Chapter 1643 Charging Into the Jade Lake

Long Chen flew forward. Any tree demons that blocked his way were slashed apart by Evilmoon. He quickly caught up to Meng Qi and the others.

“Why didn’t Di Xin fight?” asked Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen told them what Shen Bijun had messaged him, resulting in them all raging, “That Shen Bijun is too sinister.”

“She schemes deeply and is completely unscrupulous. We should be careful. The current situation isn’t favorable to us. We have exposed many of our trump cards during the Grand Han. Hence, Shen Bijun has definitely prepared before coming and will tell those trump cards to Di Xin. Meanwhile, I still know nothing about him. That’s very dangerous,” said Long Chen gloomily.

“I’m not afraid. You’ll handle Di Xin, and we’ll handle that woman. We still have the absolute advantage,” said Tang Wan-er confidently.

There was Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Cloud, and Liu Ruyan. One against five, they should have no problem.

“Foolish girl, you’ve been tricked by Shen Bijun. Just because she is such a schemer doesn’t mean she isn’t powerful. If you think she only schemes because she isn’t strong enough, you’ll have fallen for another one of her schemes. Last time, Zi Yan didn’t kill me, and this time, the Illusive Music Immortal Palace sent Shen Bijun. From her Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither, it can be seen that she was following the will of the higher-ups of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace. In other words, she has to be stronger than Zi Yan, or they must think she would be better than Zi Yan at killing me. Even if the five of you joined hands, it’s unknown whether you could defeat her. She has the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither and has yet to expose her trump cards. We know nothing about her, but we are in the palm of her hand. So don’t be careless. Everything she has shown us so far is to numb us to her true power. If we are even slightly careless, we’ll fall for one of her schemes,” said Long Chen gravely. This was his first time running into such a difficult woman. Or perhaps he should say it was his first encounter with such a shameless woman.

Meng Qi and the others’ hearts shook. Chu Yao nodded. “That Shen Bijun is Zi Yan’s senior apprentice-sister. My master told me that her talent is even greater than Zi Yan’s, but because the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s master doesn’t like her character, she isn’t suited to be the successor of the palace master position. However, her combat power can only be greater than Zi Yan’s.”

“In any case, we just need to be careful, but we don’t need to be afraid. Once we find a suitable opportunity, we’ll get rid of them all at once. I’ll open a path for us forward. We should charge in before them and get Wan-er her inheritance before they can bother us.” Long Chen walked to the ground. In the face of the endless silver tree demons, he actually put away Evilmoon.

A black sphere appeared in his hand and shot out like a shooting star. The air resistance caused specks of black dirt to fly out of it.

When that black dirt landed on the silver tree demons, they immediately began to corrode. They let out strange wails and fled.

This was the primal chaos space’s black soil. To tree lifeforms, it was an absolute poison. Up to now, other than the Undying Willow being able to block it temporarily, no other tree lifeforms had been able to resist it.

Those silver tree demons immediately opened a path that Long Chen and the others rushed down. He hadn’t used too much of the black soil, only enough to make the tree demons afraid. He definitely didn’t want others to take advantage of his work. That was why he didn’t unleash a huge wave and instead shot it out bit by bit.

Just as Long Chen was forcibly tearing a path through the tree demons, a thousand miles away, a white light soared into the sky. A white dragon roared and sped forward. Any tree demons in its way were turned to ash.

“It’s the Pill Fairy. Her flame is actually white. It’s so beautiful!” exclaimed Meng Qi.

The Pill Fairy was rushing at full speed as well. She was standing on a dragon formed of her white flames. In front of her, those tree demons were like rotting wood. Sometimes, the dragon would breathe out fire and exterminate everything in front of it.

“She’s even stronger than before.” Long Chen’s heart shook. The current Pill Fairy was far stronger than she had been back in Pill Valley. Furthermore, her flame had completely transformed. It possessed a sacred air to it.

Many experts were following behind her, trying to take advantage of the path she made to conserve energy.

Long Chen was rushing forward with black soil, while the Pill Fairy was rushing forward with her white dragon. The two of them were neck and neck, with their speed equally matched.

As for Di Xin’s side, they had to rely on brute force to kill the tree demons. Although they were very powerful, their speed couldn’t compare to these two groups.

