Chapter 1637 Not Differentiating Between Male and Female

Those four women were Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, as well as an icy-faced Undying Willow, Liu Ruyan.

Startled cries rang out at the sight of four peerless beauties appearing at once. The entire world seemed to transform into a wonderland because of their presence.

Meng Qi was at the front in a white dress. She gave off a grand and sacred air that made other women feel ashamed of their inferiority.

She was like a goddess who didn’t eat the food of the mortals. It was as though she had accidentally fallen into this mortal world. This sacred air of her was inherent. People almost had an urge to prostrate themselves before her.

With Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and Liu Ruyan next to her, the four of them offset each other’s beauty, making each other appear even more beautiful. Their four different kinds of beauty had a powerful visual impact.

At this time, the four of them were standing behind Shen Bijun. The speaker who had asked her to get out of the way was Liu Ruyan. Her gaze was icy and filled with hostility.

“They are…” Shen Bijun was startled. The first thing she sensed was Liu Ruyan’s terrifying killing intent.

“They are my wives. Sorry, can you please go? Otherwise, they’ll get jealous.” Long Chen laughed. Meng Qi and them had come at just the right time to relieve him of his current predicament.

When Long Chen’s words fell, the surrounding men all had their eyes redden. Of course, that wasn’t out of excitement, but out of jealousy.

Just the fact that Shen Bijun and the Pill Fairy had been so friendly with Long Chen, with Shen Bijun even openly expressing her affection, had caused them to grow crazily jealous. Now, four heavenly women had come, all of whom were his wives? What the fuck!

Shen Bijun looked at Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and Liu Ruyan with a hint of envy. The four of them were all more beautiful than she was. In front of these four flowers, she could only be a green leaf.

“Sorry for disturbing you.” Shen Bijun quietly apologized and left with her head lowered.

However, a sharp light flashed in her eyes as she left. She had received an impact from Long Chen and the Pill Fairy, and now these four had completely destroyed her confidence in her looks.

“Should I kill her? She has some killing intent toward us,” said Liu Ruyan to Chu Yao privately.

“Leave her be. This isn’t the right place to fight.” Chu Yao shook her head. Shen Bijun might have concealed her killing intent well, but it hadn’t escaped her senses either.

However, it wasn’t possible to start fighting just because someone felt some killing intent. Chu Yao was essentially half the host of the Pageant right now. Without a justifiable reason, she couldn’t attack a participant.

“Husband, it’s been tough on you. This is the milk I personally squeezed. You wouldn’t decline it, right?”

Meng Qi walked over to Long Chen with a teasing smile. That beauty infatuated Long Chen’s heart. Furthermore, this was Meng Qi’s first time calling him husband, and it made his heart feel like it could burst from emotion.

“Even if it was poison, I would drink it for you.” Long Chen received the cup and drank it in one go.

“Husband, don’t favor just one of us.” Chu Yao also came with a cup of milk.

Long Chen naturally didn’t refuse and drank it as well. Then Tang Wan-er came.

“Husband, I’m not as warm and gentle as my two big sisters. I know I make you angry a lot of the time. Do you no longer like me?” Tang Wan-er walked over cutely.

“How could that be? Both your merits and demerits make up your character. You are you, so why learn from others? There is only one you.” Long Chen smiled.

Although Tang Wan-er sometimes gave him a headache, as if she was a child that wouldn’t grow up, she was pure-hearted. Long Chen still loved her either way as that was just who she was.

“Husband, you really treat me well! Here!” Tang Wan-er happily gave Long Chen a cup.

Long Chen drank it without thinking about it. As a result, he almost spat out the first mouthful. Only now did he find out that this wasn’t milk, but vinegar, and an extremely strong one at that.

His face immediately darkened, and he glared at Tang Wan-er. Meng Qi and Chu Yao turned away, laughing.

“Husband, do you not love me? Why aren’t you drinking it? Do you not want to be with me for eternity?” pouted Tang Wan-er.

Alright, just wait. If I don’t make you grab the bedsheets one day, my son will have your surname.

Long Chen clenched his teeth and drank the cup of vinegar. It was so strong that tears squeezed out of his eyes.

“Husband, why are you crying?” Tang Wan-er intentionally acted like she didn’t understand, taking out a handkerchief to help wipe away his tears.

