Chapter 1654 No Need to Hold Back Any Longer


Divine light exploded into the sky. Three figures were sent flying at the same time.

Shen Bijun had appeared, using the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither to help Di Xin block Long Chen’s attack.

“Again! Split the Heavens 6!”

Long Chen laughed and slashed Evilmoon once more. Powerful astral winds erupted away from him.

“This is completely impossible!” Di Xin roared. Such a terrifying attack was something a normal person could only unleash once before being exhausted. However, it was like it wasn’t costing Long Chen to unleash the sixth form of Split the Heavens. This was already his third time.

Long Chen couldn’t help sighing emotionally. Wood cultivators truly had the greatest spiritual yuan reserves amongst all cultivators.

Chu Yao’s spiritual yuan had been half exhausted due to resisting Di Xin’s heavy water domain before, however, she still had enough for Long Chen to continuously use the sixth form of Split the Heavens.

“Don’t be afraid. That energy is just borrowed. After one more attack, he’ll be out of energy!” said Shen Bijun. She slammed both hands on the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither, swinging it at Long Chen just like that.

Di Xin didn’t tarry, and his water-thorn blazed with light as he used it to block Long Chen’s terrifying attack with Shen Bijun.


Di Xin and Shen Bijun were working together to block it, but they were still sent flying. Both of them wildly coughed up blood.

“I don’t have enough spiritual yuan to attack again,” sighed Long Chen. Chu Yao didn’t have enough spiritual yuan to unleash the sixth form of Split the Heavens again, or he’d have definitely chased after them and attacked.

Long Chen’s heart suddenly shook, and he hastily cut off the Wood Spirit Union. “Chu Yao, watch out!” 

Shen Bijun was rushing toward Meng Qi and the others. She had clearly seen through some clues and wanted to sever Long Chen’s energy store. Waves of divine light came from the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither. “Die sluts!”

“You’re the slut. How do you even have the face to live?” Liu Ruyan immediately summoned her true body, becoming a giant Undying Willow. Countless tree branches shot toward Shen Bijun.

However, Shen Bijun was holding the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither. It had its own terrifying origin, and Liu Ruyan’s branches were all blown to bits.

“Endless Falling Wood!”

Countless wooden stakes shot out of the ground, whistling toward Shen Bijun like spears.

At the same time, a bird cry rang out as Cloud took her true form as well. Her runes lit up all around her body as she attacked.

Only Meng Qi stayed behind to protect Tang Wan-er in case anyone wanted to launch a sneak attack.

“Having more people is useless. Trash bunched together is just a bigger pile of trash. Have a taste of my pentatonic slaughter arts!”

The waves of divine light coming from Shen Bijun’s zither transformed into thousands of sharp blades that shot toward Chu Yao, Cloud, and Liu Ruyan.

Each time Shen Bijun plucked a string, a sharp blade would shoot out. Even Cloud’s wings were unable to block them. Each time she was struck, she would be injured.

However, amongst the three of them, Liu Ruyan was the vanguard. With her undying body, she received the majority of Shen Bijun’s attacks herself. Although her branches were constantly destroyed, more constantly grew. She was unafraid of this kind of injury.

Liu Ruyan was the main attacker, with Chu Yao and Cloud looking for opportunities to launch their own attacks. Even though Shen Bijun possessed the Seven String Sea Suppressing zither, she was unable to do anything to the three of them.

As they fought, Long Chen also continued fighting against Di Xin. However, without Chu Yao’s Wood Spirit Union, Long Chen could only rely on his depleted spiritual yuan.

“Long Chen, now let’s see how you reverse the tides!” Di Xin’s expression was twisted, and he summoned his heavy water domain once more. As for Long Chen, the five stars in his eyes dimmed, and he put away the Five Star Battle Armor. The divine ring continued to spin behind him to fight against Di Xin’s domain.

With just the divine ring powering him, Long Chen could save energy while fighting. However, within this heavy water domain, he was only able to create thirty-meter space for himself. His speed and power were all affected.

“Then I’ll let you see it.” Long Chen smiled. He might be out of energy, but Di Xin was definitely not in better condition.

If it weren’t for the fact that water cultivators also had deep reserves of spiritual yuan second only to wood cultivators, Di Xin would have already died.

However, Long Chen was still at a disadvantage. He was rejected by the Heavenly Daos and couldn’t absorb their energy to recover. He could only slowly extract energy from his 108,000 stars to recover.

Unfortunately, this recovery speed was a far cry from an Empyrean’s. When they had their manifestations activated, they recovered energy so fast, that if it wasn’t an extremely intense fight, they could maintain a constant energy level.

Despite the faster recovery of Empyreans, Di Xin definitely didn’t have more spiritual yuan left in him. If it hadn’t been for Shen Bijun, he’d have long since died.

“Hmph, within my domain, you can’t recover. I can easily exhaust you to death,” sneered Di Xin.

His heavy water domain isolated Heavenly Dao energy, and it was the skill he was most confident in.

No matter how strong someone was, in his heavy water domain, they would become his prey. No one could escape.

“Then let’s see who runs out of energy first,” said Long Chen disdainfully.

