Chapter 1631 Despicable Woman


Shen Bijun had no time to react. She was struck by Star Fall, and the immense explosion almost caused this entire world to collapse.

Although Shen Bijun had a divine item protecting her, she still coughed up blood wildly.

Just at this moment, a huge gaping maw appeared like a black hole. The owner of that mouth was Cloud.

From the start, Long Chen had been on guard against Shen Bijun. Just as his Yuan Spirit was drawn into this mental space, he had Cloud’s Yuan Spirit enter his mind-sea.

Although Cloud was Meng Qi’s housepet, she had a definite connection to his soul too. Furthermore, they had absolute trust in each other, resulting in a spiritual resonance.

That was why ever since his Yuan Spirit had been drawn into this mental space, he had possessed the ability to draw Cloud in as well. When Shen Bijun tried to attack him, he immediately summoned Cloud, wanting to kill her in one blow.

Cloud had opened its mouth. The devouring ability of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow was their strongest divine ability. If swallowed, Shen Bijun’s Yuan Spirit would be instantly annihilated. Even with a divine item, due to the limitations of her cultivation base, it wouldn’t have the slightest use.

Just as Cloud was about to devour Shen Bijun, space shook. The barren world vanished, and Long Chen opened his eyes. His Yuan Spirit had returned to his body.

Facing him was a pale-faced Shen Bijun. She even had a trace of blood flowing out of the corner of her mouth. Her eyes were filled with disbelief.

She hadn’t expected Long Chen to have a contracted housepet. That was something she had never heard of before. She had long since investigated him and learned that he had only had one Magical Beast housepet, a Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf called Little Snow. However, ever since Little Snow had died, he had never taken another housepet.

Long Chen’s greatest power lay in his physical body and magical arts. That was what was commonly known. No one knew that Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit could unleash terrifying power as well.

If Shen Bijun hadn’t dispelled the Sea Suppressing Zither’s mental domain quick enough, she would have been killed. The others were completely unaware that Shen Bijun and Long Chen had just fought a life and death battle.

All they saw was Shen Bijun suddenly stop playing her zither and blood started dripping out of the corner of her mouth as she looked at Long Chen in shock.

Long Chen was also coldly staring at Shen Bijun. Just now, he had just been a bit off from having killed Shen Bijun. Regretfully, that domain was her battlefield. If she dispelled it, no one could do anything to her.

Shen Bijun was shocked, never having expected Long Chen to be so crafty and bring the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s Yuan Spirit in as well.

Normally, the Yuan Spirits of Xuan Beasts weren’t very powerful, but Cloud was an exception. Meng Qi had used her own Spiritual Strength to nourish Cloud constantly, and the Myriad Spirit Diagram also had the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s intact inheritance. Those factors allowed Cloud’s Yuan Spirit to easily match a human’s Yuan Spirit.

That miscalculation had almost cost Shen Bijun her life. Just thinking about it made her feel a burst of fear.

With tears streaming down her face, Shen Bijun miserably said, “Long Chen, I opened my heart to you, but you harm me like this? Do you really dislike me this much?”

“What? Long Chen, you’re this cruel?”

“Fairy Bijun gave her tender heart to you, but you harm her over and over again. You’re worse than a pig.”

“You are really a giant bastard. Who do you think you are to trample over other people’s feelings?”

It went without saying that Shen Bijun’s acting abilities were absolutely amazing. Countless experts immediately began to roar angrily at Long Chen.

“How can you be so shameless? It was you who-” Cloud was enraged. It was clearly Shen Bijun that had wanted to kill Long Chen, and now she was crying thief.

“Cloud, leave it be.” Long Chen tugged on Cloud, not letting her continue. In this kind of situation, arguing didn’t have any meaning. These people all believed the ‘heartbroken’ Shen Bijun. They wouldn’t believe him.

Long Chen looked at the still acting Shen Bijun. “Count yourself lucky this time. If it happens again, even the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither won’t be able to protect your life.”

Neither of them had managed to get an advantage over the other this time. Long Chen didn’t intend to pursue this matter further, but if it happened another time, he definitely wouldn’t mind using all of his power to kill her. He began to leave with Cloud.

“Stop right there! You bastard-”

A rank nine Celestial came to block his path, and before he could finish cursing, Long Chen’s palm landed. This person hadn’t expected Long Chen to really attack just like that. He was instantly blown to bits along with his Yuan Spirit.

“Long Chen, your grievance is only with me! Why bother drawing in the innocent? If you want to kill someone, you can kill me. If killing me can put you at ease, I can die with no regrets,” said Shen Bijun.

All the experts were infuriated to see Long Chen kill one of them. They immediately surrounded him. Their expressions were like Long Chen had just killed their fathers.

