Chapter 1642 Treacherous and Cunning

“It’s Di Xin!”

Meng Qi called out with some surprise. It was unexpected that he would be able to catch up so quickly considering Cloud’s speed.

“He came at the perfect time. It just so happens that I want to test him out.”

Long Chen smiled coldly. He wanted to see just how strong Di Xin was. How strong were the experts from the Central Xuan Region?

“Let’s attack together,” said Liu Ruyan, wanting to fight immediately.

“No, now isn’t the best time to attack. I just want to test him out so it’ll be easier to launch the killing blow later. If we were all to fight, we would have to make sure that he definitely couldn’t leave here alive. Just leave this to me. Cloud, put away your true body and get going. Don’t go too far or expose your true power. Just get further away so you don’t get splattered with blood,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen jumped off Cloud and floated in the air, his arms clasped behind his back, calmly waiting for Di Xin and his group.

Cloud put away her true body. With Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and Liu Ruyan, they sped away toward the Jade Lake.

“Long Chen, you pompous bastard, I, Wang Shan, will smash apart your undefeated legend today!”

Wang Shan was the one who flew to the front, his primal chaos manifestation appearing behind him. He let out a punch.

Wang Shan viewed Liu Ruyan’s whip attack that had destroyed his arm as a huge disgrace. Thus, he blamed himself for being too careless and not using his full power, resulting in him being embarrassed.

This time, he wasn’t holding back at all. The world crumbled around him as he shot through space at Long Chen.

“As I said, it’s not that I want to look down on you, but I really look down on you.”

Long Chen snorted and shot over at Wang Shan.


Wang Shan’s expression changed. He found that he was unable to block Long Chen’s punch.

The earthen runes around Wang Shan’s arm exploded, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood. His earthen armor shattered.

The experts following Di Xin were shocked. Even when Wang Shan used his full power, he was injured by a punch from Long Chen.

Even Di Xin’s expression changed. Perhaps others might not have seen it, but his vision was sharp. Wang Shan hadn’t lost in power but technique.

Long Chen’s punch had contained two kinds of energy. The first had been the thunderforce that had invaded Wang Shan’s arm, paralyzing it and making it so Wang Shan was unable to release his full power. His power had dropped to just eighty percent, which was what allowed Long Chen to crush him so easily.

However, even if Wang Shan had known about it, he wouldn’t have been able to defend against it thanks to Long Chen’s meticulous skill. When it came to battle experience, Long Chen completely outclassed Wang Shan. Not wanting to expose his trump cards, Long Chen relied on technique to defeat Wang Shan instead.

Not giving Wang Shan any breathing room, after punching with his right hand, Long Chen slapped Wang Shan with his left hand.

“Someone like you is only fit to be someone’s dog. Scram and call over your master,” sneered Long Chen.

This was Wang Shan’s second time being slapped in the face. The first time was due to carelessness, but this time he didn’t even manage to see Long Chen’s action. Long Chen’s divine face-slapping art was practically transcendent.

“Long Chen, I’ll kill you!” Wang Shan roared furiously. His eyes were completely red as he charged at him once more.

“Long Chen, you’re too arrogant! Do you think my Southern Xuan Region has no one that can handle you?!”

Over ten experts of the Southern Xuan Region followed Wang Shan this time.

As Wang Shan pounced on Long Chen, the ground behind Long Chen exploded, and a huge earthen hand snaked out at him. That hand was larger than a mountain and covered in yellow runes. 

“Your diversionary tactics are garbage. Considering your level of control, are you treating me like an idiot? This is your attempt at drawing my attention and launching a sneak attack?”

Long Chen didn’t even look back at the earthen hand. Evilmoon appeared in his hand, and he swung it behind him. The huge hand blew apart without any suspense.

Long Chen then stabbed Evilmoon forward. An Empyrean who had just reached him was stabbed through and raised into the air just like that.

The other Empyreans had all attacked at the same time, but this person in particular was very fast and had ended up isolating himself. He was unable to brake fast enough before he ran himself onto Long Chen’s saber. It was like he had been sending himself over.

“Why are you in such a rush? Well, fine, I’ll send you on ahead of the others. There’s no need to thank me.” Long Chen looked at the shocked Empyrean. Evilmoon shook ever so slightly as an earth-shattering power poured through it.


Long Chen ignored his cry and directly blew the Empyrean apart.