Long Chen was in the core of the heavy water domain. From a distance, it looked like a giant ball of water, with Long Chen and Di Xin staring at each other from a distance.

“You want to stall for time to recover your physical energy? Keep dreaming. There’s no hope for you within my domain.”

Suddenly, countless water dragons sprang into existence and shot toward Long Chen, roaring angrily. Long Chen destroyed them with a slash of his saber.

These water dragons weren’t that powerful, but he couldn’t ignore them. He couldn’t let them get close. Di Xin was clearly using them to exhaust his precious physical energy so that he couldn’t recover.

As for Di Xin, he could use the heavy water domain to rapidly recover. Unfortunately for Di Xin, Long Chen wasn’t using any spiritual yuan to kill these water dragons. He could destroy them with his physical strength alone.

His 108,000 stars were circulating rapidly. Long Chen was recovering slowly.

In the distance, Chu Yao, Liu Ruyan, and Cloud were fighting Shen Bijun intensely. The three of them had the numbers advantage, while Shen Bijun had the advantage of a powerful divine item. It was difficult to determine a winner.

However, fighting evenly was still good. The main thing was that the three of them had exhausted the majority of their spiritual yuan, or even if they couldn’t kill Shen Bijun, they would be beating her heavily.

This fight caused the entire Jade Lake Sacred Land to shake. The experts participating in the Jade Lake Pageant were all hiding in the distance, staring in shock at this world-shaking battle.

They didn’t even dare to come out, afraid that they would be killed by the slightest shockwave. Only Empyreans would dare to slip a bit closer. Getting to see such an intense fight was a rare opportunity. 

Shen Bijun tried to break past Chu Yao, Liu Ruyan, and Cloud’s blockade to attack Tang Wan-er several times without succeeding. She suddenly retreated, and her zither music transformed. It instantly became impassioned, causing people’s blood to boil.

Chu Yao and the others didn’t quite understand what she was doing, but they were on guard against whatever move she was preparing.

“Long Chen, you slaughtered countless innocents in the Jade Lake Sacred Land! Do you think this place is your Eastern Xuan Region?!” Those experts of the Southern Xuan Region suddenly began to roar furiously after the zither music changed.

“Do you think the Southern Xuan Region’s people are easy to bully?! The Southern Xuan Region isn’t somewhere you can run wild in! You’re courting death!”

“Since you’re so arrogant, viewing other people’s lives as nothing more than blades of grass, don’t blame us for taking advantage of your situation to strike your people!”

The Southern Xuan Region’s experts suddenly charged toward Chu Yao and the others’ battlefield.

However, what startled them was that they weren’t coming for Chu Yao. No, they were going for Tang Wan-er instead.

“It would be best if you didn’t come, or don’t blame me for being vicious!” warned Meng Qi.

“Damn women, just die! None of you is a good person since you’re with Long Chen. You can all die!”

Meng Qi’s warning didn’t stop them. Instead, it seemed to fan the flames of fury in them, and they all raised their weapons.

“The Soul is Drawn Into a Dream, the Sea of Blood is Born.”

When those experts were about to enter the range of launching effective attacks, Meng Qi sighed and formed a hand seal. A spiritual ripple spread from her.

Those experts, who seemed to have gone insane, didn’t even see Meng Qi’s attack. They charged forward regardless of the danger. As a result, when they entered Meng Qi’s attack range, they all collapsed.

“Shen Bijun, you despicable bitch!” Meng Qi’s expression changed. She looked up at Shen Bijun who was in the sky. This was her first time cursing someone like this.

When those people had charged into her domain and their souls had been extinguished, she found that their souls were being controlled. It was clearly done by Shen Bijun.

Once those people collapsed, Shen Bijun’s zither music changed again, becoming mournful but heroic, bringing forth the image of brave warriors who would never return from the battlefield.

The experts that were still clear-headed felt their heads buzzing. When they saw their fellow Southern Xuan Region experts collapsing, when the music changed, their heads became blank. Their eyes turned red. Even Empyreans were affected.

“Kill! Kill Long Chen, kill his people!”

Empyreans summoned their manifestations one by one and charged forward. The other experts followed like bloodthirsty beasts. They were like a tide crashing over Meng Qi.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, you are nothing in front of me! This is the price for humiliating me. I’ll let you personally see your wives die in front of you one by one, hahaha!” Shen Bijun laughed maniacally.

“Despicable!” cursed Chu Yao. She and the others were about to go assist Meng Qi when they were stopped by Shen Bijun. Shen Bijun unleashed her full power and the power of the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither, blocking their path.

Meng Qi unleashed her soul arts. Those experts fell one by one, their souls extinguished. However, the Empyreans with powerful Yuan Spirits managed to resist her soul arts.


Three Empyreans surrounded Meng Qi, while two others went to attack the motionless Tang Wan-er.


Just as the two of them were about to reach her, a golden furnace appeared above Tang Wan-er’s head, unleashing a light barrier that protected her.

“Sorry, I’m late.” The Pill Fairy was standing above the golden furnace, looking at the distant Long Chen apologetically.

“It’s not late. It’s just right. Since you’ve come, I no longer need to hold back.” A faint smile appeared on Long Chen’s face.

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