Chapter 1651 Spatial Projection Divine Talisman

Shen Bijun’s arms exploded, and within the resulting mist of blood, various figures could be seen, including dragons, phoenixes, divine tortoises, white dragons, etc.

Those figures were incredibly lifelike. They roared, and a kind of Heavenly Dao music appeared in the air. They rapidly merged with the zither music, until over ten thousand beasts merged into one giant arrow.

“Spirits Pierce the Clouds Arrow!”

Shen Bijun was as pale as paper, but a vicious and crazy light appeared in her eyes. This was a powerful killing move that was part of the Spirits Suppress the Heavens Song. It was even stronger than the move she had just used against the Pill Fairy.

In front of this arrow that had been condensed of over ten thousand beasts, Long Chen was still absolutely fearless. He knew that this should be Shen Bijun’s strongest attack, and it was definitely the most terrifying attack he had seen so far. However, he continued slashing Evilmoon, and a will to split anything in his path, even if it were the heavens themselves, erupted out of him.

“Split the Heavens 6!”

Long Chen’s giant saber-image struck Shen Bijun’s arrow. A blinding explosion of light erupted.

Shen Bijun coughed up a mouthful of blood. She was shocked to find that her full-power attack had been cut in two by Long Chen’s saber.

Furthermore, his attack was still coming for her. She hastily placed the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither in front of her.

The ancient zither trembled, and its strings lit up. Long Chen’s saber-image exploded, but the resulting power sent the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither flying.

Flying alongside it was Shen Bijun. She had never expected Long Chen to have such a terrifying move. This was completely different from what she knew of him.

She had seen the images of his fight in the Grand Han. Although he was powerful, she was completely confident that as long as she used the Spirits Suppress the Heavens Song, he would definitely die.

However, the current Long Chen had totally transformed. The sixth form of Split the Heavens was a turning point within the nine forms of Split the Heavens. The power contained within this move was not just pure power. It also contained the power of a law, a kind of will to not bend to heaven and earth’s restrictions.

Shen Bijun coughed up three mouthfuls of blood. Her body almost broke apart because of this move.

“She actually didn’t die?” Long Chen was startled. The sixth form of Split the Heavens was his strongest move right now, but he didn’t manage to kill Shen Bijun with it.

This attack should have been enough to finish the job, but Evilmoon was unable to support him right now. If he had had divine power backing his attack, Shen Bijun would definitely have died.

This move was incredibly powerful, but it was also exhausting. It had taken almost half his spiritual yuan to unleash it. If Evilmoon had helped, its power would have magnified, but its cost would have increased as well. After unleashing it, he would be weary to the bone.

Seeing that he hadn’t killed her with this attack, Long Chen immediately shot forward, attacking her again.

However, before his saber could land, Shen Bijun regrew her shattered arms and plucked one of the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither’s strings.

Her figure began to ripple like water, and she vanished just like that in front of Long Chen. When she reappeared, she was already in the sky. This strange movement art caused Long Chen to miss.

Shen Bijun was pale as she stood in the sky. She coldly looked at Long Chen. “I didn’t expect you to have such a move. Those old bastards from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect are really meddlesome. Otherwise, you would already be dead.”

The nine forms of Split the Heavens were a secret art that the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had never transmitted outside their sect. The fact that Long Chen had learned the sixth form was outside the scope of her plans, causing her to almost lose her life.

“If a woman has a malicious mouth and a sinister heart, then she’s just trash in human skin. As for you, you are the very definition of trash. In all my years, you are the first person I’ve met who is such garbage.” Long Chen’s gaze was icy-cold. This was his first time encountering such a sinister woman with such an irritating mouth.

From the old man to the seven bosses to the regular disciples like Bao Buping and Chang Hao, from top to bottom, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s people were all rare, straightforward, and upright. That was why despite knowing that there was no need to get angry, Long Chen still couldn’t suppress his anger at Shen Bijun’s malicious mouth.

“Hahaha, go ahead and curse me. Are you angry? Then let me tell you something even better. Are you wondering what Di Xin is doing right now? He has gone to find your little wives. As he has found the Heavenly Water Jewel Pearl, if nothing unexpected happened, he must have found your wives as well, and they’re already in the palm of his hand. How’s that? Are you even angrier?” laughed Shen Bijun crazily.

Long Chen sneered, “I don’t believe he could find them so quickly.”

“Looks like you’re underestimating me. I have immersed myself in the Music Dao for twenty-eight years. Whether it’s talent, aptitude, or willpower, I’m above Zi Yan. Don’t you know why I had you all listen to my music before? Fine, I’ll tell you. Anyone who listens to my music will have their spiritual fluctuations memorized by the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither. I can then easily use the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither to find their locations. Otherwise, how do you think I found you?” Shen Bijun was very pleased with herself.

