Chapter 1649 The Black Illusion Dragon Flame Escapes Its Seal (Teaser)


Two powerful forces clashed in the sky. Divine music rumbled and runes exploded. Long Chen was unable to break Shen Bijun’s attack and was deadlocked with her, unable to reach her.

“Hmph, did you think that your fight with Zi Yan would make a good estimate for my power? What a huge joke. Zi Yan walks her hypocritical peaceful path, wanting to subdue people with kindness, to use music to educate people and bestow benevolence to the world. In truth, that’s a completely foolish and unrealistic way of thinking. In front of foolish people, slaughter is the most direct path. That’s why I cultivate the music killing path. Now, do you understand the difference between me and Zi Yan?” Shen Bijun smiled with profound ridicule.

Ripples were spreading from her zither, unleashing powerful waves that surged toward Long Chen. 

Long Chen forcibly endured the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither’s sound waves. He sneered, “Although Zi Yan is my enemy, there is an important place for her in my heart. There’s a huge difference between our...

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