These experts were the heavenly geniuses of the Southern Xuan Region, and there were over ten Empyreans amongst them. There was an even more terrifying genius from the Central Xuan Region, Di Xin.

Seeing Long Chen surrounded by tens of thousands of experts, Shen Bijun was extremely pleased. Long Chen was really stupid to jump into such a simple trap.

In the face of these tens of thousands of experts, Long Chen’s expression didn’t change at all, nor did he have any urge to explain. He simply stared at them coldly.

As long as they dared to attack, he wouldn’t show mercy. The worst case was not being able to attend the Jade Lake Pageant. In that case, he could attend a slaughter feast instead.

“Long Chen, if you don’t kneel down and apologize to fairy Bijun, don’t even think about leaving alive,” said a powerful Empyrean as he held a large hatchet.

He was an extremely physically strong Empyrean with bulging muscles. Based on his appearance, it looked like he had muscles for brains too. He was an annoyance whose intelligence wasn’t much higher than an idiot’s.

Shen Bijun stood shyly behind Di Xin, still sobbing lightly and looking like she had no idea what to do. That further provoked these experts’ intent to stand up for her.

“Long Chen, originally I respected you for being a man, but I misjudged. A man should be magnanimous. To be liked by a woman is a blessing, and even if you didn’t accept her love, you should have declined tactfully. To treat someone who likes you like this is truly contemptible. By using a woman’s tears to express your own superiority, you can no longer be called a man. No man would be as heartless and despicable as you. You could have refused fairy Bijun’s affection, but you can’t trample over other people’s dignity. Each person has a right to express their love for someone, and doing so is courageous. Don’t use other people’s love as a symbol of your status. I won’t make things hard on you, Long Chen, but you went too far today. So either kowtow to fairy Bijun in apology, or you can fight me. If you can defeat me, I will take your place to apologize toward fairy Bijun. If you lose, I also won’t take your life. You can just be my servant for three years. Not only will I provide you with cultivation resources, but I will also teach you how to be a real man. It’ll be beneficial to your future,” said Di Xin.

Di Xin’s voice was very calm. He didn’t sound angry, yet there were several spears hidden within his words.

By giving Long Chen only two options, he was already trapping him. Although he acted like an amiable person, his words were still full of the arrogance of a haughty expert.

“Hmph, count yourself lucky. If it weren’t for young master Di Xin, you would have been torn to a million pieces by us.”

“Exactly. To be young master Di Xin’s servant is a blessing for you. You should hurry up and kowtow in thanks to him.”

Di Xin’s supporters immediately spoke up. Di Xin came from the Central Xuan Region, a holy land for cultivators. They were all full of reverence for Di Xin. Over half the experts here were his supporters.

That was because other than listening to Shen Bijun play music these past few days, they had also listened to Di Xin expound on the Dao. He was truly worthy of being a genius from the Central Xuan Region. His understanding of the various problems cultivators could run into was far beyond others, and he could give them extremely detailed answers to their questions. That had won him countless worshippers.

As for Long Chen, he had offended Shen Bijun, but Di Xin was helping Shen Bijun out of her pitiful predicament. Hence, Long Chen had ended up becoming everyone’s enemy, to the point that they all longed for Di Xin to kill Long Chen right now.

“Haha, how interesting. There really are a lot of people helping dogs eat shit. Di Xin, what bastard hole did you crawl out of? Where do you get off acting so superior? Do you think a bright and shiny turtle shell makes you look better than others? You really overestimate yourself. I don’t know how many arrogant people like you I’ve killed ever since I rose in the Eastern Wasteland. It’s not that I want to look down on you, but I really look down on you. If you want to trample me, then just come. Where did all these sanctimonious words come from? Is there a point to such things? My slogan has always been either fight or fuck off,” sneered Long Chen.

Originally, he had been planning on quietly attending the Jade Lake Pageant, but while he didn’t go find trouble, trouble always came looking for him. He couldn’t even hide from it.

Today, Shen Bijun had put on a play that had made him become the public enemy of all these experts. Long Chen was also angry now. It had been a few days since he had slaughtered people. Did they think that he had become a pushover?


“Courting death!”

“Young master Di Xin, kill this arrogant brat!”

Countless experts roared. Long Chen’s words were too arrogant. He didn’t even place Di Xin in his eyes.

“There’s no need for young master Di Xin to do anything. I’ll teach him a lesson.” Wang Shan, who had been standing behind Di Xin the entire time, walked forward, looking coldly at Long Chen.

Before, Wang Shan had suffered repeatedly to Long Chen’s hands, and in the end, he hadn’t managed to get any vengeance because an Elder from the Skywood Divine Palace had stopped him. Now he wanted to kill Long Chen.

“Come. Just like I said, I’ll take your life within ten exchanges,” said Long Chen indifferently. His gaze turned cold as his fury began to grow out of his control.

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