Chapter 1635 White Snow Spirit Cow

“It is said that in the era of legends, there was a man and woman falling in love with each other. The man’s name was Luo Chi, while the woman’s name was Ling Long. Fairy Ling Long was the descendant of a true immortal who had come to the mortal world as training. When she met Luo Chi, it was love at first sight. However, fairy Ling Long was the descendant of a true immortal, while Luo Chi was just an ordinary cultivator of the mortal world. It wasn’t just their status that was worlds apart, but it was also a matter of lifespan. The two of them were unable to overcome the barrier known as life.

“Luo Chi didn’t want Ling Long to suffer alone once he was dead, so he asked her to give him one hundred years. He would work hard on his cultivation until he could shed his mortality and become an immortal as well. Fairy Ling Long returned to the immortal world once her training in the mortal world was finished, and Luo Chi worked hard on cultivating, driven by his love. He cut his way through his obstacles, and after countless setbacks, he managed to ascend to the immortal world in less than a hundred years.

“However, when he arrived there, he was suppressed by Ling Long’s father and kept in a desolate land so that the two couldn’t meet. Fairy Ling Long waited a hundred years for Luo Chi, but he never appeared. When she descended to the mortal world again, she couldn’t find him. She searched for a thousand years, but her efforts bore no fruit. Thanks to her father, she was unable to find any clues of his whereabouts. The years of depression eventually gave birth to a heart-devil, causing her to perish.

“Ling Long’s father had assumed that after a moment of grief, Ling Long would give up on Luo Chi after not finding him. He had even arranged a suitable fiance for her. However, he had underestimated how deep her emotions were toward Luo Chi. Filled with regret, he ended up bringing Ling Long’s corpse to Luo Chi.

“Luo Chi had suffered for millennia in Ling Long’s father’s imprisonment. However, he had never submitted to him and had always persevered. It was only when he saw Ling Long’s corpse that he finally wept tears of sorrow. Those tears caused the very sky to rain blood as the world grieved with him.

“Each day of his imprisonment, Luo Chi had spent his time planting the White Jade Orchids that Ling Long had adored. After a thousand years, that barren land had become covered in White Jade Orchids. That was what he had focused on and what had gotten him through his years of torment.

“For three years, he held fairy Ling Long’s corpse. He cried for three years, and during that time, a continuous rain of blood fell from the sky. The original white orchids were dyed red and were later called Ling Long’s Jewel Blood Jade Orchids.

“After three years, Luo Chi died, and even in death, he held Ling Long’s corpse. However, before dying, he made a plea to the heavens.

“The two of them did not wish to reincarnate. They wished to become a Jewel Blood Jade Orchid. She would be the flower, and he would be the leaf. They would live and die together, grow and wither together, spend the rest of eternity together.

“When he made this plea, both of their bodies turned to dust. In that instant, the millions of orchids on the previously barren land vanished with them.

“It is said that even the heavens were touched by their unswerving love for each other, and after hearing their heartfelt wish, the heavens cast the Jewel Blood Jade Orchids throughout every corner of the world.

“The Jewel Blood Jade Orchid represents a firm and steady love. However, it is said that it requires great luck to find one.

“There was once a saying: Luo Chi touched the sky, making the cosmos weep blood; time mercilessly passed, leaving behind only Ling Long’s Jewel Blood Jade Orchid.”

Long Chen’s voice was solemn, and each word deeply shook people’s hearts. This story of unswerving faith and love touched people intensely.

The Pill Fairy was crying as she listened. It went without saying that Long Chen’s story-telling abilities were very amazing. The majority of the women here were crying.

“Long Chen, your pick-up arts are truly unrivaled. You’ve managed to con this many maidens. I really admire you. How did you come up with such a story?” asked Evilmoon.

“This isn’t a con. It’s a real story!” raged Long Chen.

This was a story from his Pill God memories. The Jewel Blood Jade Orchid was no medicinal ingredient. It was known as one of the eight wonders of medicine.

However, his Pill God memories didn’t say anything about its medicinal effects. Instead, it had such a clear record of its name and origin.

Otherwise, there was no way Long Chen would come up with such a story. What if the real origin had long since been recorded? Wouldn’t he just be slapping his own face?

“Long San… can I have this Jewel Blood Jade Orchid?” asked the Pill Fairy. This was her first time taking the initiative to ask something from others.

Long Chen naturally couldn’t say no, although he had been planning to keep it for himself. He had just wanted to show the Pill Fairy that there were one thousand lines on the petals of this flower. That represented a thousand years of memories. He supposed that the worst case would just be a beating from Tang Wan-er.

