Chapter 1645 Catching One

Just as Long Chen rushed over to Tang Wan-er, he noticed that the invisible blades in this space didn’t react to his presence.

“Long Chen, wait!” shouted Meng Qi suddenly. Long Chen immediately stopped. “Wan-er should be in the midst of an inheritance. Her soul is in a different world right now, so she can’t hear us. However, her wind soul mark has appeared on her forehead.”

Long Chen saw a mark on Tang Wan-er’s forehead, which represented her wind energy. Her soul was in a calm state. There wasn’t anything strange about her right now.

When she had coughed up blood, everyone’s nerves had tightened, resulting in Long Chen charging out. However, now he saw that her fresh blood was entering the sphere, almost like a seed germinating within it.

Seeing this, Long Chen relaxed. It had really been frightening just now.

“Long Chen, we’ll guard this place. You can find an opportunity somewhere else,” proposed Meng Qi.

“Me? I’m not good at finding opportunities, but I’m decent at snatching them.” Long Chen shook his head. He would never have this kind of good luck, of that he was sure.

“You can’t put it that way. Although the Jade Lake Venerate’s main inheritance was the four kinds of elemental energy, there are others as well. Furthermore, you’re a flame cultivator, so you should have an affinity with the fire inheritance. With the four of us guarding Wan-er, no one can get close, so don’t worry,” said Meng Qi.

Long Chen hesitated. “I’m just worried about Di Xin and Shen Bijun. Shen Bijun is especially sinister and difficult to deal with. I don’t want you falling for one of her schemes.”

“Even if Shen Bijun comes, we have four people here. She won’t have an advantage,” said Meng Qi confidently.

“Just go. I’m here, and even if Shen Bijun comes, she won’t be able to harm any one of us. I’ll be the one killing her. Her zither music is ineffective against me,” said Liu Ruyan indifferently.

Liu Ruyan wasn’t a human. She was an Undying Willow, and her senses were different from humans. Shen Bijun’s music was truly unable to do anything to her.

“Alright, then I’ll go for a stroll. Be careful.” Long Chen nodded. Liu Ruyan’s promise was very relieving.

In truth, the one he was most worried about was Shen Bijun. She was too sinister. The most frightening thing wasn’t someone suicidal, but someone absolutely shameless. Those people were the most difficult to deal with.

However, Liu Ruyan’s power was the greatest amongst them, and with her undying body, she should be able to fight even one on one against Shen Bijun. 

He exited the palace and looked around at the surrounding giant palaces. He felt himself to be an ant crawling around in an imperial palace.

He left a spiritual mark on this palace so that he could return as fast as possible if he needed to. He then went in a random direction. He knew that with his bad luck, rather than running into a lucky opportunity, he’d more likely run into a deathtrap. He was most interested in seeing if he could catch Di Xin and his group.

Those fellows were all Empyreans with great luck. Stalking them might get him some benefits.

The fact that Tang Wan-er had instantly found her inheritance made him sigh about how people really had different fates. He was someone whose opportunities had to be won through risking his life against other experts, and if he did manage to win it, it would become like a slippery loach in muddy water. Then if he did catch it still, it would become a viper and bite him.

That was why he didn’t dare to live off luck. He had to live off power and intelligence to snatch those opportunities out of adversity.

Long Chen was rushing forward when one of the gates he had just passed blew open. A figure flew out, his blood splattering.

This was a disciple from the Southern Xuan Region, a rank eight Celestial. As his body tumbled back, it actually split in two. He had been severed by some blade.

He was already dead, and his Yuan Spirit didn’t even manage to escape. His expression was one of terror as if he had run into something unbelievably terrifying right before his death.

Long Chen had looked through several palaces only to find nothing. Most likely, others had long since plundered them. Even if there had been treasures in them, they had long since been taken.

“There should be something here.” Long Chen was still in the midst of observing the corpse when another figure flew out of the palace. When Long Chen saw who it was, he was startled.

“Wang Shan?”

Long Chen immediately understood that this was a case of killing to snatch treasures. He checked the corpse again and saw that it was holding something in its hand.

It was a small jade tablet, and an ancient, desolate aura came from it. It most likely was no ordinary object.

Without another word, Long Chen took the jade tablet. Wang Shan, who had just charged out, jumped in surprise when he saw Long Chen. When he saw Long Chen take the jade tablet, his expression changed. He had killed this person specifically for the jade tablet.

Although he didn’t know what it was, this was the Jade Lake Sacred Land, and anything left here had to be a priceless treasure.

