Chapter 1636 Finally Appearing

The White Snow Spirit Cows were completely white. Even their horns were white like jade. They were not technically wild beasts, or Magical Beasts, or even Xuan Beasts. They were classified as spirit beasts.

In the entire Martial Heaven Continent, only the Skywood Divine Palace still had these spirit beasts that had survived from the ancient era. They had gone extinct in the rest of the world.

They were around the size of regular cows, and they were very gentle. They only ate flowers and not grass. Their milk was known as one of the top delicacies of the entire continent. 

However, none of that was the most important thing. The most important thing was that as a spirit beast, they were blessed by the heavens. Their milk contained the essence of the Heavenly Daos, and it was something cultivators would dream of having.

This milk was incredibly rare and was usually only enjoyed by the Skywood Divine Palace’s disciples. Furthermore, the Skywood Divine Palace was not lacking money, so they essentially never sold it.

Only some sects that had good relationships with the Skywood Divine Palace would be able to get a bit of the milk as a gift. That was an incredible blessing to them.

“Correct, these are my Skywood Divine Palace’s White Snow Spirit Cows. The disciples who didn’t pass can have one cup of their milk. As for everyone here… you can drink as much as you want. If you wish to do so, you can even milk the cows. It is said that in the ancient era, women would personally milk these cows and give the milk to the person they liked. Legends said that doing so meant that they would be together forever. As for whether that legend is believable, hehe, no one knows. But if you like it, you can try it. However, this is limited to only women,” said the Skywood Divine Palace’s disciple.

Hearing that, the women immediately ran over to milk the cows. At some point, a certain woman had appeared by Di Xin’s side and said, “Big brother Di Xin, just wait! I’ll get you some milk!”

Long Chen immediately recognized that voice. It came from the woman in the palanquin. She was the granddaughter of the Southern Xuan Region’s ancient family alliance’s branch master, Han Feifei.

He supposed her looks and body were good. However, that constant haughty expression of hers made it look like she felt that just existing in someone else’s sight was giving them charity.

If she hadn’t spoken, Long Chen would have forgotten about her. In the face of Di Xin, she didn’t show any arrogance. She seemed to be one of his worshippers.

Only women were qualified to enter the meadows, and some began to play with the calves. The White Snow Spirit Cows were not afraid of people, and they began to lick the faces of those women. The itchy feeling made them laugh.

They were truly gentle and even cute. Practically, all the women ran in, and the men could only watch on enviously. This kind of spirit beast was incredibly rare, so they also wished to be able to touch them.

There were disciples of the Skywood Divine Palace handing out wooden cups. If anyone wanted to, they could try squeezing out some fresh milk.

“Brother Long Chen, I’ll get you a cup too! I’ll forever be by your side!” Cloud was too fast. Others were still playing around while she had already squeezed out a cup of milk and came back to Long Chen. That appearance was like she was afraid someone else would get there first.

“I’ll always be by your side whether I drink the milk or not.” Long Chen rubbed Cloud’s head affectionately.

“Brother Long, drink it quick! They’re coming back too! I want you to be the first to drink the milk!” cried Cloud urgently. She pushed the cup to Long Chen’s mouth.

Long Chen bitterly smiled. This girl was really still a little girl. Then, he drank the milk.

Although it was very fragrant, smelling like hundreds of flowers, he still felt like there was a faint grassy smell. This milk wasn’t as good as the legends made it out to be.

Perhaps that was because he never drank milk. In the Phoenix Cry Empire, he had never drunk any.

“Young master Di Xin, this is the milk I squeezed for you.”

“Young master Wang Shan, this is mine.”

“Big sister Qi Yu, this is for you.”

Countless women flocked over to the ones that they worshipped. Those people included men and women, but they were all terrifying Empyreans.

The largest crowd was around Di Xin. Di Xin graciously thanked them as he drank their milk one by one.

As for Long Chen, he had no one. He looked the loneliest here, with only Cloud by his side.

Di Xin cast a glance at Long Chen. He didn’t say anything, but just his gaze was clear. This was a display of his glory.

Long Chen couldn’t help sighing. Originally, he had felt that since Di Xin came from the Central Xuan region, he would have at least a somewhat formidable character. However, Long Chen had underestimated him. He wasn’t as sophisticated as Long Chen had thought.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen… this is for you… I really like your story.” Just as Long Chen was snorting at Di Xin inside, a woman bashfully ran over to Long Chen’s side.

She was nervous and also a bit afraid. However, she had still mustered the courage to walk over to Long Chen.

Long Chen gave others a very strange feeling. He was even given the title of demon king of the Eastern Xuan Region. When he killed people, he did it without batting an eye. However, when he smiled, he felt very warm. The stories also said that he cared a great deal about his people.

Getting close to him felt dangerous and unknown. Getting close to him might result in getting devoured, but it also stimulated her curiosity. Furthermore, he was even someone who had declined Shen Bijun and the Pill Fairy.

This woman had hesitated a long time over this decision, but she had still come to express her worship toward him.

“Thank you.”

Long Chen received her cup with a smile. Although he didn’t like the taste, he drank it all. As for the legendary Heavenly Dao essence supposedly contained in the milk, he didn’t sense any bit of it.

“Thank you, thank you!”

That woman excitedly cried out when she saw him drink her milk.

Long Chen bitterly smiled. Was he really so frightening? It was like she thought he was a Yama King.

That woman’s success immediately drew countless others to him. That scene made him jump in shock. He was instantly crowded by even more people than Di Xin. If he had to drink all this, wouldn’t he end up vomiting?

The cultivation world’s women were all bold and daring. This wasn’t an expression of love. It was an expression of worship, of admiration.

In truth, it wasn’t just women. Even men were the same. This was the cultivation world, and the strong were worshipped. 

“Hey, although they said that you can milk the White Snow Spirit Cows as much as you want, we shouldn’t waste such a precious treasure. I’ll thank you for your praise, but let us all toast together to pass the next trial and charge all the way until the end! Thank you!”

Long Chen raised his cup, using the milk as a toast, treating it as thanks to everyone.

All the women drank the milk in their hands. Unlike Long Chen, their gazes all brightened when they drank it, and Heavenly Dao energy flowed around them.

As expected, the Heavenly Daos didn’t care about him. Long Chen sighed inside.

The women scattered, getting more milk. This kind of opportunity only came once in a lifetime. They couldn’t waste it.

As for the men, they couldn’t go milk the cows. They could only receive some more cups from the Skywood Divine Palace’s disciples.

“Long Chen… I wonder if I can offer you a cup as well?” At this time, Shen Bijun, who hadn’t spoken in a long time, came over with two cups, immediately drawing people’s attention.

Di Xin looked over. Anyone could see that he was angry.

“Of course.” Long Chen smiled.

“Thank you.” Shen Bijun handed a cup to Long Chen.

Long Chen shook his head and pointed to her other hand. “I want the other cup.”

Did she think Long Chen was blind? Did she not know he was an alchemist? She had clearly added some kind of powder to that cup. He was enraged inside, but he put on a smile.

Shen Bijun’s expression changed. She sadly said, “Are you afraid I’d hurt you?”

As expected, this woman truly had no sense of shame. She had intentionally come to ruin the new goodwill people felt toward him and had laid another trap.

No one would believe that Shen Bijun would so openly harm Long Chen, but if he didn’t drink it, it would appear heartless. Although he didn’t know what she had added to the milk, he was sure it was something fatal.

“Sorry, but can you let us through?”

Just as Long Chen was considering how he could expose this evil woman’s goal, four nation-toppling beauties walked over. When they appeared, everyone’s gaze focused on them.

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