Chapter 1633 Falling Bull Mountain

She was a white-robed woman surrounded by countless experts. She was like a lotus blooming out of water, elegant and refreshing, sacred and noble.

Black hair fell to her waist along her white robes, fluttering in the wind. She was like someone who had walked out of a painting, and it was like just looking at her was a blasphemy.

“It’s the Pill Fairy!”

Startled cries rang out as people recognized that figure.

Seeing the Pill Fairy, Long Chen sensed a difference in her. She looked the same, but there was immortal spiritual qi swirling about her. Combined with her original beauty, she was like a transcendent being who had come to the mortal world.

Startled cries rang out when the Pill Fairy appeared. The Pill Fairy was just that beautiful. Even Shen Bijun couldn’t hold a candle to her.

“I hadn’t heard that the Pill Fairy was coming to this!”

“She probably just came. I can’t believe I was able to see her in my lifetime!”

“That’s a real fairy. I can die without any regrets after seeing her.”

Countless people sighed in admiration. Long Chen glanced at Shen Bijun and saw her acting as pitiful as ever, but he noticed the jealousy and resentment in her eyes.

When Shen Bijun heard that Pill Fairy was like a real fairy, Long Chen immediately saw a reaction. Those words had touched upon one of Shen Bijun’s sensitive nerves.

He shook his head inside. Jealousy was really a frightening monster. If it was allowed to grow, it would overwhelm the mind.

Shen Bijun’s intelligence, potential, and perseverance were all top tier. If she didn’t have this jealous heart, her current accomplishments would probably be far above what they were. Regretfully, her mind had been consumed by her jealousy. It was fated for her to be limited.

“I didn’t expect that you would also come. After three years apart, your cultivation base has grown, and your beauty has also grown with it.” Di Xin was the first to go over and greet the Pill Fairy. The two were clearly old acquaintances.

The Pill Fairy politely replied, “Brother Di Xin is too courteous. Being able to meet again is truly fortunate.”

The Pill Fairy only used the most basic formalities to greet him before continuing onward. She didn’t say much.

“Brother Long Chen, why are you lowering your head? Are you looking for something?” asked Cloud.

“This foolish girl!”

Long Chen was speechless inside. Cloud was still too foolish. She had exposed him at such a time.

The Pill Fairy, who had already been moving on, turned back upon hearing Cloud’s words. When she saw Long Chen hidden in the crowd, her body shook. She immediately paused.

Long Chen sighed inside. In the end, he had still been noticed. He raised his head and looked at the Pill Fairy face to face.

The Pill Fairy began walking back toward Long Chen, drawing everyone’s attention.

“Does the Pill Fairy know Long Chen?”

Long Chen’s scalp turned numb. He even had an urge to run. He had faced armies of men and crossed mountains of corpses. However, he didn’t want to face the Pill Fairy. She was a woman whose heart was filled with kindness.

The Pill Fairy arrived in front of him. Neither of them said anything. However, Long Chen knew that the Pill Fairy knew everything.

As expected, she eventually said, “Great heroes are born on the Martial Heaven Continent; the true Dragon rises arrogantly above all. Unrivaled divine power shatters heaven and earth, a power that looks down on all others. Nowadays, mediocrity is everywhere; people think themselves amazing without realizing others are laughing at them. The divine valley and ghost forest are still present, but the Master Long San of that time has vanished! The legacy Master Long San has left behind is still unrivaled. The divine valley was half-crippled, while the ghost forest left. Just thinking about it makes one emotional.”

The Pill Fairy looked at Long Chen. She recited a poem that people had made to honor Master Long San’s death. Her expression seemed to be lonely and even sad.

Long Chen’s identity as Master Long San was able to even escape the eyes of the valley master; however, it couldn’t escape the eyes of the Pill Fairy. She had spent a long time with Long Chen and had recognized his identity.

Long Chen had thought that the chapter of his life known as Master Long San had already passed. However, today it had come back up. With his current enmity with Pill Valley, the relationship between him and the Pill Fairy, who was the daughter of the valley master, was extremely complicated.

Long Chen knew that the Pill Fairy was a kind person. However, she was still one of Pill Valley’s people, and he was Pill Valley’s mortal enemy. He really didn’t know how he was supposed to face the Pill Fairy.

Long Chen and the Pill Fairy were three feet apart, looking silently at each other. Everyone saw their complicated expressions, and they couldn’t help being shocked. The people who had shouted for Long Chen to die were so shocked that their eyes almost popped out of their heads.