“Long Chen, how dare you kill one of the Southern Xuan Region’s disciples to take their treasures?! You’re worse than an animal!” Wang Shan immediately shouted loudly, spreading his slander as far as possible.

“This move of yours is useless against me. I’ve been falsely accused of so many things that this little bit doesn’t do anything. If you like, you can continue with more lies. In the future, you won’t have another chance.” Long Chen smiled coldly and shot forward like a bolt of lightning at Wang Shan.

Long Chen attacked without storing up any energy. Relying on just his physical body, he punched Wang Shan.

BOOM! Wang Shan’s arms were both broken with a single punch. He smashed into one of the stone pillars at the entrance of the palace. In terms of physical strength, he wasn’t even close to the same level as Long Chen. The entire palace rocked, and Wang Shan coughed up a mouthful of blood.

He roared and summoned his Heavenly Dao manifestation. But it had yet to fully appear when Long Chen slapped him across the face.

Just like before, he relied only on his physical strength, not giving Wang Shan any chance to store up energy. His manifestation was interrupted.

Wang Shan flipped through the air. Long Chen’s left arm snaked up and caught Wang Shan’s hair, forcibly stopping his momentum. At the same time, his knee came for Wang Shan’s nose.

Bang! Wang Shan’s head almost exploded, and blood poured out from his seven orifices. If his earth energy hadn’t automatically activated, he’d have died.

Wang Shan’s body crashed into the stone pillar once more. He was stuck to it like a pancake.

Wang Shan was appalled as Long Chen’s speed was too great. He was unable to bring out any of his power against Long Chen. He couldn’t even summon his manifestation.

His head was muddled. However, he did his best to focus and also circulated his Dantian. He had to summon his manifestation, or in a clash of just physical strength, he couldn’t possibly win.

However, just as his Dantian was circulating, he felt a burst of pain. A finger was pointed at his forehead. He saw Long Chen’s ice-cold eyes looking at him like he was a god of death.

“I said that I could take your life in ten exchanges. It seems I overestimated you,” sneered Long Chen. He had overestimated the Southern Xuan Region’s so-called heavenly geniuses. So they were nothing more than a pack of idiots. Even summoning their Heavenly Dao energy took them so much time, and yet they dared to get so close to their enemies.

He had captured him without requiring any effort. Wang Shan hadn’t even had a chance to unleash any of his power before being defeated just like this.

It could only be said that Wang Shan’s battle experience only came from martial competitions of exchanging pointers. He hadn’t fought any life and death battles. Such a person, no matter how strong they became, would never be more than a slightly stronger pig. When they ran into a butcher, they would instantly be slain.

Perhaps the Southern Xuan Region was just too peaceful, which resulted in such an idiot being born. Compared to Hu Xiaolin, Jin Mingwei, and the others whom Long Chen had fought in the Grand Han, Wang Shan’s actual power was around the same level, but his real fighting experience wasn’t worth a fart.

“Long Chen, don’t kill me! I know many secrets that I can tell you! I know that Shen Bijun and Di Xin have joined hands! They-”

Long Chen coldly looked at Wang Shan. Lightning suddenly circulated around his finger. Wang Shan’s body stiffened.

A sharp dagger clattered to the ground. That dagger sparkled with seven differently-colored runes.

Those seven different runes contained terrifying power. It was an incredible one-time killing tool. Once stabbed into a person’s body, those runes would explode, killing whoever was stabbed.

“What an idiot. To use such a flashy dagger to assassinate me, did you think I was blind or stupid?” Long Chen’s lips curled into a disdainful sneer. This Wang Shan was really stupid.

To use such a bright object as a sneak attack, it was probably something only a pampered young master would think of. A normal person wouldn’t be so stupid.


Long Chen had just slain Wang Shan when several other experts of the Southern Xuan Region appeared, looking at Long Chen with shock.

When Long Chen turned to look at them, they immediately fled in terror. Long Chen ignored them. He grabbed Wang Shan’s spatial ring and saw a small mountain of spirit crystals in it. There should be hundreds of thousands of them. There were also quite a few weapons and other treasures that he didn’t look through closely. He tossed the ring and the jade tablet into the primal chaos space. He’d look through them later.

Just like that, Long Chen patted his butt and continued. Although his luck wasn’t good, who said a blind cat couldn’t find a mouse?

After over two hours of searching, he didn’t run into any opportunities as this place was too big. He also didn’t make any gains. There were even several times he encountered hidden mechanisms that injured him.

Just as Long Chen was flying around like a headless housefly, he heard a loud roar, and a surge of flames appeared in the distance. He immediately looked over.

“Damn, I finally know what kind of flame it is!” exclaimed Long Chen, delighted.

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