Chapter 1646 Black Illusion Dragon Flame

Flames surged in the distance for just a moment before vanishing. However, Long Chen still managed to see it.

“It’s the Black Illusion Dragon Flame ranked second on the Earth Flame Rankings! It has to be it!” Long Chen looked in the direction it had come from with shock.

Long Chen was no longer a rookie when it came to the Earth Flame Rankings. He instantly recognized the flame.

There was only one black flame on the Earth Flame Rankings. It was the Black Illusion Dragon Flame, which made it very easy to recognize.

What he knew of this flame was that it was very berserk and was known as the most violent flame. It was something no one could control, so it was known as the only flame that could not be used for alchemy.

Although the Heaven Incinerating Flame was known to burn anything, it could be controlled and used to refine pills. It was just that controlling it for alchemy required a huge amount of Spiritual Strength, which made it not viewed highly by alchemists. It was more of a flame that flame cultivators longed for.

In truth, the Heaven Incinerating Flame was not very suitable for refining pills. It was just that Long Chen’s powerful Spiritual Strength made it not a problem. Unfortunately, amongst alchemists, probably the only one with such monstrous Spiritual Strength was Long Chen.

As for the Black Illusion Dragon Flame, Spiritual Strength had no meaning when it came to it. If you used this flame to refine pills, there was no way around the pill exploding in the end. Even furnace explosions would be expected.

The Black Illusion Dragon Flame was too tyrannical and refused to lower its head to anyone. There had yet to be anyone who could control it. Nevertheless, Long Chen started rushing off in that direction.

“Something’s wrong. There’s an illusion.” Long Chen suddenly found that he had returned to his original location after just a moment. He immediately activated his sixth sense and saw the space around him twisting. Many channels were interweaving like a maze.

“There’s only one path.” Long Chen used his sixth sense to observe this spatial illusion formation. He quickly found a path, but this path snaked back and forth just like a maze. He spent a long time going through it before managing to get past this illusion formation.

Once he was out, he saw a pitch-black palace whose gates were half open. He carefully walked in.

As soon as Long Chen was in, black qi enveloped him. This black qi was coming from the ground. A berserk aura hung in the air, and breathing it in felt like breathing gunpowder. His nose felt like it might explode.

Long Chen was shocked. This kind of aura was something that an ordinary person would probably immediately die to. What terrifying existence was hidden within this palace?

He carefully continued forward. As he was walking, he suddenly slid to the side. A black gas bubble appeared on the ground and popped.

Long Chen was blown back by the explosion despite instinctively dodging. Black flames spurted out in every direction, forming a huge mushroom cloud that soared into the sky and then vanished.

“How terrifying.” Although Long Chen wasn’t injured, he was shaken. This black bubble had caused such a huge explosion. Those black flames possessed a destructive nature, and even though he had instinctively summoned a flame barrier, these black flames even managed to destroy the Heaven Incinerating Flame that claimed to be able to burn anything.

“This is definitely the Black Illusion Dragon Flame, or there’s no way it could be powerful enough to suppress my Heaven Incinerating Flame.” Long Chen felt a burning sensation in his heart. If he could obtain the Black Illusion Dragon Flame, Huo Long’s power would explosively grow once more.

He carefully crept forward. Black mist appeared, growing denser and denser, turning the world dark. Toward the end, the mist was like a flame, and even Long Chen’s physical body couldn’t bear it. He had to summon flame armor to protect himself.

“Long Chen, is that you?” Just as he was walking through the bubbles, a familiar voice rang out.

“Pill Fairy?” Long Chen immediately recognized the voice.

“It’s me.”

Long Chen followed the voice. He quickly saw a woman wrapped in white flames in the endless darkness. It was the Pill Fairy, Yu Qingxuan.

“You’ve also come for the Black Illusion Dragon Flame?” asked the Pill Fairy.

Long Chen nodded. The Pill Fairy’s goal in attending the Jade Lake Pageant was now clear. She had come for the Black Illusion Dragon Flame. She must have come prepared, however, this Black Illusion Dragon Flame was too strong. Long Chen also wanted it, and while he wanted to say the Pill Fairy could have it, he couldn’t say something so fake.

“You’ll probably be disappointed,” sighed the Pill Fairy.