Just what kind of monster was Long Chen? Even someone like Shen Bijun had her love coldly rejected, and now the Pill Fairy, someone who was most worthy of the title of heavenly genius, the daughter of Pill Valley’s master, also knew him. They even seemed to have such a close relationship. 

Di Xin’s expression was still flat, however, he was clenching his fists inside his sleeves. Why was it that all the peerless beauties were close to Long Chen, while they were treating him, a peerless genius, as nothing more than thin air?

Ever since birth, he had always been the brightest. He was the bright moon, while others could only be the dim stars setting off his light. Wherever he went, he was the main focus. However, ever since Long Chen appeared, whether it was because of Shen Bijun or the Pill Fairy, Di Xin suffered blow after blow.

Long Chen didn’t pay any attention to the others. His focus was only on the Pill Fairy. Looking in her eyes, he saw that he could still face her. He looked in his heart and felt no shame. He didn’t need to hide.

“Is that little girl Wan Qing doing well?” Long Chen broke the silence.

“She’s doing very well. Her talent in alchemy isn’t much less than my own, and she works hard. She is particularly good at enduring hardship. It’s just that after she has learned that Master Long San died, she cried for a long time, saying that he tricked her. How could a grand Warrior of the Starry Sky die?”

Long Chen felt a bit guilty. He hadn’t expected that girl to still remember his story about the Warriors of the Starry Sky and even believe it. He sighed, not knowing how to reply.

“Little sister, you should be Cloud, correct?” The Pill Fairy turned to Cloud.

“Yes, I’m Cloud.” Cloud obediently replied. She was still a child and didn’t understand the world. However, she could sense another person’s hostility or goodwill.


“Big sister, why are you apologizing to me?” asked Cloud

Long Chen knew what she was apologizing for. She was apologizing for Pill Valley’s standpoint. The Dragon Slaughtering Convention had been secretly controlled by Pill Valley.

The Pill Fairy didn’t reply. She turned back to Long Chen. “Long Chen, do you hate me?” 

“I have never hated you.”

This matter had nothing to do with the Pill Fairy. In fact, he didn’t even know why Pill Valley had to target him like this. His original enmity with them was just nonsense to them. However, there was no need to know the reasons behind it. That was meaningless now.

“Thank you. Let’s not block the way here. Do you want to walk together?” asked the Pill Fairy.

Long Chen shook his head. “Thank you, but Cloud doesn’t like fuss. I’ll walk with her somewhere quieter.”

“Oh, that’s good too. Then I’ll leave first.” The Pill Fairy nodded with a faint smile and turned around.

Seeing Long Chen refuse the Pill Fairy, everyone’s jaws dropped. Long Chen had already rejected Shen Bijun, and now he had also rejected the Pill Fairy. Was he even a man? If he was, how could he repeatedly reject such heavenly beauties?

Some women were staring at him curiously, trying to understand him. Was there some aspect about him that they hadn’t noticed? Otherwise, why would Shen Bijun and the Pill Fairy look at him with such favor?

However, even after a long time, although they felt that he was a bit handsome, they didn’t notice anything particularly amazing. When it came to looks, Di Xin was better off than Long Chen. Why would those two fairies ignore him and only focus on Long Chen?

Long Chen ignored the strange gazes. His emotions were complicated. The Pill Fairy’s smile at the end looked a bit forced. He knew he had misspoken. He shouldn’t have mentioned Cloud when coming up with an excuse to decline. That made her feel like he wasn’t joining her because of what Pill Valley had done to Cloud.

However, there was also no way for him to explain such a thing. That would just make things more awkward. Looking at the Pill Fairy’s back, he didn’t know what emotion he was feeling.

“Big brother Long Chen, that big sister’s very heartbroken,” said Cloud.

“Foolish girl, you’re still too young. You don’t understand the matters of the heart yet. Come on.” Long Chen pulled Cloud away. This was the main path, and by blocking it, the people behind them were already starting to clog up the path. If it weren’t for the Pill Fairy, they would already be cursing him for this.

As they advanced, they saw high mountains and flowing rivers. Ahead of them was a flat meadow, with the grass in full bloom. A relaxing scent filled the air.

On one side was a meadow, while the other side was a cliff. The path led to a gate that was guarded by the disciples of the Skywood Divine Palace.

“Everyone, this place is Falling Bull Mountain. This is the first barrier for attending the Jade Lake Pageant,” announced one of those disciples.

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