Chapter 1638 The Pill Fairy’s Attitude

Long Chen’s words caused quite a few others to also feel an itchy sensation in the back of their throats. Their stomachs began to heave.

Everyone looked oddly at Di Xin. Di Xin’s face was ashen, and he was quivering uncontrollably.

Han Feifei was still lost. She said, “Who knows whether it was a male cow or female cow? Either way, I picked the biggest, strongest cow. It took a lot of work to milk it-”

“Shut up!” shouted Di Xin. He could no longer control himself and began to vomit as well.

Han Feifei had been spoiled since childhood and was known for her temper. Although her talent was top tier, and she came from a great background, no one in the Southern Xuan Region liked her.

As a result, when Han Feifei had been busy milking her bull, no one had said anything to her. She was completely unreasonable and could not be spoken to. If they drew her attention due to her mistake, instead of being grateful, she would say that they had offended her.

If Han Feifei’s attendants were still here, perhaps she wouldn’t have done such a thing. However, her attendants only managed to find one flower that they recognized, so she was the only one that had passed. Her attendants were not allowed in here.

Quite a few people felt pity for Di Xin for drinking that ‘milk’. Han Feifei was truly talented at conning people.

After vomiting, Long Chen felt very refreshed. Chu Yao and Meng Qi came over with handkerchiefs, helping him wipe his mouth clean. Tang Wan-er gently patted his back, and Cloud on the other hand was still lost. As for Liu Ruyan, her expression was icy, but she was pleased with her vengeance.

“Long Chen, you definitely did that on purpose!” Once Di Xin finished vomiting, he turned to Long Chen, his eyes filled with killing intent.

“Are you ill? What does this have anything to do with me?” sneered Long Chen.

“Didn’t you already know about it before I even drank it? However, you only said it once I was done! It was clearly intentional!” roared Di Xin.

“Are you trying to find trouble? Warning you would make you owe me a favor. Not warning you was simply playing my role. If you want to fight, then I’ll put it this way: I’ve never been afraid of anyone when it comes to fighting. If no one warned you, you can only blame yourself for not having any friends. Do you know how many people saw her milking her bull but didn’t say anything? Do you not understand why they were all silent? Hmph, rather than first looking at yourself for the reasons, you push the responsibility onto others. Hypocrites like you are the most detestable,” snorted Long Chen.

Long Chen really had done it on purpose. When Di Xin had raised his cup, Long Chen had already lost control of his stomach. However, he had forcibly suppressed his vomit until Di Xin had finished drinking it. By that time, it was too late.

“You’re courting death!” shouted Wang Shan. He could tell that Long Chen was intentionally embarrassing Di Xin. This was his best time to attack. All the resentment and hatred in his heart was released as he attacked Long Chen.


Long Chen didn’t even have to attack. It was Liu Ruyan who swung a whip composed of hair-like branches. Long Chen had never seen it before, so he supposed it was a divine ability she had learned recently.

The whip was as quick as lightning and easily tore through space. Its power reached its peak in just an instant. It had to be known that in order to unleash all one’s power, there were only two options: to accumulate energy beforehand before attacking, or a kind of layering of power after the attack, like climbing a staircase to increase the power.

If you didn’t do either of those, then instantly unleashing eighty or ninety percent of your power would end up injuring yourself due to the sudden burst. In the worst-case scenario, your body would explode.

However, Liu Ruyan seemed capable of doing so. It was like her skill had reached a higher level, allowing her to instantly unleash all of her power.

Blood splashed through the air as Wang Shan’s arm was blown apart by Liu Ruyan’s whip. He flew back, crying miserably.

Long Chen was shocked. Fortunately, this was something Liu Ruyan had only learned recently. If she had possessed such a move back in the Spirit World, he wouldn’t have lasted three moves with her.

“Not everyone is as cowardly as Long Chen. If you continue not knowing what’s good for you, don’t blame me for being vicious,” said Liu Ruyan, her whip dancing through the air like it was alive.

“What a terrifying woman.”

Everyone was shocked. Wang Shan was one of the Southern Xuan Region’s top experts. Although it couldn’t be said that he was unrivaled in the Southern Xuan Region, he stood at the peak level of their geniuses. However, he was unable to receive a single attack from Liu Ruyan.

Long Chen was speechless. This was his first time hearing someone evaluate him as a coward. He had simply been waiting for a better opportunity to handle all of these people at once.

Even Di Xin, Shen Bijun, and Han Feifei’s expressions changed. Liu Ruyan’s thunderous blow was too quick to defend against. That whip had no fluctuations of a divine item but was still so terrifying.

What they didn’t know was that Liu Ruyan was an Undying Willow. She had even managed to block the attacks of three divine items back in the battle of the Grand Han. The name Undying was not for nothing.

This whip was manifested through one of her innate divine abilities. It was incredibly powerful, so naturally Wang Shan suffered.

