Chapter 1644 Mysterious Sphere

Di Xin’s expression was a bit gloomy. Originally, he had wanted to use his real power to annihilate these tree demons, but Shen Bijun had made him wait.

Now Long Chen and the Pill Fairy had gone off, throwing them far into the distance. The way these people were looking at him now was a bit doubtful.

Some people even felt that his fame was fake, and that his power was lacking compared to Long Chen and the Pill Fairy. That infuriated him.

Now that Long Chen and the Pill Fairy had entered the Jade Lake, there was no longer any need for him to worry about exposing his trump cards. With a cold snort, he made a hand seal.

The water inside the Jade Lake exploded, and water droplets rained down in every direction.

When the Jade Lake’s water landed on the tree demons, they let out startled cries. Smoke started coming out of their bodies like they were being corroded. They rapidly withered.

The golden tree demons dug their way into the ground and didn’t dare to come back up. Now the land was empty of tree demons.

“Young master Di Xin is mighty,” praised Shen Bijun.

These tree demons were dark creatures, while the Jade Lake possessed a sacred aura that was their bane. They could only retreat in front of it. The golden tree demons had to run, but the silver tree demons instantly vanished into smoke when touched by the water.

Di Xin had forced back tens of thousands of golden tree demons with the wave of a hand and tidied up the majority of the battlefield, causing the other disciples’ jaws to drop. They weren’t clear on the secrets of the Jade Lake and thought that this was purely Di Xin’s power.

“Don’t be angry. Not letting you expose yourself is for your goal as well. Long Chen’s craftiness is beyond your imagination. Each bit of power that you expose will be one more chip Long Chen uses to run away. Why bother fighting for a momentary glory? Once he's dead, his women will be yours,” messaged Shen Bijun.

“Fine, I’ll listen to you. However, I’m still not at ease. I want to personally kill Long Chen, so I can only give you his corpse,” said Di Xin cautiously. Ever since becoming Long Chen’s enemy, he was standing on the same battlefront as Shen Bijun. However, he felt that she was too much of a schemer, and working together with her made him a bit uneasy.

Furthermore, he was worried that if he left Long Chen to Shen Bijun, she might not be willing to kill him and instead join him. If the two of them joined hands against him, it would be troublesome.

“No problem. As long as Long Chen is in my hands, it’s the same whether he’s dead or alive,” said Shen Bijun indifferently.

Di Xin nodded, a bit more at ease. “Alright, then let’s continue with the plan.”

Di Xin and Shen Bijun were communicating spiritually, and the others were unable to tell. Only Han Feifei was extremely displeased to see Di Xin looking at Shen Bijun. Due to the matter of the male milk, she didn’t even dare to speak to him.

She did her best to endure as Shen Bijun was a main disciple of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace. It was fated that she couldn’t marry anyone. Thus, Han Feifei could accept a bit of flirting between them. Furthermore, in this world where the strong were revered, which expert didn’t have a mass of wives and concubines around them? Han Feifei might be irritated, but she endured it.

Di Xin took the lead in entering the Jade Lake. The other Empyreans followed suit. As for the disciples who entered after them, due to Di Xin, there was practically nothing blocking them. They easily entered the Jade Lake and were extremely grateful to him.

After all, whether it was Long Chen or the Pill Fairy, they had only looked after themselves. Only Di Xin had helped them, and this raised his position in their hearts.

Long Chen and the others followed Chu Yao’s directions after entering the Jade Lake. They continued swimming down toward a ball of light at the bottom of the Jade Lake. That ball of light was like a full moon.

“This is the entrance,” said Chu Yao.

Although this was Chu Yao’s first time entering as well, she knew a great deal about the Jade Lake Sacred Land.

As they descended, they saw that it truly was an entrance. It was huge. It was just that they were so far away that it looked like a moon.

When they reached it, Long Chen felt his body lighten. The water around them vanished, and they slowly descended.

There was an endless mass of giant palaces here. It was so huge that Long Chen thought that he had returned to the Netherworld.

“This is the Jade Lake Sacred Palace. Rumor is that the earth, fire, water, and air elemental inheritances are all located within one of these palaces. We can only test out luck looking for them,” said Chu Yao.

“But there are tens of thousands of these palaces, and we’re like ants in comparison. How are we supposed to look? The Skywood Divine Palace oversees the Jade Lake Pageant. Do you really not know where the wind element inheritance is?” asked Tang Wan-er.

