Chapter 1657 Di Xin’s Nine-Line Soul Calming Jade

The black globe of water wasn’t particularly large. It was only three meters wide. However, it was pitch-black and filled with an aura of death.


Long Chen let out a quiet order, and the black globe exploded. In that instant, Long Chen covered himself in black soil.

It was like a ball of ink had exploded. Di Xin’s heavy water domain was completely contaminated.

“An insignificant trick. My water is no ordinary water, but- what?!”

Di Xin was in the midst of mocking Long Chen’s actions when his expression completely changed. He was shocked to find that his heavy water domain was unable to block the contamination of the black water.

The Life-Devouring Silverfish immediately rotted on contact with the slightest bit of the black water. They turned into black liquid.

Meng Qi and the others were only able to see a black ball explode in the middle of the heavy water domain and rapidly spread.

“Bastard, what is this?!” roared Di Xin. His Yuan Spirit appeared, hastily forming hand seals. Thanks to Di Xin’s efforts, the black water was quickly isolated into an area several miles wide. At the same time, he ordered the surviving Life-Devouring Silverfish to leave that region. They were incredibly precious mutated beasts, but they had almost been wiped out just now in the blink of an eye.

His family had spent endless effort to raise them. Within his water domain, their killing power was even more terrifying than a divine item. Di Xin had used them to kill two experts who had been even stronger than him.

However, just now, his carelessness had cost him over half of them. He clenched his teeth so hard that they almost bled.

“Aiya, not bad. You have some skills. Here, have some more. Work hard. I look favorably upon you.” Long Chen’s body that was encased in the black soil armor charged out of the black water. He waved his hand, and another globe of water exploded.

This one was ten times greater than the last one. It spread quickly, overtaking the surviving Life-Devouring Silverfish.

“Long Chen… pfft!” Seeing those Life-Devouring Silverfish that his family had spent dozens of generations to raise all being annihilated, Di Xin coughed up a mouthful of blood. “Long Chen, I’ll tear you to pieces!”

Although his family still had some young Life-Devouring Silverfish, it took a huge amount of resources for them to fully mature, as well as a lot of time. He had essentially lost this family trump card for decades or even centuries.

Di Xin’s whole body was shuddering, and a miniature version of him appeared outside his head. That was his Yuan Spirit. It rapidly formed hand seals along with him, and his manifestation grew in power. However, halfway through his seals, his expression suddenly changed.

“How… how is this possible?!” Di Xin let out a wild roar. He now noticed that at some point, his hands had started turning black. It was like there was ink flowing in his blood.

The Pill Fairy, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Cloud, and Liu Ruyan all looked at him in shock. Di Xin’s whole body was turning black now. Upon looking at the black water that Long Chen had unleashed, it was clearly related. However, Di Xin hadn’t touched the black water. How had it spread to his body?

“Long Chen’s black water is really terrifying. It was able to affect Di Xin’s Yuan Spirit through his soul and then spread its poison into his body,” exclaimed Meng Qi. Her soul arts allowed her to discover some clues.

This heavy water domain was composed of Di Xin’s core energy and core water. It was deeply connected to his soul. The black water was actually able to transmit its toxicity through the water to Di Xin’s body without him even realizing it.

Amongst everyone here, Long Chen was the calmest. Everything was within his expectations. What kind of joke was that? This black water was the death spirit water from the Netherworld. It could annihilate anything. Even Long Chen didn’t dare to touch it. He had to use the primal chaos space’s black soil in order to block the black water, or it would kill him as well.

As soon as Long Chen had learned that Di Xin was a water attribute expert, he had stopped caring about him as a threat. His entire plan’s focus had been to make sure he could kill Shen Bijun. He knew that the death spirit water was Di Xin’s bane.

Seeing the terrified Di Xin who was rapidly turning black, Long Chen gravely said, “Sir, your complexion is turning dark and gloomy. That’s not a good omen. Perhaps you’re about to meet a violent death. It would be better for you to die at my hands so you can escape that miserable fate.”

Di Xin let out a roar, and his heavy water domain exploded. The black water sprayed in every direction, including toward Meng Qi and the others.

