Chapter 1653 The Wood Spirit Union Reappears

“You’re the one who will be handing over your life. Within my heavy water domain, I am the ruler. Your speed, your power, they will all sharply drop. What are you going to use to compete against me? If you hadn’t been enveloped by my heavy water domain, perhaps you would have some chance to fight against me, but now, you’ve lost that qualification,” sneered Di Xin. “Each drop of this water weighs half a ton. No one can fight against me within it.”

Di Xin had spread his heavy water domain for thousands of miles, forming a giant globe that enveloped Long Chen, as well as Meng Qi and the others.

This was an incredibly powerful magical art that Di Xin had merged with his manifestation. He had absolute control over this space.

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Cloud, and Liu Ruyan had profoundly experienced the power of this move. There was practically no way to resolve this magical art. It was almost perfect.

Unless you could escape this domain, you would be at a disadvantage no matter how you fought. So Di Xin was fully confident after drawing Long Chen into his domain.

Long Chen’s expression was strangely calm as he looked at Di Xin. Even his previous fury and wildness had vanished, replaced with icy calm. That kind of coldness was frightening.

Long Chen’s divine ring started to slowly revolve, along with the five stars in his eyes.

There were two states to the Five Star Battle Armor. One state was calm while the other state was excited. In the calm state, his energy came at a steady pace. With his current spiritual yuan, he could maintain that state for an incense stick’s worth of time. 

As for the excited state, it represented him at full firepower. It was like raising the dams. When unleashing all his power like that, he could only fight for ten breaths’ time. However, his power would instantly be raised to the peak.

The divine ring spun faster and faster until it looked like it was still again, and a pillar of light soared out of Long Chen’s body, blowing apart the clouds. The entire Jade Lake Sacred Land started to shake.

With Long Chen at the center, the light spread until it formed its own domain that forced back the heavy water.

“How is that possible?!” Di Xin immediately sensed that Long Chen was no longer restricted by his domain.

Long Chen shot forward, slashing Di Xin with his saber. He appeared in front of Di Xin instantly.

“You’re unaffected by my domain?! Impossible!” roared Di Xin as he hastily blocked with his water-thorn.

BOOM! Both sides were blown back.

“Haha, so what if you can create your own domain within my domain? Each drop of this water is the strongest magical water essence I’ve been condensing since childhood. I’ve long since merged my Heavenly Dao energy into it. It can constantly absorb energy from the surroundings to replenish my energy, while you will only exhaust yourself within my heavy water domain!” sneered Di Xin after a moment’s shock.

“Ten moves. I’ll kill you within ten moves.”

Long Chen once more shot after Di Xin. Di Xin was infuriated. No one had ever dared to look down on him like this. His water-thorn blazed with divine light. “Long Chen, you’re too arrogant! Let’s just see if you can even receive three of my attacks! Water Dragon Roar!”

Di Xin’s entire body began to shine. The water around him suddenly began to twist and turn. It condensed into many thirty-thousand-meter water dragons that coiled together and charged at Long Chen.

“Split the Heavens 6!”

Long Chen directly unleashed the sixth form of Split the Heavens. His saber-image tore through the heavy water domain.


Di Xin’s powerful attack was split in two. The huge saber-image didn’t pause at all as it continued toward Di Xin.

“What?!” Di Xin was filled with disbelief. His attack had contained the power of millions and millions of runes, and its destructive power was astounding.

However, it was like a watermelon in front of Long Chen’s saber and was unable to block Long Chen’s attack in the slightest.

What he didn’t know was that the sixth form was a turning point within the nine forms of Split the Heavens. It contained boundless profundities and was a law in and of itself.

Split the Heavens. Even the heavens could be split, let alone some magical art. In the first five forms, its power was focused on the saber-image. However, in the sixth form, it depended on the will. Similar to the Sword Qi of sword cultivators, it was the will that drew the attack and the spirit that made it sharp. If you believed there was no obstacle that could stop it, then nothing could stop it.

That was why the sixth form of Split the Heavens took so much energy and was also so powerful.

“Heavenly Spirit Water Shield, One Shield to Block the Heavens!”

Di Xin let out a furious roar. The huge heavy water domain around him vanished instantly, compressed into a three-thousand-meter shield in front of him. 

