Chapter 1650 Spirits Suppress the Heavens Song

The Black Illusion Dragon Flame had broken free of the bindings of the formation. Its aura instantly rose to a new peak as it attacked Long Chen.

Long Chen slashed his saber at it. Earth Flame Spirit Beasts like it practically had no intelligence. They relied purely on brute force.

BOOM! The black dragon was forced back by Long Chen. With his Five Star Battle Armor, even the Black Illusion Dragon Flame with its strange explosive power was blockable.

However, just as he blew it back and was preparing to attack again, the black dragon’s tail whipped over from behind him. Long Chen was startled and hastily blocked.

Just as he blocked it, runes filled the sky. The tail had whipped him into the black dragon’s open mouth. It was about to devour him.

Long Chen was delighted by that. Being devoured by it would be amazing. As long as he was sent inside the black dragon’s body, he had several ways to instantly kill it.

Unfortunately, just as he was about to be devoured, a black sphere condensed in the dragon’s mouth. Long Chen immediately had a bad feeling, and thunderforce circulated around his feet. He flashed to the side, narrowly dodging it.

A black ray of light shot past him, destroying all the palaces in its path.

“Something’s wrong. An Earth Flame Spirit Beast cannot possess this level of intelligence.”

Long Chen’s expression was gloomy. He looked into the distance and saw the Pill Fairy fighting Shen Bijun. Shen Bijun had a faint sneer on her face.

Her fingers were constantly dancing across the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither. Waves of divine music were resounding through space, and invisible blades would constantly fly toward the Pill Fairy. The Pill Fairy’s white flame sword constantly sliced through them, resulting in powerful explosions. It was an incredibly fierce fight.

“Hahaha, not bad, so you saw through it. Yes, the Black Illusion Dragon Flame is currently under the control of my zither. A mindless brute like this only requires the most rudimentary Spirits Suppress the Heavens Song to control it. How does that taste?” laughed Shen Bijun.

The Black Illusion Dragon Flame was berserk but had little intelligence. Hence, it was actually affected by Shen Bijun’s music, and her control over it was getting better over time as her music sank into it. Although she could only control it for a moment, it was still amazing.

“The flavor’s not bad, but it’s not the flavor that I like. You should prepare yourself.” Long Chen sneered and sent the black dragon flying with a slash of his saber.

He knew that he couldn’t continue like this. He might be able to fight against the black dragon now, but the Five Star Battle Armor took up too much of his spiritual yuan. As time stretched on, he would be at a disadvantage.

Long Chen suddenly put away Evilmoon. He formed hand seals, and his expression became solemn. He began to chant, and the entire world was filled with the sound of a sacred scripture. Long Chen was activating the Nirvana Scripture.

The scripture sounded like gods and devils were chanting along with him. Endless flame energy surged toward Long Chen’s divine ring.

In that instant, it felt like the world’s flame energy was sucked dry. The distant Pill Fairy was shocked. Her own flames were affected greatly, and her manifestation was rippling. Even a portion of her Heavenly Dao energy was being sucked away by Long Chen’s Nirvana Scripture.

“It’s the same scripture, so why is the difference so great when he uses it? That kind of will can order heaven and earth to do its bidding.” The Pill Fairy looked at Long Chen with shock.

When Long Chen began chanting, he seemed to become the flame ruler of this world. Even the Black Illusion Dragon Flame shuddered as if it had sensed something terrifying.

“Raging Flame Prison!”

Long Chen’s hand seals suddenly changed. Heaven and earth rumbled. The void split open, and huge flame pillars descended from the sky. There were a total of one hundred and eight of those golden flame pillars, and they completely sealed the Black Illusion Dragon Flame in a cage.

The cage then rapidly shrank, binding the black dragon tightly. It struggled fiercely, but as Long Chen continued chanting, it was unable to break free from the golden cage.

The black dragon’s scales suddenly lit up, and its stomach bulged as if a sphere was condensing inside it. A terrifying pressure descended as it was preparing a powerful attack.

Right at that moment, the Daynight Furnace above the Pill Fairy’s head unleashed a sharp ray of light that shot at Shen Bijun. It was a completely sudden attack that made Shen Bijun’s expression change. She hastily slammed the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither, and a wave of divine light blocked the attack. However, her block was too hurried, and she coughed up a mouthful of blood, flying back.

“Don’t think you can do the same thing twice.” The Pill Fairy pressed her hand against the Daynight Furnace, and it grew larger until it was like a mountain. It smashed toward Shen Bijun.

