Chapter 1648 Bad Person Doing Bad Things


The black dragon roared and slammed its claw at Long Chen’s saber. The entire palace shook violently.

“How is its power so great?” Even with the Four Star Battle Armor activated, Long Chen was still having trouble with it. He almost lost his grip on his saber.

“The Black Illusion Dragon Flame has two kinds of strange energy. One is to manifest illusions within the heart, while another is that each of its core runes possesses immense destructive power. That energy is like a volcano erupting or gunpowder exploding and is more like a law. Just relying on physical power, there’s no way to fight it,” explained the Pill Fairy.

Could it be that he would have to activate the fifth star? However, he couldn’t maintain that state for long, and even if he did, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to suppress the Black Illusion Dragon Flame. If he couldn’t subdue it and ended up wasting all his energy, it would be over.

Long Chen repeatedly attacked with his saber, lightning wings on his back. He flitted back and forth, fighting with the black dragon. Each time he clashed against it, he felt like he was striking an exploding star.

With each collision, he felt like he would be blown back. That power wasn’t just being transmitted through Evilmoon, but it was also being transmitted through space, as if it was being rapidly compressed and then exploding. Since the power was coming from all directions, it made Long Chen’s fight extremely bitter.

He had never encountered this kind of power. It was absolutely bizarre. It was like the black dragon had endless firecrackers inside its body and would release one each time they clashed, shaking his body violently.

“Watch out, it’s preparing an attack!” shouted the Pill Fairy, who had been maintaining a ready state to unleash her magical art this entire time.

The black dragon’s scales, which had been raised, now stuck back onto its body. However, this time, each of those scales had a black rune shining in the middle of it. At the same time, the spherical rune in one of its giant eyes blazed with light.

The black dragon opened its mouth. This time, what came out wasn’t a dragon breath attack but a huge black sphere. Long Chen’s hair stood on end as he felt a horrifying sensation of death. There was no way he could receive this attack. When he was preparing to attack, he felt the surrounding space compress, binding him.

Just as he was about to helplessly activate the Five Star Battle Armor, a white flame chain snaked around his waist and pulled him out of that spatial domain.


The black sphere shot past his body like a shooting star. It struck the palace’s wall, and surging astral winds crashed toward Long Chen and the Pill Fairy.

Long Chen was worried that the Pill Fairy’s physical body wouldn’t be able to handle such a powerful impact, so he pushed the Pill Fairy further away before the impact came.

When the impact came, he felt like he had been struck by a star and was sent flying. He coughed up a mouthful of blood, feeling like every bone in his body had shattered.

The Pill Fairy caught Long Chen to avoid him smashing into a wall and being further injured. Despite doing her best to alleviate a portion of the power, Long Chen still coughed up blood when he crashed into her. The two tumbled back.

The two of them were about to crash into the wall, and so Long Chen grabbed the Pill Fairy’s waist. Slamming his foot on the wall, he forcibly changed their momentum, charging straight up.

The Black Illusion Dragon Flame was too monstrous. This kind of power simply wasn’t reasonable. There was no way of subduing it.

He had seen it clearly just now. The black dragon’s aura hadn’t dropped at all after unleashing that attack. In other words, it could unleash a similar attack at least dozens of times. There was no way for them to defend against that. Long Chen gave up and prepared to flee.

However, just as he was preparing to flee, the underground palace shook. Broken parts of the wall shattered and fell, revealing a light barrier.

“There’s a formation!” Long Chen and the Pill Fairy were startled. They hadn’t sensed this formation before.

Divine runes flowed, enveloping the underground palace. Countless divine chains appeared and bound the black dragon.

The black dragon let out a heaven-shaking roar. All of its black scales rose, and its berserk energy continuously magnified. Ripples spread in every direction from it. 

However, no matter how it struggled, it couldn’t break free from these chains. That delighted Long Chen and the Pill Fairy.

It seemed that the Jade Lake Venerate had wisely seen through the possibility of the Black Illusion Dragon Flame maturing and growing too powerful for others to subdue, so she had left behind a restriction to prevent it from fleeing.

Long Chen and the Pill Fairy exchanged a glance. With the formation’s help, subduing the black dragon should be easier.

However, just as they were getting excited, they heard a cracking sound. Those chains began to break as the black dragon struggled with all its might.