This was Di Xin’s strongest defense, and he had to use his water-thorn divine item to draw all his energy into one spot. This shield coupled hardness and softness, making it tough and incredibly difficult to break. At the very least, he had never encountered anyone who could break it.

However, this incredibly powerful defense was like paper in front of the sixth form of Split the Heavens. The saber-image pierced it and slashed onto Di Xin’s water-thorn.

With an explosive sound, the water-thorn cracked and shattered. Di Xin coughed up a mouthful of blood with a pained grunt.

“My Cloud Splitting Water Thorn!” Di Xin’s eyes immediately turned red. This Cloud Splitting Water Thorn was a rare water attribute divine item. As a water attribute expert, he was perfectly suited to it and cherished it deeply.

Although the water-thorn was a divine item, it wasn’t a powerful offensive divine item. Its material was made to store water essence and not clash directly.

Thanks to Long Chen’s full-strength blow, its edge was broken, causing its power to sharply drop. That made his heart drip blood.

“Long Chen, I’ll kill you!” roared Di Xin. He suddenly stabbed his own heart with the Cloud Splitting Water Thorn. The previously translucent water-thorn became scarlet.

Di Xin pulled it out of his heart and waved it through the air. His blood splattered, and huge blood dragons flew out of Di Xin’s manifestation.

“This aura is…” Long Chen almost couldn’t believe it.

“Correct, it’s the aura of a true dragon. However, this aura is very weak. It shouldn’t be an inheritance involving true dragon essence blood but some kind of aura contamination. Although he’s using a magical art to forcibly use that aura to take the form of the true dragon, don’t get cocky. Those blood dragons might be made of runes, but they seem to have merged with his blood. Their power is extremely great,” warned Evilmoon.

The first blood dragon charged at Long Chen, its sharp claw the size of a mountain as it smashed down at him.

When Long Chen slashed his saber onto it, he forced it back. However, he also felt his blood flipping inside him.

“Long Chen, now do you know my power?!” Di Xin was clenching his teeth furiously as if he wanted to bite Long Chen to death. “Each of these blood dragons has power comparable to an Empyrean. As for you, your aura is currently dropping. Let’s see what you will use to fight me!”

He was spent. After unleashing the sixth form of Split the Heavens, Long Chen’s aura had started to drop quickly. He had used up even more energy than last time.

Although he had recovered a bit of energy on his way here, this attack had made him run out of spiritual yuan.

“What will I use to fight you? I still have plenty of trump cards.” Long Chen smiled. At the same time, the distant Chu Yao also smiled. She knew what Long Chen wanted to do. She closed her eyes and formed a hand seal.

Three flower petals suddenly appeared behind Long Chen. When they appeared, Long Chen’s originally dropping aura instantly rose explosively.

“Split the Heavens 6!” Long Chen unleashed another huge saber-image.

“How is this possible?!” Di Xin roared furiously. Long Chen’s aura had clearly been dropping. How could it suddenly recover to its peak in an instant?!

However, he had to accept this cruel reality as he felt Long Chen’s attack lock him down. He was powerless to flee.

The most shameless thing about this attack was that it cut through any magical arts. Just how was Di Xin supposed to block it?

Di Xin was unwilling to use his water-thorn to block it again, afraid that it would explode if it was struck once more. However, it had to be said that this genius from the Central Xuan Regions was truly a rich silkpants. He waved his hand, summoning two divine items.

One was an ancient turtle shell covered in divine runes, while another was a piece of armor sparkling with golden light.

Although these two divine items were just quasi divine items, they instantly grew larger and formed a sturdy defense in front of him.

Two explosive sounds rang out as those two quasi divine items were blown to bits by Long Chen’s attack. In front of him, even quasi divine items weren’t enough.

One reason was that those two quasi divine items were not Di Xin’s main divine item, and he didn’t constantly nourish them with his soul, meaning the power they could unleash was limited. Furthermore, they had slave seals on them to limit their own power, resulting in them being destroyed in an instant.

The huge saber-image only paused slightly in front of those two quasi divine items before continuing toward Di Xin. Di Xin was infuriated and had no choice but to raise his water-thorn to block. However, just as he was about to sacrifice his main divine item, the sound of a zither exploded into existence. An ancient zither appeared in front of Di Xin, and divine light circulated to block Long Chen’s attack.

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