind blade.

Shockingly, Tang Wan-er’s attack wasn’t blocked at all. It struck the earth essence just like that and exploded. However, the earth essence wasn’t affected. Tang Wan-er’s attack didn’t shake it all. It didn’t even leave behind a mark.

“Physical attacks are useless, and magical arts can strike it but can’t cause any damage. It seems we really can’t do anything to this earth essence.” Tang Wan-er shook her head.

Now they all saw how powerful this earth essence was. Even a Netherpassage expert’s attack was broken by it, and the spatial channel had been sealed shut. Perhaps this earth essence was a protective measure the Jade Lake Venerate had left behind. This Jade Lake Sacred Land was left behind to those with destiny with its inheritances, which was why Life Star experts and above were not allowed to enter.

The arrival of a Netherpassage expert’s attack had broken its rules, causing the earth essence to appear and force the intruder away. That showed the crux of the problem.

Even a Netherpassage expert was helpless to do anything to it. As for the Pill Fairy, due to the limitations of her cultivation base, she was unable to use the Daynight Furnace to strike it. No one else had any other ideas.

The women all looked toward Long Chen. Long Chen seemed very relaxed. “I never believed in fate or affinity, because fate has no affinity with me. However, I’m rather good at snatching things.”

Long Chen extended his hands. A lightning chain and flame chain shot out of his hands, wrapping around the earth essence.

As expected, the earth essence didn’t react. It allowed itself to be bound. Seeing that, Long Chen sighed with relief and said, “Ladies, help me out. I need to borrow your spiritual yuan since my own is running out.”

Long Chen’s divine ring once more appeared. Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Liu Ruyan, and Cloud pressed their hands on Long Chen’s back at the same time.

As for the Pill Fairy, she hesitated before also reaching out a hand, slowly sending her spiritual yuan into Long Chen’s body.

With the spiritual yuan of the six of them pouring into his body, Long Chen activated the Five Star Battle Armor. The ground beneath him crumbled as he pulled on the earth essence with all his power.

“How heavy!” Long Chen was shocked. This earth essence was like a star. Even with all his power, he was only able to move it ever so slightly.

As it moved, the ground beneath Long Chen exploded. Long Chen’s expression didn’t change. The earth essence was so heavy that the earth couldn’t bear it.

Suddenly, Liu Ruyan unleashed her true body. Her roots sank deep into the ground, and she formed a platform for Long Chen so that he could use his power more effectively.

“Thank you.” Long Chen was delighted by Liu Ruyan’s help. He continued pulling, but the earth essence was too heavy, and its progress was very slow.

The earth essence fundamentally wasn’t supposed to be taken like this. Taking away this earth essence was equivalent to forcibly taking away the core of this world. It was a destructive power.

As the earth essence approached, Meng Qi and the others turned a bit pale. The energy exhaustion of Long Chen’s Five Star Battle Armor was absolutely terrifying. Their spiritual yuan was running out.

“Everyone, endure it! Just a bit more!” Seeing the earth essence coming over more and more, Long Chen shouted out. He was covered in sweat, his arms trembling from the exertion. However, he still persevered. When the earth essence was just three hundred meters away from him, he smiled.

Suddenly, a black hole appeared in the sky. Long Chen roared, pulling the earth essence toward that black hole.

When the black hole devoured the earth essence, Long Chen felt like the world was spinning around him. He fell down.

Meng Qi and the others were also exhausted. Long Chen had sucked their spiritual yuan dry.

However, coincidentally, the direction Long Chen fell was toward the Pill Fairy’s embrace.

The Pill Fairy immediately reddened and tried to push Long Chen toward Tang Wan-er. However, she was too exhausted. She could barely lift a finger.

For a moment, the atmosphere was very awkward. The Pill Fairy was completely red, not daring to make a sound. She could only allow Long Chen to rest in her embrace.

A feeling she had never felt before filled her heart. She felt her body softening and her heartbeat quickened. Her face was as red as an apple. Long Chen’s head was resting on her chest. That position was too awkward.

She did her best to control her breathing and heartbeat, but with her spiritual yuan and physical energy exhausted, she couldn’t move. Worst of all, Long Chen’s ear was against her chest. He could clearly hear her heartbeat. Her face was so red it looked like it was about to drip blood.

“Big sister, why is your face so red? Are you injured?” asked Cloud worriedly.

“I… I… It’s nothing. I’m just tired. Long Chen, can you roll over? You’re crushing me,” said the Pill Fairy.

“Sorry.” Long Chen did his best to lift himself from the Pill Fairy’s embrace. However, he had used up too much energy, and his arms only got him halfway before he fell back down in her embrace.

The Pill Fairy let out a startled cry. Meng Qi and the others had a faint smile as they looked at Long Chen dubiously.

“I swear I didn’t do it on purpose.” Even Long Chen blushed slightly at their staring and hastily testified to his innocence.

In the end, it was Cloud who was the most innocent. As a Xuan Beast, she recovered her physical energy quickly and pulled him up, relieving the Pill Fairy of her awkward position.

The Pill Fairy eventually recovered enough to sit up. They all began to rapidly recover their energy.

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