Chapter 1655 Yuan Spirit Comes Out to Fight

The Pill Fairy’s arrival immediately revitalized Long Chen. He had been waiting for just this moment. The Pill Fairy’s Daynight Furnace unleashed a bright barrier that enveloped Tang Wan-er, and even if those experts from the Southern Xuan Region unleashed all their power, they wouldn’t be able to break that defense.

“Yu Qingxuan, are you trying to join hands with a homicidal demon king? Have you thought about your position?!” raged Shen Bijun.

“For a human to be shameless to this extent, my eyes have truly been opened to the world. Although I’ve never seen fairy Zi Yan, I know that your character is a million miles from hers.” The Pill Fairy coldly looked at Shen Bijun. She had never looked down on someone as much as she did Shen Bijun.

Even at this time, Shen Bijun could manage to criticize the Pill Fairy’s morality.

“Hmph, so the Pill Fairy is completely unreasonable and can only resort to personal attacks. All of Pill Valley’s face has been lost by you. Since you refuse to see the difference between right and wrong, don’t blame the heroes of the Southern Xuan Region for being forced to stop you!” shouted Shen Bijun.


The Southern Xuan Region’s experts didn’t stop because of the Pill Fairy’s arrival. Instead, they crazily unleashed their strongest attacks at her.

Tens of thousands of attacks struck the defenses of the Daynight Furnace, which was constantly shuddering, infuriating the Pill Fairy. There were dozens of Empyreans amongst the attackers. Since she could only defend and not strike back, she wouldn’t be able to last long.

“Shen Bijun, you’re actually controlling them!” raged the Pill Fairy. She had seen through some clues. These experts had gone insane. Their current condition was completely out of the ordinary.

“Pill Fairy, please don’t slander others. It’s clearly your actions to protect Long Chen that have provoked the Southern Xuan Region’s experts. You’ve provoked everyone’s anger, which is the only reason why they’re attacking you,” replied Shen Bijun coldly.


The Pill Fairy was startled as a powerful attack landed on the Daynight Furnace. It was a woman holding a divine sword. “Han Feifei, wake up!”

The attacker was Han Feifei, but she didn’t react to the Pill Fairy’s words. She continued attacking the Daynight Furnace with her divine item.

It wasn’t just Han Feifei. The other Empyreans were also crazily attacking with their divine items. Facing so many attacks, the Pill Fairy finally coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“Star Fall!”

Just as the Pill Fairy was starting to panic, hesitating over whether or not she should strike back, a blazing flame sphere shot down from the sky, exploding over the battlefield.

It was like a star had exploded, and a wave of fire devoured this world. Those Southern Xuan Region experts had no time to dodge. They were all devoured by the flames.

“Long Chen!”

Shen Bijun was completely shocked. She looked up to see Long Chen in the sky, surrounded by divine light.

“No, that’s not Long Chen. It’s his Yuan Spirit!” Shen Bijun grew even more shocked. In the distance, Long Chen’s true body was still fighting Di Xin in his heavy water domain.

This figure had to be Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit. It had left his main body to fight alone.

His Yuan Spirit was looking down on the ground that had been completely destroyed by his Star Fall. Those Southern Xuan Region experts were annihilated. Only the Empyreans with divine items protecting them managed to live.

Those who survived felt like they had been startled awake out of a dream. They were shocked and infuriated. They had gone from a dream to a nightmare.

“What’s going on?!” roared an Empyrean.

Just at that moment, more zither music rang out, this time sounding like the wails of departed spirits demanding vengeance. Resentment filled the air.


Those Empyreans let out pained roars, and their eyes turned scarlet once more. Their faces twisted into vicious expressions.

“Shen Bijun, you really are vicious! How dare you use the Ghost Controlling Devil Music against them?! Have you gone mad?!” shouted the Pill Fairy from the distance as she recognized this music.

Although the Pill Fairy had never heard the true Ghost Controlling Devil Music, she recognized it from how Shen Bijun had gathered all the souls of the experts that had just died, using their leftover resentment and hatred to force the surviving Empyreans into listening to her orders.

Shen Bijun ignored the Pill Fairy. Her expression was absolutely vicious. She had reached the end of the line and now staked everything on this last gamble.

