Chapter 1647 Strange Power

“Do you have a good plan?” The Pill Fairy looked at Long Chen. Since she had agreed to take this risk, she wanted to know his plan.

“A plan?” Long Chen awkwardly said, “It seems… I don’t have one.”

The Pill Fairy’s beautiful eyes looked blankly at him. She almost didn’t believe her ears. “Then how are you going to handle it?”

“I feel like fighting to the death should work, right?” Long Chen felt a bit helpless. He had no method to deal with the Black Illusion Dragon Flame that he knew nothing about.

The Pill Fairy was speechless. “You don’t even know the abilities of the Black Illusion Dragon Flame, and you want to subdue it? You’re too impetuous.”

“I feel like as a youngster, I need to be hot-blooded. That’s my drive to keep going forward,” said Long Chen unabashedly. 

“Take this more seriously. You should know that the Black Illusion Dragon Flame is extremely terrifying. Not only does it have its berserk energy, but it also has the ability to create illusions. That illusion formation you encountered outside wasn’t installed by someone, it’s the result of the Black Illusion Dragon Flame’s energy leaking out. If we want to subdue it, we need a detailed plan, or there’s no chance to succeed.”

“Then do you have any good plans?”

The Pill Fairy shook her head.

“If even you, someone who grew up from childhood in Pill Valley, a genius who knows everything about every flame, have no plan, that means that there is no good plan for handling the Black Illusion Dragon Flame. Daydreaming will only waste time. That’s why I said we can only fight to the death with it. I’ll go draw its attention to make it leave the pillar before looking for some kind of opportunity. You back up a bit.” A golden flame spear appeared in Long Chen’s hand. He threw it at the black dragon’s head.


The golden flame spear exploded. Long Chen was shocked to find that this flame spear, which was powerful enough to pierce through mountains, was barely able to shake the black dragon’s head slightly.

However, he had succeeded. It had been slumbering, and now it slowly opened its eyes. 

Its huge eyes contained two different runes. One was a flower-shaped design, while the other was a spherical design.

When it opened its eyes, Long Chen and the Pill Fairy’s hair stood on end. A terrifying sensation of death enveloped them.

A berserk energy surged along with endless black flames. Long Chen and the Pill Fairy immediately poured more energy into their flame armor to block these black flames, but Long Chen was shocked to find that his Heaven Incinerating Flame was being suppressed.

This black flame possessed a corrosive effect that was able to invade the Heaven incinerating Flame. It cost him a huge amount of Spiritual Strength to block this flame.

The Pill Fairy was enveloped by white flames, a stark contrast to the black flames. The sight of one black and one white flame fighting was strange, however, it seemed the Pill Fairy didn’t find it taxing. She seemed to have come prepared, and her flame had a definite resistive effect against the Black illusion Dragon Flame.

Seeing that the Pill Fairy was able to block it so easily, Long Chen summoned his divine ring, and he unleashed a huge saber-image at the black dragon.

Long Chen’s attack landed right on the black dragon’s head, a powerful explosion rocked the palace.

Long Chen’s first attack, the flame spear, had been like an itch to it. It hadn’t caused any pain. But this time, the black dragon let out an ear-ringing roar, and it opened its mouth, unleashing a wave of dragon breath that swept toward the two of them.

“Quick, dodge! The Black Illusion Dragon Flame’s dragon breath possesses a holy energy that will quickly exhaust your spiritual yuan and soul energy!” shouted the Pill Fairy as she flew back.

With the Pill Fairy’s warning, Long Chen shot out of the flame breath. He was shocked to find that this flame was actually liquid. The dragon breath corroded a large hole in the ground.

The black dragon suddenly left the pillar and charged at Long Chen. It slammed a claw at him.

Although its body was huge, it was still very nimble and its movements were like lightning. As its claw was like a small mountain, Long Chen had nowhere to dodge. With a cold cry, he slashed his saber at it.

BOOM! Long Chen’s arms trembled. An irresistible power sent him flying.

