Chapter 1652 Despicable Di Xin

In the palace where Tang Wan-er was receiving her inheritance, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Cloud, and Liu Ruyan were pale, glaring at the figure standing above them.

That figure was Di Xin. The palace they were in had become a world of water, and they were all within it.

Tang Wan-er’s eyes were closed as she absorbed the large sphere’s wind energy. She had no idea that she had fallen into a crisis in the outside world.

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Cloud, and Liu Ruyan had summoned a light barrier blocking the water from interfering with Tang Wan-er’s inheritance.

“It’s useless. Within my heavy water world, you won’t be able to last long. Within this domain, I am the ruler. No one can resist.” Di Xin had his arms clasped behind his back, looking arrogantly down on them. His voice was full of confidence.

“Despicable. If you’re a man, let’s have a real fight instead of taking advantage of others when they’re having trouble,” demanded Liu Ruyan coldly.

They had been in the midst of guarding Tang Wan-er while she absorbed the energy in the sphere when Di Xin had suddenly appeared. Before they could react, he had summoned this water domain.

Di Xin was a terrifying water elemental cultivator, and his heavy water domain was extremely powerful. Each drop of it was half a ton. It had instantly sealed the palace and trapped the five of them.

What infuriated them the most was that Di Xin was too despicable. Seeing that they were defending Tang Wan-er, he had immediately attacked her, trying to interrupt her.

Right now, Tang Wan-er was in a critical moment and could not be disturbed. The four of them had joined hands to form this barrier to block him.

However, this just made them fall into Di Xin’s trap. They were within his heavy water domain and forced into a passive position.

This heavy water domain was truly powerful, and its weight was astounding. However, the most irritating thing was that the four of them couldn’t use their full power for fear of disturbing Tang Wan-er. They could only passively defend. This made Di Xin even more fearless. 

“Even in a one against one, you won’t be a match for me. I’m just not wasting the time or effort. There’s no need for you to wait for Long Chen either. Shen Bijun has already gone to personally kill him,” said Di Xin with a smile.

“Nonsense! Big brother Long Chen is undefeatable! If you were to fight against him, even nine lives wouldn’t be enough for you!” Cloud was the first to stand up and defend Long Chen. In her heart, Long Chen would always be undefeatable.

“How laughable. In my eyes, Long Chen is just a jumping clown. If it weren’t for the Skywood Divine Palace, I’d have long since slaughtered him. Regretfully, Shen Bijun said that she wanted his life, and I didn’t want to fight with her over it. Otherwise, I could show you Long Chen’s head right now. Stop trying to stall for time. As I said, submit and become my women, or you’ll all die,” sneered Di Xin.

“Keep dreaming!” Liu Ruyan replied coldly, her voice full of disdain.

Di Xin furiously formed a hand seal, and his heavy water domain shuddered. Immense power crashed down on them from all sides.

Meng Qi was the first to become unable to bear it. Blood leaked out of the corner of her mouth. As a soul cultivator, her spiritual yuan wasn’t particularly powerful. As they had been enduring for a long time, she was about to reach her limit.

“Big sister Meng Qi!” cried Cloud. Cloud’s feelings toward Meng Qi were very deep. Seeing her injured, her eyes immediately reddened, and a wild aura began to rise.

“Cloud, don’t do something stupid! If we use our full power, we’ll interrupt Wan-er’s inheritance. We have to persevere. Long Chen will definitely come to save us.” Meng Qi immediately prevented Cloud from continuing.

They had very little space here. If Cloud unleashed her true body, it would definitely disturb Tang Wan-er. Then all her progress would be ruined.

Cloud was infuriated, but she obediently continued enduring with the four of them. She was very sullen. The feeling of having power but not being able to use it was very irritating.

“This Di Xin is a complete bastard. He’s intentionally using this heavy water domain to exhaust our spiritual yuan. He is able to replenish his energy from outside this domain, while we are unable to absorb any energy. If this continues, we’ll eventually be completely exhausted, and he’ll launch a thunderous strike when we have no energy to resist,” said Liu Ruyan to the other three.

Chu Yao shook her head. “We know that. But this opportunity is too important to Wan-er. Unless it reaches the point where we have no other choice, we can’t give up.” 