“Of course you can. Properly cherish it because it is called one of the eight wonders of medicine. Although I don’t know its medicinal effect, as long as you treasure it, it will give you reciprocation,” said Long Chen.

Hearing that it was one of the eight wonders of medicine, the Pill Fairy knew that it had to be very valuable. However, for some reason, she felt very attracted to it and didn’t want to give it up.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Since you like it so much, it means you have a destiny with it,” said Long Chen.

This Jewel Blood Jade Orchid was truly strange. Long Chen’s memories contained knowledge of every medicinal ingredient’s attributes. Only the Jewel Blood Jade Orchid’s properties were missing, yet he knew its name and origin.

He had no time to study it. Originally, he had been planning on giving it to Chu Yao to study, but now he could only give it to the Pill Fairy.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, please take this tablet.” A disciple handed Long Chen the tablet for those who passed this trial.

“To tell the truth, even we have never seen this Jewel Blood Jade Orchid, nor have we ever heard of it. We have also gained new knowledge today.”

Even the Skywood Divine Palace’s disciples nodded in admiration toward Long Chen’s knowledge.

Seeing Long Chen was about to pass, Di Xin cast a glance at Wang Shan. Wang Shan immediately understood and nudged one of the people beside him.

That person immediately said, “Hold it! If even the Skywood Divine Palace does not recognize it, who can determine that Long Chen isn’t making up nonsense? Maybe he just made up the flower’s name and origin.”

“You really are a despicable person. How could he have randomly made up such a story?

“You’ve been constantly targeting Long Chen. It’s clearly intentional.”

“Exactly. Mister Long Chen didn’t even say anything back when you mocked him the entire way here, and now you’re still trying to find trouble for him? Don’t you think you’re being too much of a bully?”

Before Long Chen could open his mouth, countless disciples began to speak up for him. Most of these disciples were women.

Long Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He saw quite a few of those women were ones who had glared angrily at him before because of Shen Bijun, but now they were speaking up for him. He felt that women really were emotional creatures. A single story could change their standpoint.

“I’m just judging the matter as it stands. Who could guarantee Long Chen isn’t making stuff up?” demanded that person.

“That’s fine, making stuff up is also a kind of ability. As long as anyone is able to trick us with a story, it’ll also count as a pass. However, I should first say that basically all the flowers in this place have been registered. There are 318,673 species. In fact, you don’t have to come up with a story. As long as you can find one that we don’t have registered, it’ll count as a pass,” said the disciple-in-charge indifferently.

Hearing that reply, that person deflated like a balloon. He didn’t say anything more.

The disciples with no knowledge of flowers felt despair upon hearing that terrifying number. They couldn’t possibly find a flower that was unregistered.

People continued testing their luck after the waves caused by the Jewel Blood Jade Orchid passed. Sometimes, opportunities simply came like that. It was only possible to make more opportunities for oneself by working harder than others.

After six hours, another twenty thousand people managed to pass, but in the next hour, there was not one other person who managed to do so.

Another thing that happened during the trial that was worth noting was that some people were truly brilliant.

They knew the names of many flowers, and as a result, they helped hundreds of others pass. Each person paid one thousand spirit crystals, so not only did those people pass, but they also made hundreds of thousands of spirit crystals.

Long Chen couldn’t help but clap his forehead. How come he hadn’t thought of this? The Southern Xuan Region’s people clearly had money. However, he had already passed and couldn’t go back.

After another two hours, the bell sounding the end of the trial rang. There were forty-five thousand people who passed. However, the number that had failed made people sigh.

“Congratulations on everyone who passed. As for those who didn’t pass, there’s no need to be discouraged. Cultivation is just like this. Sometimes, luck is also another form of power. However, you can’t force it. Some things are fated to be yours, and some are not. Forcibly trying to take those things can make you lose your life. The opportunity this time isn’t yours, but there is definitely another opportunity waiting for you. A person can’t possibly only have one chance in their life, so maintaining a proper attitude is very important. Furthermore, even though you couldn’t reach the end of the Jade Lake Pageant, anyone who attends will still get corresponding benefits. Everyone, come with me.”

The disciple-in-charge began to lead Long Chen and the others who had passed down the path.

The others who didn’t pass were also led by other disciples down the same path. This confused everyone. If you could get in even without passing, what was the point of the test?

However, they quickly reached a fork in the road. Those who passed went right, while those who didn’t pass were led to the left.

At the end of the path was an endless green field. Sunlight was shining brightly. There was a large group of cows eating in the field.

Someone let out a startled cry. “Are these the Skywood Divine Palace’s unique White Snow Spirit Cows?!”

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