“Everyone, let’s not fight for no reason. This matter has nothing to do with Long Chen. If anyone tries to be a troublemaker, don’t blame my Skywood Divine Palace for making sure things stay calm,” said Chu Yao.

Perhaps the Southern Xuan Region’s experts didn’t recognize Meng Qi or Tang Wan-er, but the name of fairy Chu Yao was something everyone in the Southern Xuan Region knew. Her fame was even greater than Wang Shan’s.

“Is the Skywood Divine Palace using their status as the protector of the Jade Lake to forcibly suppress people?” asked Shen Bijun.

“For you to say that, perhaps you misunderstand my Skywood Divine Palace. We never use power to suppress others. This Jade Lake does not belong to us. It belongs to the Southern Xuan Region, or more accurately, the Martial Heaven Continent. As its protector, we have to follow the established rules. Furthermore, each time the Jade Lake Pageant is held, my Skywood Divine Palace gives some side benefits to everyone. The fresh milk of the White Snow Spirit Cows that everyone has just drunk would require a hundred spirit crystals in the outside world for just one cup, and there isn’t even any on sale. After eating and drinking what is ours, how dare you say that we are forcibly suppressing you for asking you to not cause trouble? Do you think that is right? Is this the style of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace?” asked Chu Yao calmly.

Chu Yao had once been the princess of the Phoenix Cry Empire and had been schooled in palace etiquette since youth. Hence, she was able to speak back against Shen Bijun without any obscenities while still keeping her words sharp. Furthermore, there was no way for Shen Bijun to retort.

In truth, Chu Yao’s character was very gentle, and she wouldn’t normally speak this way. However, anyone would detest someone who tried to seduce their man.

Furthermore, Shen Bijun’s words were clear nonsense intended only to provoke. She directly pulled the entire Skywood Divine Palace into her insult. That was something Chu Yao couldn’t tolerate.

Shen Bijun’s eyes were cold, but she quickly suppressed her emotions. She immediately apologized, “Big sister, please forgive me. My heart is just a bit chaotic right now, causing me to say something I didn’t mean. If I’ve offended you, I’ll apologize right now.”

Shen Bijun actually made a special bow to Chu Yao. It was a bow of apology and was extremely solemn. It was second only to kneeling to apologize.

“Big sister, please rise. Since your words were unintentional, you’re making me look petty. This matter can end here. There are still hours left until this portion is complete, so I should remind everyone that if you want to drink more milk, you should take advantage of this time. This opportunity is rare,” said Chu Yao.

Of course, when she said that this matter was over, it wasn’t just Shen Bijun’s offensive words. She was also including the matter of that special milk. From the start, this matter couldn’t be blamed on Long Chen. It could only be blamed on Han Feifei for being so dumb that she couldn’t even recognize the difference between a bull and a cow.

Naturally the largest, biggest bull was male. She had thought that it was a cow with the best milk? Anyone who had tried approaching her had been shouted away by her as if she was afraid of them taking her milk.

Chu Yao had personally seen several people try to warn her but they had been shouted away, which was the only reason she had ended up making such a huge fool of herself.

Han Feifei was still bewildered. She quietly stood behind Di Xin, not daring to make a sound. However, based on her current appearance, it seemed she still didn’t know what she had done.

“This big sister, can you come over for a chat?”

Long Chen was in the midst of talking to Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Cloud, and Liu Ruyan, when Meng Qi suddenly beckoned to a certain person in the distance.

That person was the Pill Fairy who was currently alone. She was the only one simply standing there, while everyone else was busy milking as many cows as possible. 

The Pill Fairy had many supporters, but she had said that she wanted some quiet time, and so they hadn’t wanted to disturb her.

Hearing Meng Qi’s call, she hesitated. However, she walked over in the end.

“You must be Qingxuan, correct? We’ve heard Long Chen talk about you. I’m glad we’ve finally gotten a chance to meet. You’re just as beautiful as Long Chen described,” said Meng Qi.

“Thank you.” The Pill Fairy couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous in front of Meng Qi and the others for some reason. According to reason, she should now say some polite, conventional words as a greeting, but her mind was blank.

The atmosphere immediately became odd since the Pill Fairy wasn’t saying anything. Meng Qi and Chu Yao didn’t know what they were supposed to say in this silence.

“Thank you. If there’s nothing else, I won’t disturb you any longer,” said the Pill Fairy eventually.

“Big sister, do you want to give this milk to Long Chen?” asked Tang Wan-er suddenly.

Long Chen was startled. He looked at Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Tang Wan-er and immediately understood they had seen through his questionable relationship with the Pill Fairy. They were inviting her for him, making him both grateful and ashamed.

The Pill Fairy hesitated and looked at them with disbelief. A faint smile appeared for a moment before it turned to sadness.

She shook her head. “Thank you for your kind intentions. Truly, thank you. I… I… I’m going to go.”

With an apologetic smile, the Pill Fairy turned and left.

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