Chu Yao shook her head. “To tell the truth, we don’t actually know more about the Jade Lake Sacred Palace than others. Some sects might even know more. The earth, water, fire, and wind inheritances have no affinity with the Skywood Divine Palace, which is why the Southern Xuan Region’s experts are comfortable with us overseeing this place. Furthermore, this is the inheritance land left by the Jade Lake Venerate. To obtain her inheritance naturally requires affinity and destiny. Rumor is that the position of the palaces changes every time this place is opened. You might have obtained an amazing treasure entering one palace the first time, only to find a deathtrap the second time. Wan-er, if you can obtain the Jade Lake Venerate’s wind element inheritance, you’ll definitely become the strongest amongst us sisters.”

“Ugh, relying on destiny and luck is the most irritating thing. This kind of thing has no affinity with me. Wan-er, just go crazy here and see if you can find it,” said Long Chen helplessly.

“Dislikable. How are you still in a mood to joke?” rebuked Tang Wan-er.

“Wan-er, release your wind energy and focus your senses. If you really have an affinity with it, it’ll definitely form a resonance. But if you aren’t destined for it, all we’ll be able to do is test our luck,” said Meng Qi.

“You really are the more reliable one.” Tang Wan-er nodded and unleashed her Heavenly Dao energy. Just as she did so, she let out a startled cry.

“I can feel something summoning me! It’s coming from over there!” exclaimed Tang Wan-er excitedly. She pointed in a direction and rushed off.

What the fuck? Long Chen’s eyes almost popped out. Was having destiny with something really so simple? This was too fake, wasn’t it?

He had never encountered such a simple thing in his whole life. His opportunities were all paid in blood. Either he had to take it from others or risk his life getting it. Something as easy as closing his eyes and sensing it completely baffled him.

Everyone followed Tang Wan-er. They carefully went through palace after palace. Eventually, they saw an unremarkable temple.

The temple was worn down with age. The gates were broken to the point that they didn’t even need to open them. There was a large enough crack for them to squeeze their way in.

Once they were in the temple, they saw an altar inside the palace. There was a sphere lying on the altar that was several feet wide. It was a bizarre sight.

When they carefully entered, the dim sphere began to slowly light up, illuminating the palace. 

Long Chen was originally at the front and suddenly sensed danger. He retreated, but he was one step too late. An invisible blade cut a large wound in his chest.

Meng Qi and the others jumped in shock. They hastily looked around, spreading their Spiritual Strength to see who had sneak attacked them.

“It’s not a sneak attack. It’s the domain of that sphere,” said Long Chen. He touched his chest with some lingering fear.

That sphere was too terrifying. Just now, an invisible blade had cut him silently. If he hadn’t reacted fast enough, he might have been split in two.

That blade was so sharp that even his powerful body was unable to resist it.

Long Chen took out an Ancestral item spear and slowly moved it forward. His hand suddenly quivered as the spear was cut into fifteen pieces. It was like a blade had cut through sugar cane. The cut was as clean as glass.

“How terrifying.” Cloud looked ahead in fear. The most frightening attacks were those that couldn’t be sensed. You would be struck before even realizing it.

”Wan-er, are you sure it’s calling you? I can’t sense any wind energy,” asked Meng Qi. She didn’t sense any wind energy from the sphere.

“Yes, this is it. It’s the thing summoning me. Long Chen, let me try it.” Tang Wan-er walked forward with a determined expression.

“Alright, just go slow. If you can’t, don’t force it. I’ll protect you.” Long Chen took out Evilmoon, prepared to save her if anything went wrong.

Tang Wan-er nodded and slowly got closer. She was very careful. The others held their breaths in apprehension.

Long Chen watched with his full attention. He was tightly gripping Evilmoon.

Tang Wan-er finally stepped into the spot where Long Chen had just been cut. Long Chen’s nerves tightened.

However, it did nothing to Tang Wan-er.

Despite that, Long Chen didn’t dare to relax. However, Tang Wan-er didn’t run into anything unexpected as she continued forward.

“Wan-er, are you alright?!” Meng Qi suddenly cried out as she sensed something wrong.

Tang Wan-er’s eyes had lost their focus as if she had lost her soul. She was walking to the sphere mindlessly and pressed a hand against it.

Tang Wan-er suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood, and it landed on the sphere.

“Wan-er!” Long Chen cried out in shock and charged forward.

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