“I don’t need the complete Black Illusion Dragon Flame. I just need a portion of its energy,” said Long Chen. He just needed a bit of its power to transform Huo Long.

The Pill Fairy shook her head. “You’ve misunderstood. What I mean is that this Black Illusion Flame Dragon has fully matured. It’s not something we can touch.”

“What do you mean?” Long Chen was startled.

“This Jade Lake Sacred Land has four inheritances, earth, water, fire, and wind. They are all gifts that the Jade Lake Venerate left to future generations. When it comes to the earth, water, and wind inheritances, it was some special techniques or such. However, the fire inheritance is different. She left behind this Earth Flame Spirit Beast. She sealed it below the palace, but because no one took it after so long, it slowly grew to the point that it is now too terrifying to take. Just now, I used my core flame to investigate what’s below, and it seems like I came for nothing,” sighed the Pill Fairy. She helplessly said, “Eight hundred years ago, one of my Pill Valley’s experts participated in the Jade Lake Pageant and entered this place. But at that time, the palace was still fine, and there was no black qi. The Black Illusion Dragon Flame was just three thousand meters long. However, when I checked just now, I saw that its body had grown to ten times that. It probably managed to break one of the restrictions binding it and advanced in power. Here, let me share what I saw and you’ll understand.”

The Pill Fairy gently pressed her hand against Long Chen’s forehead. Her hand was very warm. As for that white flame, Long Chen couldn’t sense any heat from it. His heartbeat quickened. This was his first time being in such an intimate situation with the Pill Fairy.

Before he could carefully experience this feeling, the image of a huge black dragon appeared in his mind, making him jump.

It was a thirty-thousand-meter black dragon covered in pitch-black sparkling scales. Black qi surged out of it constantly, and it was coiled around a huge pillar. He sensed endless berserk energy from it.

Its eyes were closed as if it was in slumber, but looking at it still made Long Chen’s hair rise. If it woke, it would be like a volcano bursting.

“Based on my guess, the Jade Lake Venerate left the Black Illusion Dragon Flame as a gift, however, no one ever managed to subdue it, which made it grow stronger and stronger. At this rate, it won’t be long before it completely breaks through its seal. The Black Illusion Dragon Flame is claimed to be the most tyrannical flame in this world. It’s number two on the Earth Flame Rankings. It’s very difficult to subdue it while it has yet to give birth to a mind, but now that it’s already matured to this point, its power will probably be something even Netherpassage experts have to fear if they don’t have a divine item,” said the Pill Fairy.

“Did you not bring a divine item with you? Did you try it?” asked Long Chen.

The Pill Fairy shook her head. “I brought the Daynight Furnace. Based on the previous estimate of the Black Illusion Dragon Flame, I would have had a thirty percent chance of capturing it. However, now that it has already advanced, there’s no chance. If things went badly, I could even lose my life.”

“What if we work together?” Long Chen refused to give up just like that. The more terrifying it was, the more he wanted it. His See A Treasure And Can’t Walk Away Disease was acting up again.

“It’s very dangerous. Even with a divine item as protection, we probably won’t have a one percent chance of success. Furthermore, failure will spell certain death,” warned the Pill Fairy gravely.

“This Black Illusion Dragon Flame is something very important to me. I want to try it. However, I have no divine item to store it, so I’ll need your Daynight Furnace for that. How about this? If we get it together, we’ll split it 30:70. I’ll take thirty, and you can take seventy. I just need thirty percent of its essence,” said Long Chen.

“Are you being serious?”

“Of course I’m being serious. Do you not want to try it?” Long Chen had learned from Evilmoon just how powerful the Daynight Furnace was. Without it, Long Chen wouldn’t be able to subdue this terrifying flame. However, he felt that he had a high chance with the Pill Fairy and the Daynight Furnace.

The Pill Fairy hesitated. In the end, she agreed to take the risk. Even the Pill Fairy herself didn’t know why she had agreed. This was crazy.

The two of them entered deeper. It was unknown what material this palace was made of in order to block the encrosion of the black qi. However, based on the erosion on the walls, it wouldn’t be long before this palace collapsed. Many runes were starting to grow dim.

At the center of the palace was a spiral passage going downward. It led to an underground palace.

This underground palace had a single pillar holding it up. Long Chen finally personally saw the black dragon. When he saw it, his scalp turned numb. “Does my disease really want to kill me?”

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