However, he was startled to find that this Empyrean’s Yuan Spirit was exceptionally powerful. It survived and fled.

“Long Chen, you destroyed my physical body! This enmity will not end until one of us peris-” That Empyrean roared furiously, however, he had misjudged one thing. While his Yuan Spirit had fled, it hadn’t fled far at all.

Long Chen conveniently raised a finger and pointed. A violet bolt of lightning struck the Yuan Spirit, turning it to dust.

An Empyrean died just like that. At this time, the other experts had also reached this point. But after personally seeing Long Chen kill an Empyrean, they turned pale.

“Long Chen, you dare to kill the heavenly geniuses of our Southern Xuan Region?! Don’t even think of leaving this place alive!” roared another Empyrean. They were both shocked and infuriated.

“Are you all idiots? You want to kill me, so why can’t I kill you?” sneered Long Chen.

“Nonsense. We were fighting with an attitude of exchanging pointers. We have no intention to take your life. Do you think the Southern Xuan Region’s experts are the same as a murderous demon king like you?” shouted another Empyrean.

“Long Chen, you’re looking down on the Southern Xuan Region. Killing our heavenly geniuses is provoking the entire Southern Xuan Region. I’ll immediately report this to my father and have you captured and torn apart!” shouted Han Feifei. She finally had a reason to use her connections to kill Long Chen and vent her rage.

Although Di Xin hadn’t blamed her for the matter of the male milk, she could clearly feel him being much colder to her. Her resentment for that was given to Long Chen. If Long Chen didn’t have such a big mouth, perhaps such a thing wouldn’t have happened.

Long Chen rested Evilmoon on his shoulder. He disdainfully said, “If you want to kill me, then just come. Don’t play such childish games. I only have this one little life, but I’m not afraid of anyone.”

Long Chen had finally come to the conclusion that the so-called experts of the Southern Xuan Region were nothing more than a group of slightly stronger pigs.

They didn’t have the slightest brains as they had been raised by their sects to simply look amazing. Their sects wanted to have an Empyrean, so they hadn’t experienced any true slaughter.

“Di Xin, stop using others as cannon fodder to test me. If you really want to know how strong I am, you’ll have to do it personally.” Long Chen pointed his saber at Di Xin.

Of all these experts here, the only ones he felt a bit of apprehension toward were Di Xin and Shen Bijun. He had already exchanged blows with Shen Bijun, but he still knew nothing about Di Xin.

“Long Chen, why bother? Why do you have to force people like this? Is killing people the only way for you to show your grandness? Young master Di Xin, I really misjudged him. Don’t be a brute like him. Those who could stand at the peak of the martial path were respected by everyone, not just because of their power, but because of their character and intelligence. The Sovereigns didn’t rely on slaughtering everyone to reach their height,” Shen Bijun spoke up all of a sudden. Now when she looked at Long Chen, there was icy killing intent in her eyes. It seemed she didn’t want to keep acting.

“Fine. Long Chen, I’ll let you off this time. But even if I don’t kill you, the Southern Xuan Region won’t let you off. You will definitely die.” Di Xin actually listened to Shen Bijun’s advice. His climbing aura dissipated.

“Long Chen, you want to test Di Xin’s power? Keep dreaming. As for everything about you, I’ve already told it all to Di Xin. I’ll repay the humiliation you gave me a hundred times. Now do you regret it?” Shen Bijun sent Long Chen a spiritual message.

Now, Long Chen understood what Shen Bijun was doing. She was doing the same thing as him, waiting for an opportunity to kill the opponent in one blow. Hence, she intentionally ruined his goal of testing Di Xin.

She had seen through his intentions and wouldn’t let things go as he wished. As for what she was saying, it was to disturb his mental state.

Long Chen didn’t get angry. Instead, he smiled. He wouldn’t get angry over someone who would die soon. Since this was the case, there was no longer any need for him to stay behind. He began rushing over in the direction Meng Qi and the others had gone.

Once he was gone, Di Xin sent a message to Shen Bijun. “You better not be tricking me. If I find that you are helping Long Chen, I will kill you.”

“Don’t worry, we’re on the same side now. I just want Long Chen, alive or dead. As for his women, they’ll be yours.” Shen Bijun smiled. That smile was a bit malicious and chilly.

“Fine. Then I’ll follow your plan for now.”

Di Xin nodded and led his people in a different direction. Everyone was moving closer to the Jade Lake Sacred Land.

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