Her mission was to kill Long Chen. That was the only way she would be able to become the successor of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace. Once he was slain, as long as she pushed all the responsibility onto Long Chen, no one would dare to offend the Illusive Music Immortal Palace, one of the protectors of the continent, for a dead person.

However, the precondition for that was Long Chen’s death. Otherwise, even if she escaped, there would be nowhere for her on the Martial Heaven Continent.

Shen Bijun was gloomy. She had never dreamed that her meticulous plan would fail. Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit had actually come to fight alone.

Originally, she had thought that as long as she killed Meng Qi and the others, that would rattle his heart and allow her to join hands with Di Xin to kill him. However, she hadn’t expected the Pill Fairy to rush over in time.

Like this, Long Chen’s fatal weak point was covered up. He no longer had to have any misgivings and began showing his hidden trump cards.

The thing that shocked Shen Bijun the most was that the aura of Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit was even more terrifying than the aura of his true body.

“Kill him!” Shen Bijun shouted at the Empyreans, and they immediately charged at Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

A golden flame dragon and a five-colored lightning dragon shot out of Long Chen’s arms, intertwining and charging through the midst of the Empyreans.

The two dragons devoured the Empyreans and then exploded, filling the world with lightning and fire. The world turned dark and countless cracks appeared in space as if this world would break apart.

Those Empyreans were instantly slain by the powerful lightning and flame. Not one managed to escape, not even a single Yuan Spirit.

Although the Double Dragon Destruction's power had greatly increased after Lei Long had absorbed his lightning tribulation, its power wasn’t actually enough to instantly kill dozens of Empyreans. It was simply that these Empyreans had their minds controlled by Shen Bijun’s zither music. Their movements were naturally simpler than usual. They only knew how to kill, not to defend or run.

Shen Bijun was finally a bit afraid. Just as she was about to use the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither to run, Long Chen suddenly appeared in front of her.

“Do you really think I didn’t know that Zi Yan held back last time? She held back, and I held back as well. Maybe you don’t believe me, so I’ll let you see my true trump card.” Long Chen suddenly opened his mouth, and a bolt of white lightning shot out at Shen Bijun.

When that white bolt of lightning appeared, the entire world dimmed. A destructive aura that could cause gods to shudder filled the air.

Shen Bijun was filled with terror toward this bolt of lightning. She found that she couldn’t move. Even the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither was shuddering.

Shen Bijun instinctively blocked the white lightning with the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither. As a result, it was sent flying by the white lightning.

Half of Shen Bijun’s body exploded, and she used her last shred of energy to run. However, just at that moment, a hand caught her throat.

“Long Chen, don’t kill me! I can be your slave, I- I can let you put a slave mark on me!”

Long Chen didn’t give her any chance to keep going. He pointed a finger, and Shen Bijun’s head exploded.

However, at that moment, a sharp dagger stabbed toward Long Chen’s head as quick as lightning.

This was the counterattack of Shen Bijun’s Yuan Spirit just as her physical body exploded. That dagger contained all the power of her Yuan Spirit. As long as it stabbed Long Chen’s head, his Yuan Spirit would definitely die. The death of a Yuan Spirit was fatal.

This happened suddenly, so suddenly that before Long Chen could even react, the dagger stabbed Long Chen’s head.

Shen Bijun barely had a chance to smile before her expression froze. She found that her dagger was like wood trying to stab into iron. It wasn’t able to injure Long Chen in the slightest.

She was dumbfounded. She had never heard of anyone whose Yuan Spirit could be condensed to the point that it could ignore attacks like this.

“Long Chen, if you kill me, the deaths of all the experts of the Southern Xuan Region will be placed on you. However, if you don’t kill me, I’ll tell everyone what happened and make you innocent.” Shen Bijun was truly a ruthless character to still be able to calm down at such a time.

“I’ve never managed to be innocent in this world, nor do I care about my innocence. Sorry, your conditions don’t interest me. Go regret in hell.” Long Chen pointed at Shen Bijun’s Yuan Spirit.


Shen Bijun’s voice before death was full of unwillingness. However, whether or not she was willing, her Yuan Spirit shattered and disappeared from this world.

Shen Bijun had just been killed when the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither tore through the void and vanished. It fled.

It had just disappeared when Lei Long appeared and angrily wrapped around Long Chen’s head.

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