Chapter 1656 Life-Devouring Silverfish

“Lei Long, don’t make a fuss.” Long Chen pulled off Lei Long, not letting it mess around.

He knew that Lei Long was angry that he had unleashed the divine lightning in its stomach to send the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither flying and defeat Shen Bijun.

Long Chen might be refreshed at unleashing that trump card, but Lei Long was very dissatisfied. That divine light was his food. Recently, it had become capable of directly absorbing that energy and had been growing stronger day by day.

Long Chen had used its food to attack. That aggrieved Lei Long, so it wrapped around Long Chen to express its anger.

“Alright, alright. I just used a third of it, so you still have plenty of food! I guarantee I won’t touch the rest of it!” promised Long Chen.

Only then did Lei Long stop fussing and return to Long Chen’s body.

Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit returned to his main body. However, he didn’t merge back with it but instead charged into Di Xin’s heavy water domain and launched a punch at him.

Di Xin stabbed his water-thorn onto Long Chen’s fist only to get knocked back, shocked.

“How can your Yuan Spirit be so powerful?!” roared Di Xin furiously as he coughed up a mouthful of blood. There were cases of Spirit Transformation experts sending out their Yuan Spirit to fight, but he had never heard of someone’s Yuan Spirit being able to fight against a divine item barehanded.

Normally, Yuan Spirits were only able to assist the main body and form some hand seals for magical arts. 

In truth, the Yuan Spirit was a final trump card, usually only used when the physical body was destroyed. Even if a Yuan Spirit was extremely powerful, it was also a fatal weakness.

Normally, if a Yuan Spirit were to launch an attack, it would be very vulnerable to a divine item or a magical art specialized against spiritual bodies. However, Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit could actually fight barehanded against his divine item. Di Xin felt like he was going crazy.

The most terrifying thing was that when Long Chen was splitting his attention to control his Yuan Spirit and main body to fight, his Yuan Spirit’s aura was even the stronger of the two. Di Xin had never fought such an opponent.

“Don’t ask stupid questions. Shen Bijun was a fool who simply thought herself smart. The first time she tried to kill me was in the Skywood Divine Palace. She drew me into a mental realm. I intentionally held back and had Cloud’s Yuan Spirit enter with me to attack her. The information she gave you about me didn’t say anything about my Yuan Spirit, did it? That’s because she thought my Yuan Spirit wasn’t anything special and was nothing to be worried about. In truth, I had already started laying the trap down at that time, acting like I couldn’t do anything myself when drawn into the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither’s mental domain. In truth, I was just waiting for her to draw me into that realm again so I could kill her in one blow when she was overconfident. Unfortunately, things didn’t go my way. I waited a long time, but she never drew me in. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had to go through so much trouble and borrow Chu Yao’s energy to exhaust Shen Bijun’s Spiritual Strength and her Yuan Spirit so that she wouldn’t have the energy to run. I ended up plotting so much for nothing and even had to use the divine lightning I worked so hard to get.”

Long Chen shook his head. This was the most depressing thing to him. He had intentionally left himself open several times in hopes of Shen Bijun sneak attacking him that way. With her previous experience, she would definitely be overconfident in her mental realm. Long Chen thought he had a high chance of killing her in one shot in there. Regretfully, that plan didn’t work out, and he had been forced to use up a portion of his divine lightning, making Lei Long grumble.

Long Chen truly detested Shen Bijun. However, he was also afraid of this crazy woman who would use any means necessary to kill him. She was like a wild dog, impossible to defend against. Being targeted by such a woman had made it so he couldn’t rest easy, which was why he had chosen to kill her first.

The Pill Fairy stood on top of the Daynight Furnace in the distance, listening to Long Chen talk. A strange feeling rose in her heart. Long Chen wasn’t as impetuous as he appeared. His plotting was also frighteningly deep.

Shen Bijun had schemed so deeply, setting up multiple plans with multiple layers but had still died to Long Chen’s scheming. That gave her a chill.

“What profound scheming. That way, you can push all the responsibility onto Shen Bijun,” said Di Xin. He was surprisingly calm.

“That’s where you’re wrong. I disdain to have to explain myself, and I never push away my responsibility. My motto has always been that if others don’t offend me, I won’t offend them. If others do offend me, I’ll endure a bit, and if they offend me again, I’ll pull them out by the roots. So when you’re rude to me, mock me, turn your nose up at me, I can’t be bothered to deal with you. But when you raise your blade against me, that’s not offending me, that’s trying to kill me, so you become my real enemies. I’m never lenient toward my enemies,” said Long Chen coldly.