Long Chen really did want to cry. How had he ended up with such a troublemaker? He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“It’s just emotion. I’m going to be with you forever and will repay you for this ‘favor’. Not even a lifetime of repaying you for this will be enough,” said Long Chen.

“Hus… band. It should be my turn.”

At this moment, Liu Ruyan also went up. Her face was like iron the entire time. She also had a cup.

Seeing that cup, Long Chen raged, “Are you playing with me?”

How was that a cup? It was a barrel that could fit an entire cow. Did she want him to burst from drinking? He didn’t even like the flavor of the milk.

“Didn’t you say you’d drink it without hesitation? Is your word worth so little?” demanded Liu Ruyan.

“I wasn’t talking about you! You can just count as part of Chu Yao,” raged Long Chen.

“How shameless. Didn’t you just say that we are all your wives? Everyone here heard it. Long Chen, I already looked down on you before, but if you dare to go back against your word now, I’ll have to look down on you even more,” said Liu Ruyan without giving him any room to back out.

The two of them glared at each other. Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Tang Wan-er were laughing, and no one was going to come to help him.

Their laughter improved Long Chen’s mood. He said, “Fine, count yourself vicious.”

Long Chen hated himself for having said such a thing. He had forgotten about this thorn, Liu Ruyan. If he didn’t drink it, it would be going back on his word and make everyone look down on him.

Well, he didn’t care about others looking down on him, but Liu Ruyan would definitely use it against him for the rest of his life.

In front of everyone’s shocked gazes, Long Chen lifted the barrel and began to drink it. However, after just a few mouthfuls, his expression turned green.

This was no milk. It was sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, containing every flavor beneath the sun.

“It must have been hard on you,” said Long Chen viciously at Liu Ruyan after a few mouthfuls.

Liu Ruyan’s expression didn’t change. She coldly snorted, “This is your punishment for being fickle-hearted. Now you should know what it means to want a taste of all flavors. The only reason they indulge you is because they love you too much. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel jealous, uncomfortable, or pained. They keep that pain in their hearts and let you do as you please. Wan-er wasn’t willing to make you drink that much, so I’ll take the place of the bad person. What you’re enduring isn’t one-thousandth of what my master has to feel in her heart. They sacrificed so much for you. Did you ever consider them in your actions?”

Long Chen’s fury was extinguished by a bucket of ice water. He looked at Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Tang Wan-er with shame.

Which one of them wasn’t a nation-toppling beauty? Any man would be able to live happily ever after to have just one of their hearts.

Liu Ruyan was correct. He was too greedy. He hadn’t put himself in their shoes.

“Well said. I deserve this punishment.” Long Chen nodded and began to drink the five-flavored liquid in the barrel with all his might.

“Ruyan…” Chu Yao spoke up for Long Chen.

“Don’t pamper him. I originally had an even larger barrel prepared for him, but his display this time wasn’t so bad. He wasn’t seduced by that shameless slut. That’s what got him a reduced punishment,” said Liu Ruyan, not giving Chu Yao any chance to plead for mercy for Long Chen.

Shen Bijun’s expression sank. The shameless slut Liu Ruyan was referring to was clearly her. Her gaze became even sharper.

The huge barrel fell to the ground. It was now empty. Long Chen felt like a sea was flowing within his stomach. However, he didn’t use his spiritual yuan to suppress it. This was his punishment.

He had truly been unfaithful, causing Meng Qi and the others to suffer. This little bit of punishment was nothing.

“Big brother Di Xin, my milk has come as well! You have to drink it all for me. It was really hard to squeeze it out.” At this time, Han Feifei, who had been gone for a long time, finally reappeared.

She had a translucent cup in her hand. There was very little milk inside.

Long Chen looked at that cup and immediately felt like he would puke. He forcibly held that feeling back.

“What are you looking at? This is all the best essence, which is why there’s so little. Big brother Di Xin, drink it quickly or a certain someone will get jealous.” Han Feifei glanced disdainfully at Long Chen. She handed the cup over to Di Xin.

Di Xin drank it in one gulp. However, he frowned. When he thought about the flavor, he found that it was a bit strange.

Long Chen finally couldn’t endure it anymore. Everything he had just drunk came vomiting out of his mouth. Long Chen pointed at the cup in Di Xin’s hand.

“You damn woman, you don’t differentiate between male and female. The cow you milked… was a male.”

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