“Not good! The Black Illusion Dragon Flame has grown too powerful, and the formation has weakened over time. It might not be able to hold it!” exclaimed the Pill Fairy.

“Alright, then I’ll attack it and try to give it a heavy injury, then you use the Daynight Furnace to capture it.”

Long Chen charged out alone. The Pill Fairy wanted to attack with him, however, the Black Illusion Dragon Flame possessed the strange ability to control a person’s heart. Attacking together would just cause chaos, so she stayed back to wait for her chance.

Golden flames enveloped Evilmoon again. Long Chen stabbed it toward the black dragon’s head.


Just as Evilmoon was about to stab through the black dragon’s head, Long Chen’s head became muddled. Countless scenes appeared in his mind.

“Die!” He knew that this was the Black Illusion Dragon Flame attempting to disturb him. With a furious roar, he concentrated his sixth sense on his saber and expelled all other thoughts. Those strange scenes turned dark.

However, just as Long Chen used his own will to block the Black Illusion Dragon Flame’s illusory arts, the sound of a zither rang out. An invisible blade sliced toward him.

“This isn’t an illusion!” Long Chen instinctively gave up his attack and slashed his saber to the side.

BOOM! Long Chen’s wrist shook as immense power knocked him back.

“Aiya, so sorry. This Black Illusion Dragon Flame is an Earth Flame Spirit Beast, a natural creation of heaven and earth. How could you be so cruel as to kill it? Don’t you think it would be better if I took it as a housepet?” A melodious voice rang out. Shen Bijun’s figure appeared in the sky, right where the entrance was.

Clearly, she had come a long time ago. However, because Long Chen and the Pill Fairy had been completely focused on this terrifying Black Illusion Dragon Flame, they hadn’t sensed her existence.

Cracking sounds rang out in increasing intensity. The Black Illusion Dragon Flame seemed to go crazy. Both the runes in its eyes were rapidly spinning, and its power continued to rise.

“Long Chen, watch out! She’s using her zither music to draw out the Black Illusion Dragon Flame’s berserk nature, stimulating its potential!” shouted the Pill Fairy.

This Shen Bijun was both sinister and powerful. She was able to use her zither music to control the emotions of this Earth Flame Spirit Beast. This way, she might really be able to control the Black Illusion Dragon Flame. Once she was in control of it, she would become truly terrifying.

“Since you want to court death, fine.” Long Chen took a deep breath. His energy circulated within him as he prepared to summon the Five Star Battle Armor.

“Long Chen, don’t be in such a rush. I still have something important to tell you. Don’t you want to know where Di Xin is?” Shen Bijun smiled as she continued playing the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither.

“You can’t stall for time. Divine Gate Star!”

Long Chen shot forward, the fifth star in his divine ring lighting up. Five stars revolved in his eyes, and an undefeatable will burst out. That will was like the king of gods had appeared, staring at Shen Bijun.

“Ah, Long Chen, you are really laughably arrogant. Do you really think you are invincible in the same realm? Fine, I’ll tell you. Last time, if Zi Yan hadn’t held back, you’d have long since died. Since Zi Yan could kill you, I can do the same.” Shen Bijun smiled coldly. All of a sudden, she slammed her hand on the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither. Endless Heavenly Dao energy coalesced, and her manifestation sprang into existence.

All the Heavenly Dao energy in the world seemed to have been summoned by her zither music, forming a mass of primal chaos behind her. Within the primal chaos was a vague zither.

Divine music flowed out of her manifestation. It was just like Zi Yan’s manifestation, the unique manifestation of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace, Divine Music Through Eternity.

However, Shen Bijun’s manifestation contained slaughter. It was heartless, merciless, and tyrannical. Her aura explosively rose. Just as she said, her aura was even stronger than Zi Yan’s, and her cultivation base had reached the seventh Heavenstage of Soul Transformation.

“I believe you when you say Zi Yan is capable of killing me, but you? Hmph, you won’t be able to achieve such a thing in your entire lifetime.” Long Chen slashed Evilmoon at Shen Bijun. The world shook from his power.

“Arrogant brat, you’ll pay a huge price for your ego and foolishness.” Shen Bijun’s expression sank. She fiercely slammed both hands on the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither, and a wave of light shot out at Long Chen.

Wherever that wave went, space was ripped apart. It was like up and down were being displaced.


Long Chen’s Evilmoon clashed fiercely against Shen Bijun’s attack.

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