He took nine steps to stabilize himself after that blow. On the last step, the immense power caused him to smash a hole in the ground.

“What immense power!” Long Chen’s heart turned cold. This was an Earth Flame Spirit Beast. It was not a true Magical Beast, so how could it possess such terrifying power?

However, while he had been sent flying, he saw that the black dragon had stiffened from his attack. It could be seen that his own power was not completely useless against it.

“Spirit flame seals the heavens, divine will locks the earth. I summon the spirit of gods, the will of immortals. Spirit lock seals the universe.” The Pill Fairy formed hand seals and chanted. Her sacred voice resounded through the air.

White flames appeared in the air, filling this space. They condensed into runes that linked together, forming a square arch that slammed down on the black dragon’s neck.

The arch then nailed itself deep into the ground, forcibly dragging the black dragon’s neck to the ground.

Just as it was bound and attempted to struggle, more square arches condensed in the air and fell, covering it from head to tail, making it so it couldn’t move.

“This is a good chance!” Long Chen was delighted, not having expected that the Pill Fairy would possess such a powerful magical art.

He immediately stabbed Evilmoon toward the black dragon’s head. Golden flames burst out of Evilmoon. He wanted to use Evilmoon’s energy to send the Heaven Incinerating Flame into the black dragon’s head. That was the only way to heavily injure it. 

The Black Illusion Dragon Flame was too terrifying. His Heaven Incinerating Flame was helpless to do anything to it. But if it exploded inside its head, he was confident it could deal a heavy blow.

“Wait a moment!” cried the Pill Fairy. She actually jumped in front of him.

Long Chen jumped in fright and hastily stopped his saber. The feeling of forcibly pulling back his blow was striking himself, causing him to cough up a mouthful of blood.

“Qingxuan, you…” Long Chen looked at the Pill Fairy in disbelief.

“Long Chen, watch out!” Just as Long Chen was trying to figure out her incomprehensible actions, a voice rang out from a great distance. At the same time, a terrifying sensation of crisis enveloped him.

Suddenly, the Pill Fairy in front of him vanished, replaced by a giant claw. By the time Long Chen reacted, it was too late to dodge or block.

The claw slammed into Long Chen, and he shot back, smashing into a wall. A huge hole was smashed into it.

Long Chen coughed up blood once more, looking in shock up ahead. He saw the Pill Fairy, who had summoned a giant white flame shield for him, block the black dragon’s attack. The flame shield then exploded as the black dragon’s tail whipped toward her. She had to retreat, narrowly dodging it.

The black dragon roared and its dragon breath spurted toward her. Furthermore, Long Chen was shocked to find that the Pill Fairy’s expression seemed lost and was dumbfounded. She didn’t seem to see the danger in front of her, and tears appeared in her eyes.

“Split the Heavens 5!” Long Chen roared and slashed Evilmoon at the black dragon’s head, forcibly diverting the dragon breath.

“Qingxuan, what’s going on?!” shouted Long Chen.

The Pill Fairy stiffened. Her face reddened but quickly returned to normal. She gravely warned, “Be careful, the Illusion part of the Black Illusion Dragon Flame’s name refers to its ability to peer inside a person and create illusions. These illusions are not transmitted through the senses, but through the heart. It can be likened to a natural reflection of the heart, making it unpreventable.”

Long Chen cursed inside. Didn’t that mean his sixth sense was useless?

The black dragon roared again. Its scale began to rise, and its body grew larger. Its berserk aura grew stronger and stronger. It seemed fully angered.

“Qingxuan, let’s try again. Prepare your seal just like last time. If I can heavily injure it, immediately use the Daynight Furnace.” Long Chen was already rushing over to the black dragon. 

“FengFu Star!”

“Alioth Star!”

“Life Fate Star!”

Enlightenment Palace Star!”

Four stars appeared in his divine ring behind him. He seemed like a sharp blade that had come out of its sheath, unleashing brilliant light. Like an arrow shooting from a bow, he charged at the black dragon.

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