“He’s still holding back. This Di Xin really knows how to endure.” Long Chen looked back at Di Xin in the distance. Clearly, Di Xin was thinking just like him. He wouldn’t easily attack, but when he did, it would be to kill.

“We’re close to the Jade Lake Sacred Lake!” called out Tang Wan-er excitedly. There was a distant serene lake vaguely in sight.

This was the Jade Lake. Its surface was like a mirror. Faint immortal qi could be seen swirling around it.

Just as they were getting closer, the ground exploded, and golden arrows shot out from underground at them.

Evilmoon appeared in Long Chen’s hand, and he slashed apart the golden arrows.

However, those golden arrows were so powerful that his arm became a bit numb. Large, sharp tentacles now shot out of the ground at Long Chen, like golden war spears.

“It’s golden tree demons! They’re extremely powerful, so be careful!” Chu Yao’s expression changed slightly. This time, the tree demons that had appeared in the black channel were not just unprecedented in numbers, but also unprecedented in power.

Due to the wall between worlds, there were normally very few golden tree demons capable of entering the black channel. However, there were so many of them this time.

“Split the Heavens 5!” A huge saber-image soared into the sky and slashed down.

The ground split apart. Those golden tentacles exploded and a huge ditch appeared.

However, Long Chen was shocked to find that the golden tree demons’ true bodies that had been hidden underground hadn’t been killed. Instead, they had fled so quickly that they had avoided being killed.

“Let’s go!” Since the tree demons had been forced back, Long Chen rushed forward. Meng Qi and the others quickly followed.

The six of them crossed a certain distance before the golden tree demons attacked again. This time, they weren’t using tentacles. Their true bodies came out of the ground.

They looked like they were made of gold. They didn’t have large treetops, but they had countless roots. Their trunks were like giant mountains.

“Damn, these golden tree demons can instantly kill Life Star experts,” exclaimed Long Chen. Just how had the Skywood Divine Palace managed to defend this channel for so many years against so many golden tree demons?

“No one knows what happened, but some problem has occurred in the black channel. Before, when we tidied up the black channel, there would only be two to three golden tree demons at most. There have never been this many,” explained Chu Yao upon seeing Long Chen’s shock.

How were there two to three? Thirty thousand probably wasn’t even enough to count them. They had completely surrounded the Jade Lake.

“These golden tree demons are absorbing the Jade Lake’s immortal spiritual qi. However, they can’t absorb it directly and can only assimilate the energy from the earth. All we have to do is charge our way through their blockade and reach the Jade Lake. They are very afraid of the Jade Lake’s water, so if we get past them, they won’t be able to do anything to us,” said Chu Yao.

“These golden tree demons have a certain resistance to my black soil. Let’s try something else.” Long Chen found that the black soil he had summoned wasn’t that effective against the golden tree demons. At the very least, they weren’t terrified of it. He didn’t want to bring out too much of it and let it be seen by Di Xin and Shen Bijun.

“Raging Flames Devour the Heavens!”

Flames enveloped his body and formed a huge sea. These golden flames instantly set the golden tree demons on fire. However, the golden tree demons were extremely tough and were not immediately burned to death. They dug their way underground again in an attempt to extinguish the flames.

However, their thinking was too simple. The Heaven Incinerating Flame was not so easy to deal with. Only extremely powerful Heavenly Dao energy could extinguish it.

These golden tree demons might be powerful, but they had no Heavenly Dao energy. Most importantly, they were weak to fire.

“Let’s go.” Long Chen slashed his saber, destroying the tentacles of the tree demons. In the domain of his golden flames, their defensive power sharply dropped, allowing him to cut through them like tofu.

Long Chen charged his way through, quickly reaching the edge of the Jade Lake.

The six of them jumped in together. The flames vanished, and the golden tree demons charged to the edge of the lake. However, they didn’t dare to take half a step further. They didn’t dare to attack them now that they were in the Jade Lake.

Long Chen put away his Heaven Incinerating Flame, and the flames on the tree demons vanished. Although they had been burned black, their combat power hadn’t dropped much.

Just a few seconds after they entered the Jade Lake, the Pill Fairy also arrived, diving into the lake.

With their two groups inside the Jade Lake, the golden tree demons formed an impenetrable wall against Di Xin’s group.

“Young master Di Xin, now you don’t need to hold back. Let everyone see your power.” Shen Bijun smiled at Di Xin.

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