Chapter 1632 The Southern Xuan Region’s Power

“Ignorant arrogance.”

Wang Shan sneered. He had previously been humiliated by Long Chen because he had been caught off-guard. He wouldn’t be careless again.

“Senior apprentice-brother Wang Shan, kill this fool!”

“Teach him that this isn’t the Eastern Xuan Region! Those who come to the Southern Xuan Region have to reign themselves in and conduct themselves as decent people.”

“It would be best not to kill such a person. Cripple his Dantian and soul, and then he won’t look down on others like this again.”

The Southern Xuan Region’s experts began cheering for Wang Shan and opened up a space for them to fight. Although Wang Shan was just one of Di Xin’s followers, his fame in the Southern Xuan Region was extremely great. When he had challenged Di Xin, he had lost by just one move, becoming his follower. Other than to Di Xin, there was no record of Wang Shan losing to anyone.

“Killing you doesn’t even require me to personally attack. Long Chen, you’re too immature.” Shen Bijun was still crying, but she sent a faint spiritual message to Long Chen. It was filled with disdain.

“You’re the one who’s too immature. You still don’t understand who I, Long Chen, am. The instant you try to kill an enemy you don’t understand, you’ve already taken a step into the gates of hell,” replied Long Chen.

“Is that so? Then let’s see.” Shen Bijun was completely confident.

As Wang Shan walked closer, his aura rose. His manifestation appeared behind him, and the world quivered. Everyone’s hearts shook as a majestic pressure descended.

This time, Wang Shan wasn’t holding back. He wanted to kill Long Chen domineeringly in front of everyone to win back his lost face and as vengeance for his little brother.

Although his brother had been killed by him, he had placed this debt on Long Chen because there was no way he could go and find Shen Bijun for vengeance.

“Cloud, go wait to the side. Just give me a few seconds to send him to see the Yama King and I’ll go play with you.” Long Chen patted Cloud’s head.

“Alright. Brother Long Chen is the strongest, so it would be best if you could kill him with a single punch!” Cloud nodded and obediently went to the side. Her bright eyes were filled with expectation.

The atmosphere instantly became fiery. This was a clash between top experts. They were all filled with anticipation.

Suddenly, the sound of a bell resounded throughout the Skywood Divine Palace. A voice like the sound of nature announced, “The registration for the Jade Lake Pageant has been completed. Everyone, please hurry to Falling Bull Mountain for the next stage. During this time, it is forbidden to fight, or it will be viewed as giving up your right to attend the pageant.”

Hearing that, everyone couldn’t help being disappointed. Just a bit more and they would have started fighting.

“Count yourself lucky, Long Chen. But it’s fine, your life is mine, and I’ll take off your head sooner or later,” said Wang Shan, not concealing his killing intent at all.

Long Chen didn’t reply. He was smiling as if he hadn’t heard Wang Shan’s provocation. That voice was still ringing out in his head.

That voice was Chu Yao’s, and hearing her voice calmed him down quite a bit. Knowing that he would quickly be able to see her excited him.

After returning from the Netherworld, Long Chen had a feeling of being reborn. Although his guts were big and he hadn’t felt this way there, once he was back in the world of the living, he felt a bit of lingering fear.

Only by being with his lovers and hot-blooded brothers could he feel warm and steady. Hearing Chu Yao’s voice made his heart beat quicker, and he didn’t even care about Wang Shan’s provocation.

At this time, hundreds of disciples of the Skywood Divine Palace in emerald-green dresses appeared, respectfully guiding all the experts in one direction.

The Skywood Divine Palace’s outer region was extremely large. Long Chen held Cloud’s hand, laughing and talking as they followed the crowd.

Quite a few people were mocking Long Chen, saying that his death was at hand and that he was despicable and wouldn’t have a good death, essentially doing everything they could do to provoke him.

Long Chen looked at those people with a faint smile. Why were these people so stupid?

Did they think cursing him a few times allowed them to stand at the same height as Di Xin, Shen Bijun, and Wang Shan? Or was it just to show that they were badasses?

For a momentary pleasure, they threw their lives away. Examples of this were a common occurrence in the cultivation world. Was cursing others really so refreshing? Or did they simply feel safe, that by cursing him, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to them?

Long Chen didn’t get angry, but Cloud did. If it weren’t for Long Chen holding her back, she’d have personally killed those bastards.