Chu Yao formed hand seals, and layers of wooden walls appeared, forming a giant umbrella to block the black water.

Her wooden stakes melted like snow being rained upon. They rapidly corroded and fell to the ground.

Meng Qi and the others were shocked. This black water was too terrifying, wasn’t it? It had been diluted by the heavy water domain but still possessed such power.

“Oh, not bad, you cut off your heavy water domain so that the death aura couldn’t continue infecting you. But without your heavy water domain, how will you fight against me?” Long Chen shot after Di Xin with Evilmoon in hand.

“Long Chen, you bastard, I’ll make you pay the price for your audacity!” roared Di Xin.

His heavy water was extremely precious. He had spent years to completely transform it to this level. Each drop was branded with his spiritual mark, which was what allowed him to perfectly control it. However, now, he had been forced to sever his connection to it. He had lost his Life-Devouring Silverfish and his heavy water domain. Those were what he relied on the most. He was now like a tiger that had lost its fangs and claws.

Seeing Long Chen’s saber coming, Di Xin suddenly took out a jade plate that had nine divine marks on it. It was a nine-line Soul Calming Jade. It was also violet, however, its violet color wasn’t as deep as Long Chen’s jade.

When Long Chen saw that, his pupils shrank. Perhaps he would be able to find a clue about his origins from Di Xin.

Di Xin crushed the nine-line Soul Calming Jade. Divine light exploded from it, enveloping him inside it.

Long Chen’s saber slashed onto the light and was unable to go any further. He was knocked back.

“So the nine-line Soul Calming Jade is to be used like this.” Although Long Chen’s blood was flipping inside him from the impact, he was staring intently. The light had formed a huge ball protecting Di Xin.

“Who dares to harm my, Di Long’s, descendant?”

Suddenly, a furious roar rang out. A runic hand reached out to grab a tottering Di Xin into the void.

After pulling Di Xin away, the hand reappeared, this time slamming toward Long Chen. A majestic aura crashed down on Long Chen. The ground around him crumbled even before it landed.

Long Chen did his best to unleash a powerful saber-image at the hand. However, his attack shattered on contact without slowing it down in the slightest.

Golden light exploded as the Daynight Furnace shot over, smashing into the hand. The Daynight Furnace was sent flying into the distance, and it left behind an endless ditch on the Jade Lake Sacred Land.

“Long Chen, watch out! It’s a Netherpassage expert!” shouted the Pill Fairy.

“Hmph, Pill Valley’s little girl. If it weren’t for my slight relationship with your father, your current offense would be worth me killing you.” A voice rang out from the void, shaking their eardrums.

The hand that had brushed off the Daynight Furnace once more shot toward Long Chen. Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Cloud, and Liu Ruyan rushed over.

“Stop, don’t come! It’ll kill you as well!” shouted Long Chen.

Long Chen was finally experiencing the terror of a Netherpassage expert. In front of this kind of absolute power, Meng Qi and the others would just be sending themselves to their deaths.

However, Meng Qi and the others didn’t seem to hear, and they rushed over regardless, unleashing all their power to help Long Chen receive the attack of this Netherpassage expert. From Meng Qi and Chu Yao’s eyes, Long Chen saw that they had made their determination to go through life and death with him.

Long Chen took a deep breath. A thick tarp appeared in his hand. Within that tarp was a black nail.

“Fuck, if you want to kill me, then have a taste of the nail of the Gates of Hell!” Long Chen threw caution to the wind.

At this time, even if Evilmoon were to use its power, it wouldn’t be able to block a Netherpassage expert considering Long Chen’s power. He could only place his hopes on the nail.

Just as Long Chen was about to shoot the nail out, a figure appeared in front of them.

Long Chen felt space twist, and he appeared a thousand miles away.


Long Chen hadn’t expected Tang Wan-er to awaken at this time. She had used some kind of unknown magical art to practically teleport them away.


The huge hand crashed down on the ground, and the ground exploded. In that instant, a golden light flew out of the ground and smashed into the hole in space in the air.

The Netherpassage expert let out a startled cry as his hand was blown to bits by the golden light. The hole in space closed as if it had never existed.

“Is this earth inheritance?” Chu Yao looked at a strange golden light still floating in the air.

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