This time, the power of the Daynight Furnace caused space to explode. The Pill Fairy was finally bringing out her full power.

“Pentatonic Breaks the Void!” Shen Bijun suddenly plucked five strings of her zither. Her fingers immediately split open, revealing bones.

The Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither had seven strings, but five of those strings represented the pentatonic scale, while the other two represented heaven and earth. Rumor was that the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither’s origin was extremely shocking. Seven strings to suppress the sea didn’t refer to a sea of water, but a sea of blood.

Shen Bijun’s words from before were correct. The Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither was a weapon for slaughter. The reason she could win its approval was because she was vicious enough.

Shen Bijun’s attacks had always been made by plucking one string at a time. Activating two would cause its power to double.

As for activating five at once, it wasn’t five times the power. It was doubling its power five times. That was absolutely terrifying.

Legend had it that when the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither’s seven strings rang at once, everything within heaven and earth would die. This time, Shen Bijun had activated five at once, and her fingers immediately split open. She coughed up a mouthful of blood and turned pale as paper.

However, there was a vicious light in her eyes. Although she had paid a price, she had activated the music of annihilation. It was like thunder, shaking the world. A terrifying sound wave crashed toward the Daynight Furnace.


Two divine items had activated their strongest attacks. The shockwaves spread in every direction, and the surrounding palaces were turned to dust.

This world-shaking collision sent the Pill Fairy and Shen Bijun flying. An unhealthy rosiness appeared on the Pill Fairy’s face, showing that she had also been injured. However, Shen Bijun had paid an even heavier price. She looked at the Pill Fairy in shock.

“Not good!”

Right at that moment, Shen Bijun’s expression changed. She realized that the instant she had exchanged full-power attacks with the Pill Fairy, Long Chen had stabbed his saber into the black dragon’s head. The instant the saber stabbed its head, the black dragon let out a mournful cry.

Although it was incredibly powerful, it had no intelligence. Once its weak point was caught, it was doomed.

Originally, Shen Bijun had been splitting her attention to control the black dragon and direct it in combat. She was confident in using it to at least heavily injure or even kill Long Chen.

Now she knew why the Pill Fairy would instantly erupt with her full power despite injuring herself in the process. It was to win Long Chen this opportunity.

Golden flames on top of Long Chen’s saber erupted, causing the black dragon’s head to explode. However, the Black Illusion Dragon Flame was not a Magical Beast, and its head was just a portion of its energy. It didn’t die.

Nevertheless, with such a core region destroyed, its aura weakened greatly. Long Chen immediately kicked it over toward the Pill Fairy.

“I’ll leave it to you!”

The Pill Fairy didn’t hesitate. The Daynight Furnace opened and swallowed the Black Illusion Dragon Flame.

The Daynight Furnace rumbled as the Black Illusion Dragon Flame fought back. The Pill Fairy was doing her best to suppress it, however, it was taxing.

“You want to subdue the Black Illusion Dragon Flame? Keep dreaming!”

Shen Bijun finally realized she had fallen for Long Chen’s plan. Their goal had always been to first eliminate the threat of the Black Illusion Dragon Flame and then team up against her.

Without the Black Illusion Dragon Flame, Shen Bijun had lost a powerful trump card. She had no assurance to win in a one against two.

Her hand recovered, and she began to play the Sea Suppressing Zither rapidly. Meanwhile, the Pill Fairy coughed up a mouthful of blood as the Black Illusion Dragon Flame’s struggling grew even more intense. She was starting to be unable to suppress it.

Shen Bijun’s music was stimulating the Black Illusion Dragon Flame, causing its berserk energy to constantly rise and allowing it to fight in the most effective way possible.

With the Pill Fairy’s current power, she was not strong enough to suppress it. Even a heavily injured Black Illusion Dragon Flame was something she could barely handle. With Shen Bijun causing chaos, it was getting difficult.

While Shen Bijun was using her zither music to control the Black Illusion Dragon Flame, a black saber-light pierced through heaven and earth. A sensation of death enveloped her, and Shen Bijun immediately sensed it. Seeing Long Chen had slashed Evilmoon at her with both hands, her expression completely changed.

She suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood onto the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither. That was her essence blood, and having obtained it, the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither instantly blossomed with divine light.

“Spirits Suppress the Heavens Song!”

Shen Bijun crossed her arms in front of her and pressed them on the zither strings fiercely. With a buzzing sound, Shen Bijun’s arms exploded, filling the air with blood.

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