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Tang Wan-er were like sisters, and they all understood each other’s hearts. Tang Wan-er was especially fierce and could never keep any secrets from them.

Meng Qi and Chu Yao had long since noticed that ever since Tang Wan-er had entered the Spirit World, she had started feeling inferior and frustrated.

That was because Meng Qi had Cloud, and Chu Yao had Liu Ruyan. Both of them had incredible power now.

Only Tang Wan-er was still standing in her original spot. Last time, in the battle of the Grand Han, she had felt exceptionally ordinary.

In that battle, whether it was Yue Zifeng, Guo Ran, or even Gu Yang, they had displayed terrifying combat power. Yue Zifeng especially had shown the power of the Sword Dao, sweeping away everything before him. Tang Wan-er had felt like she was becoming more and more ordinary.

As women, Meng Qi and Chu Yao understood her the best. That was why this opportunity was one they refused to let Tang Wan-er miss out on. Otherwise, it might be a fatal blow to her.

However, as time passed, their spiritual yuan continued to be exhausted without any means of replenishing it. They were quickly down to half their energy.

“We can’t continue like this. We have to attack.” Liu Ruyan shook her head. If they didn’t fight back now, they wouldn’t have a chance in the future. They would simply be captured helplessly.

Meng Qi and Chu Yao exchanged a glance. They then looked at Tang Wan-er who was still in her meditative state. They were forced into a painful decision.

“We should attack. As long as we’re living, we can always find more opportunities. Dead people don’t get that chance,” advised Liu Ruyan.

However, Meng Qi and Chu Yao continued to struggle with this decision when they looked at Tang Wan-er. Although they had seen through Di Xin’s plot, they couldn’t do anything about it.

Di Xin was standing outside the barrier. He smiled as he looked at their conflicted expressions. He sighed in admiration for Shen Bijun’s methods. That woman was truly sinister. This entire idea had been Shen Bijun’s. Now, he had caught the five of them without the slightest effort.

However, just as his smile appeared, his expression changed and he hastily dodged to the side. As a result, a black saber mercilessly slashed through his shoulder, destroying one side of his body.

Behind Di Xin was a black-robed man who looked like a devil god that had walked out of hell. After destroying half of Di Xin’s body, he attacked again. Wild qi waves shattered the palace.

“Long Chen!” Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Cloud, and Liu Ruyan let out a startled cry. Long Chen had finally come.


Long Chen attacked Di Xin once more. Di Xin, who had recovered from his shock, took out a water-thorn weapon that blocked Long Chen’s saber.

It was a powerful divine item, and huge ripples spread when they clashed, instantly blowing away Di Xin’s heavy water domain.

Di Xin was sent flying, and Long Chen shot after him, quickly catching up and attacking again.

“Divine ring! Five Star Battle Armor!”

When Long Chen appeared in front of Di Xin this time, his divine ring shone with the five-point star inside blazing with light.

Di Xin’s manifestation also appeared, and a vast sea could almost be seen within the primal chaos. 

Di Xin was a powerful expert with immense battle experience. Although Long Chen’s sneak attack had caught him off-guard, he still managed to instantly unleash his aura. He stabbed his water-thorn forward.

“Heaven and Earth Reverse, Stormy Seas Swallow the Sky!”

Huge waves surged out of Di Xin’s manifestation, and those seas superimposed over each other, devouring this space. Within those huge waves were countless water dragons that attacked Long Chen.

Long Chen’s saber fell, and those water dragons were blown apart, filling the sky with water droplets. The saber-image continued forward, breaking through the waves.

However, by the time it reached Di Xin, the majority of its power had been eroded by the huge waves. Di Xin’s water-thorn easily shattered it.

“Long Chen, I didn’t expect you to still be alive.” Di Xin surrounded the area in water, forming a new, giant heavy water domain. Long Chen was also within it.

“The fact that I’m still alive signifies that you will soon be dead.” Long Chen’s eyes were filled with killing intent. He definitely wouldn’t allow anyone to bully his women, not even if they were a god.

“Hahaha, looks like Shen Bijun failed. Good, very good! I wanted to kill you personally from the start. For you to send yourself to me is truly great,” laughed Di Xin.

“No one has time to waste talking to you. Hand over your life.” Long Chen pointed his saber at Di Xin. His aura was slowly condensing. He had abandoned all thoughts of holding back.

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