Chapter 1641 Silver Tree Demons (Teaser)

The huge gates were actually a giant transportation formation, and the black channel they had seen beyond it was a projection.

Long Chen and the others had already entered, so Di Xin didn’t tarry. He walked in, followed by Han Feifei, Shen Bijun, Wang Shan, and dozens of other powerful Empyreans.

Only after those experts had entered did the rank eight and rank nine Celestials follow. That was to be safe.

However, this safety measure meant that they were leaving the first opportunities for the first group. They would always be one step behind.

Long Chen had just walked through the gates when space twisted around him. A dark and sinister aura crashed down on him.

They had yet to even land on the ground when the withered trees on the ground sprang to life. Countless roots shot out of the ground at them.

“Endless Wind Waves.”

Tang Wan-er formed a hand seal, and a sea of wind blades exploded, cutting those roots to pieces.

“Don’t get entangled with them. Their true bodies are underground, and it’s difficult for us to do any real damage to them...

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