Long Chen’s expression immediately changed. A bad feeling rose in his heart. The Illusive Music Immortal Palace had a long history and inheritance, and there was a high chance that Shen Bijun’s words were true. In that case, Meng Qi and the others were in danger.

Without saying a word, thunderforce circulated around Long Chen’s feet, and he shot toward Shen Bijun like a bolt of lightning. However, Shen Bijun plucked a string once more, and those water-like fluctuations reappeared. She vanished, reappearing a mile away. This was a very strange ability.

“I admit that the sixth form of Split the Heavens is very powerful. Even with the Spirits Suppress the Heavens Song, I couldn’t kill you. However, you’re dreaming if you think you can kill me. You only have two options now. One is to chase after me here, but with my evasive arts, even though I’ve used up the majority of my spiritual yuan, you will be helpless to do anything to me for hours as we play hide and seek. Two is to leave and go save your wives. However, once you leave, I will kill her. She’s currently at a crucial moment in sealing the Black Illusion Dragon Flame. Once you leave, I will stimulate its power and cause it to break out of her seal. By myself, I wouldn’t be able to do anything to the Pill Fairy, but with its assistance, she will definitely die. If you leave, the Pill Fairy dies. If you don’t leave, your wives will fall into Di Xin’s hands. Long Chen, what do you think about the choices I’ve given you? Hahaha…” Shen Bijun laughed maniacally, her expression twisted. Where was her original air of a beautiful fairy? She was practically a madwoman.

Long Chen’s killing intent immediately surged. His fury was at a peak. Shen Bijun and Di Xin were really courting death.

Shen Bijun was too sinister and novel. Her schemes always resulted in her being the winner no matter what choice Long Chen made.

“Long Chen, don’t bother with me. She can’t kill me,” said the Pill Fairy.


“There are no buts. You must leave. Long Chen, I’m very grateful to you, but you must go,” said the Pill Fairy decisively.

Long Chen hesitated for a moment before he took a deep breath and shot away like a bolt of lightning, going in Tang Wan-er and the others’ direction.

Seeing him leave, Shen Bijun wasn’t surprised at all. She smiled at the Pill Fairy. “So? You’ve been abandoned. Long Chen never had you in his heart. Now you’re alone, and you’re not a match for me.”

Shen Bijun began to play her zither again. The Daynight Furnace, which had stabilized, was now starting to quiver again from the Black Illusion Dragon Flame’s struggling.

“I admit your schemes are smart. However, other people aren’t fools, so don’t think you’re the only one with a brain. I’ve already trapped the Black Illusion Dragon Flame, and while you were fighting with Long Chen, I activated the Daynight Furnace’s formation. Your actions just now are only causing a bit of trouble for me. It’s unable to shake the seal,” said the Pill Fairy indifferently.

Shen Bijun’s sneer quickly vanished. As she controlled the Black Illusion Dragon Flame, she found that the Pill Fairy’s words were correct. The Daynight Furnace’s formation was already complete. The Black Illusion Dragon Flame had used up too much of its energy, and no matter how she tried, she couldn’t have it break free.

“Slut, you’re courting death! Release the Black Illusion Dragon Flame, and I’ll spare your life!” shouted Shen Bijun.

The Pill Fairy smiled faintly and shook her head. “Tell me, even if I were to just stand here and do nothing, would you dare to kill me?”

Shen Bijun’s expression changed. She truly didn’t dare to kill the Pill Fairy. Even if she was the apprentice of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s master, she didn’t dare to. If she killed the Pill Fairy, she definitely wouldn’t survive Pill Valley’s wrath.

“It’s fine even if I can’t kill you. Once I use you as a hostage, I’ll still be the winner. I wonder, if I use you as a hostage, will Long Chen kowtow to me for you?” Shen Bijun laughed and divine light flowed around the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither. Just like that, she smashed the ancient zither at the Pill Fairy’s waist.

“Shen Bijun, although I can’t do anything to you, you are also powerless to do anything to me.” The Pill Fairy suddenly took out a talisman.

She crushed the talisman, and in that instant, she and the Daynight Furnace became translucent. Shen Bijun’s zither went right through the Pill Fairy without harming her in the slightest.

“A Spatial Projection Divine Talisman!”

Shen Bijun finally became ashen. She recognized this divine talisman from legends. The Pill Fairy was right in front of her, but because space had been displaced, what Shen Bijun was seeing was nothing more than a projection. She couldn’t harm the Pill Fairy. This was a divine talisman that only existed in legends.

This divine talisman should lose effect within two hours based on legend, however, she couldn’t wait two hours.

By that time, the Pill Fairy would have fully suppressed the Black Illusion Dragon Flame. Staying here was meaningless to Shen Bijun now.

“We’ll see who wins in the end. Hopefully, you can still smile once you see Long Chen’s head in my hand.” Shen Bijun let out some vicious words before rushing off in the direction Long Chen had gone.

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