Right now, the Jade Lake Sacred Land had been turned into ruins, and of the tens of thousands of people that had entered, only the Pill Fairy, Tang Wan-er, Chu Yao, Meng Qi, Cloud, Liu Ruyan, Long Chen, and Di Xin remained. His voice echoed over the ruins.

“Hahaha!” Di Xin suddenly raised his head and laughed. “Long Chen, I admit you’re very powerful. You and Shen Bijun are both very crafty. I admit I’m not on the same level as you when it comes to scheming. However, if you really think that you’re in control now, you’re gravely mistaken. In front of absolute power, all schemes are useless.”

“Now you're using my line,” said Long Chen indifferently. That line did often come from his mouth. Now that it came from Di Xin’s, it sounded strange to him.

Di Xin’s lips curled. “Long Chen, I really hate you. I hate you for the way you speak, I hate you for having so many women that like you, I hate you for thinking yourself infallible. I really want you dead.”

“You hate me so much? Well, I only hate you for one thing. I hate you for being an arrogant idiot with an unchanging poser act. People like you think that as soon as you’re born, you’re a supreme existence that others must revere and worship. If someone doesn’t worship you, it’s disrespectful and blasphemy, so it depends on your mood whether to torment them or even take their lives. As for this unchanging poser act with absolutely no skill, that’s even more detestable. I feel like it should be you who dies instead,” said Long Chen tranquilly.

He had seen many people from the Eastern Wasteland to the Central Plains that were just like this. He didn’t know where these people’s superiority complex came from.

Were their parents and elders all fools to raise such arrogant people? They were like pigs. So what if you raised them up to be bigger? Was it so they could cook them into a delicious meal eventually? He really couldn’t figure out the point of these people. Did being a poser all day show their brilliance?

“Are you jealous? Hahaha!” Di Xin laughed delightedly. “The strong are respected, while the weak can only be slaves to the strong. That’s the only way for them to survive. What’s wrong with that? I, Di Xin, have an illustrious status, as well as an exceptional talent. As for my looks, I’m miles ahead of you. What qualifications do you have to compare to me? You could kill Shen Bijun because you have information that can be used against her, but do you dare to kill me? If you kill me, let alone you and your wives, even your sect and families will be eradicated to the last. Do you dare?”

Long Chen looked at Di Xin with a hint of hesitation. “In truth, I can’t confirm if I dare to or not. How about you show me your neck and let’s test that theory right now?”

“You…!” Di Xin almost choked. He roared, “Do you think I’m as stupid as you?! I’m telling you, you don’t have the power to kill me! In fact, you’ll all die here at my hands! The only reason I’m telling you this much is so that you’ll understand just how foolish you are.”

Di Xin suddenly formed a hand seal. His heavy water domain began to boil as a huge mass of figures appeared.

Those figures were silver fish. Each of them was fist-sized, but their head took up two-thirds of their body. Their mouths were lined with sharp teeth.

There were tens of thousands of these strange fish. They rapidly swam forward like a bolt of silver lightning at Long Chen.

Long Chen’s true body slashed its saber. However, his power was impacted by the heavy water domain, and his saber-image only caused a metallic ringing sound when it struck the silver fish. They were completely unharmed.

One of them shot toward him and immediately bit down on his arm. Long Chen felt a burst of pain. His skin was as tough as an Ancestral item but was still penetrated by these teeth. His arm began to bleed.

“Hahaha, these are Life-Devouring Silverfish! They’re a mutant species whose bodies are stronger than metal. Furthermore, they are immune to lightning, so don’t even think of using your thunderforce against them. They eat precious ores to grow, making their teeth even sharper than Ancestral items. These Life-Devouring Silverfish are something my family raised off the embryo of a dead Life-Devouring Silverfish. They spent endless time and money on them. Including now, I’ve only used them three times. The two previous times were when I encountered enemies even stronger than you, but they were still devoured by the Life-Devouring Silverfish. As for you, you’ll be the third. I want to personally see you be torn apart along with your Yuan Spirit, hahaha! Magical Water Devours the Heavens!” Di Xin laughed and his manifestation vanished. His heavy water domain was enveloped by seven consecutive waves of divine light. He was clearly concentrating all his power on strengthening the binding of the heavy water domain so that Long Chen couldn’t escape.

“Idiot, if it weren’t for Shen Bijun, you’d have long since died.” Long Chen was indifferent to Di Xin’s actions. He was also indifferent to these Life-Devouring Silverfish. His Yuan Spirit merged back with his true body. He waved his hand, and a black sphere of water appeared in his head. Terrifying Nether Qi spread.

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