The current Cloud was definitely extremely powerful. However, Meng Qi didn’t let her show her power for nothing, while Long Chen also didn’t want her to attack either. Once a trump card was exposed to everyone, it wouldn’t be a trump card. Exposing a trump card for these people wasn’t worth it.

“Brother Long Chen, I can’t hold back any longer. I can just use half my power and kill them.” Cloud tugged on Long Chen’s arm, begging.

Meng Qi and Long Chen were the existences that Cloud respected the most. She wouldn’t hesitate to go all-out if others insulted them.

“Don’t be in a rush. Have you not heard the expression ‘settle accounts after autumn’? We’ll deal with them later. The main thing is that killing them won’t do anything and would ruin the mood, so let them be. Remember, people curse you in order to anger you, and if you get angry, you’re letting them have their way. They’ll be incredibly pleased. To get angry when people curse you is instinct, but to not get angry is skill. Right now, I am cultivating that skill, so you cultivate it with me.” Long Chen smiled and patted Cloud’s head.

“Big brother Long Chen, you’re so amazing!” Cloud felt that Long Chen’s words were very reasonable, and she looked up at him worshipfully.

Long Chen shook his head inside. In fact, his mood had been ruined by their cursing, and he was consoling himself by saying that when the time came, he would beat them until they cried for their mothers.

He was no saint. Although anyone could understand the theory, when it actually happened, they would be unable to be so wise. Unfortunately, despite his anger, now wasn’t the time to deal with them.

As he followed those disciples of the Skywood Divine Palace, he saw more and more experts coming from various paths. All of them were gathering.

“The Southern Xuan Region seems to have several times more geniuses than the Eastern Xuan Region.” Long Chen was startled to see several more Empyreans.

Each Empyrean was surrounded by a group. Those were their followers, like stars surrounding the moon.

Most Empyreans would be viewed as peerless experts wherever they went, and some disciples would take the initiative to ask some questions they had about cultivation. Any pointers from Empyreans could benefit these disciples. As for expounding on the Dao, that was even more amazing.

In truth, the Skywood Divine Palace’s Jade Lake Pageant was almost like a blind date. Countless geniuses had come in hopes of finding their own Dao-companion.

There were two kinds of Dao-companions. One was like husband and wife, the kind used to carry on one’s ancestral line. The other kind focused on dual cultivation of the mind and soul.

For example, the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s disciples never married and had to maintain an unsullied body. However, they could taste some slight feelings of love sometimes that could let their comprehension of the world grow. It was very beneficial to their growth.

That was why Di Xin’s show of affection for Shen Bijun was not the kind where he was hoping to have babies with her, but to undergo this kind of dual cultivation. That would be greatly beneficial to him.

Shen Bijun’s high comprehension of the Heavenly Daos would be shared with him during dual cultivation, allowing him to cultivate faster and to progress without bottlenecks. That was something any cultivator would dream of having.

That was why Di Xin had used all his tricks. One reason was because dual cultivation with her would bring unimaginable benefits to him, while another was that dual cultivating with the disciple in line to inherit the Illusive Music Immortal Palace would be a supreme glory.

Long Chen saw that there were men and women amongst the empyreans, and they were surrounded by countless worshippers. In this world where the strong were respected, it was all too easy for the strong to obtain powerful followers.

He looked at those people surrounded by worshippers and then looked around himself. Only Cloud was beside him. His heart soured. Different people really had different lives.

“Cloud, want to hug?” Long Chen extended his arms to Cloud. It was a good thing Cloud was beside him, or he would really be embarrassed.

Although Cloud was young, both her power and beauty could match a thousand of those supporters. This comforted Long Chen.

Cloud had no idea what Long Chen was thinking, but she was happy to hug him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss on the face.

“How despicable. He doesn’t even let off a child.”

“He’s practically a beast.”

“No, he’s worse than a beast.”

Quite a few curses were going his way. Many people had realized that Cloud was a Xuan Beast who possessed great power. They were all jealous that Long Chen had such a powerful housepet.

Long Chen didn’t get angry. He laughed and continued walking forward with Cloud. Cloud skipped energetically. When people looked from Cloud being cute and happy to the pleased Long Chen, their fury almost ignited.

As they advanced, Long Chen saw more and more paths converging together and also heavenly geniuses that formed a seemingly endless line.

They turned, joining with another path. Within a crowd of thousands of disciples, Long Chen saw a figure that made him come to a startled pause.

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