Chapter 1629 Refusing a Beauty’s Intentions

“Fairy Bijun has invited you twice. If brother Long still refuses to give this little face, it really would be rude.” Di Xin, who hadn’t said anything this entire time, suddenly opened his mouth.

Di Xin’s voice contained a special magnetism. Combined with his handsome face, each of his movements made people form a good opinion of him.

“Since you put it like that, then if I refused, it wouldn’t be good.” Long Chen smiled ever so slightly and pulled Cloud over to the island.

Ignoring what goal Shen Bijun had, by helping Long Chen resolve Wang Hai, she had made it so it would be unreasonable for him to just leave.

“Tch, how arrogant.” Seeing Long Chen only accept the invitation after Shen Bijun had repeatedly invited him irritated the others very much.

Shen Bijun was one of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s ‘Dual Fairies’. She was on the same level of fame as Zi Yan, and they were known as two remarkable and beautiful sisters.

Not only was she a terrifying Empyrean, but she was so skilled in the Music Dao that she used it to peer into the heavens and become closer to the Heavenly Daos. Even Di Xin deeply respected her.

That was why each time Shen Bijun played a song, countless experts would flock toward her like ducks, afraid of missing a single note, which was equivalent to missing a chance to increase their level of insight.

It was up to Shen Bijun’s mood when she would play her music. Otherwise, even if it was to give Di Xin face, she wouldn’t play. In their eyes, Shen Bijun was so arrogant that it seemed that she didn’t want to speak to anyone outside of Di Xin.

However, no one felt angry due to her arrogance. They felt it was simply the manner an expert should possess. Of everyone here, only Di Xin was qualified to get close to Shen Bijun. Everyone else could only look at her from a distance.

Now, Long Chen, an outsider, had only just arrived and somehow won over Shen Bijun’s affection. Furthermore, her affectionate expression toward him wasn’t concealed at all, causing everyone to be jealous.

That was why someone immediately said that Long Chen was too arrogant. Although he had said it quietly, everyone here was an expert and could hear it. That person had clearly said it on purpose.

Long Chen ignored that person as he walked over with Cloud. Cloud was intimately holding his arm. She was very cute, with the energy of a Xuan Beast. Her looks wouldn’t lose out much to Shen Bijun.

This made others even more jealous. When Long Chen and Cloud arrived in front of Shen Bijun and Di Xin, Shen Bijun bowed slightly, seeming excited.

“I’ve long since heard of young master Long Chen’s great name. It truly is a blessing of three lifetimes to be able to see you today. I hope you won’t mind my rudeness in inviting you over.”

“There was no such thing. I am just a coarse fighter, so I hope I don’t do anything to make you laugh at me.” Long Chen cupped his fists, which could count as returning her greeting.

“I’ve long since heard that you are extremely talented and skilled in the Music Dao. Both in the Eastern Wasteland and the Grand Xia Ancient Nation, you said some stunning words that made me admire you. I have always hoped to be able to see you since that time so that I could receive pointers from you. I didn’t expect to have such luck that we could meet today. I hope you can give me some pointers,” said Shen Bijun excitedly. Her voice was even trembling a bit from her excitement.

The air was filled with jealousy. Practically, everyone was glaring at Long Chen with killer eyes. 

As for Di Xin, although he looked indifferent on the surface and he was even faintly smiling, his gaze had changed.

He came from the Central Xuan Region. That was where heavenly geniuses of the entire Martial Heaven Continent gathered. He usually looked down on the experts from the other four regions.

However, the Jade Lake Pageant had something that he needed, and it just so happened he was qualified to enter, so he had come.

As soon as he had come, he had encountered a woman with shocking talent. Furthermore, she was like a fairy that had transcended the mortal world. Such a woman shouldn’t even exist in this world.

Just as he struck up a conversation with her, he saw another two shockingly beautiful women. Although in terms of appearance they were ever so slightly lacking to the first woman, they were still unbelievably beautiful. They were Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Tang Wan-er.

At that time, Di Xin had expressed his affection for Meng Qi, but unexpectedly, before Meng Qi even replied, Tang Wan-er had directly told him not to get any wild ideas because they already had a husband.

At that time, he had been shocked and angered, especially when he learned that this husband was the one who had caused a storm in the Eastern Xuan Region, Long Chen. Unable to hold back, he had said a few mocking words about him.

As a result, he had infuriated the three of them. After scolding him with a few words, they left and stayed within the palace the entire time, not wanting to see him again.

Then Shen Bijun came. Although her beauty was a bit inferior to the three of them, because she cultivated the Music Dao, she had a special kind of charm and elegance to her.

Furthermore, she had stunning accomplishments on the Music Dao. Di Xin decided to be friendly with her. The two of them had talked, and their relationship had become quite good, almost intimately so.

However, as soon as Long Chen arrived, he was tossed to the side. The only one in Shen Bijun’s eyes was Long Chen. That made Di Xin’s anger slowly rise.

Di Xin was only acting indifferent and watching calmly in order to protect his image.

“I wouldn’t be able to give you any pointers. In truth, I don’t understand anything about the Music Dao. You should find someone else for that.” Long Chen shook his head. He really didn’t know anything about the Music Dao, so he naturally refused.

“You’re too humble. How about I play something and see if you can give me any advice?” Shen Bijun immediately began playing. As she gracefully played, the zither music rang out again, sounding like immortal music.

This time, the zither music was no longer as solemn as before. It was happier, refreshed. Even the jealous men felt their jealousy suppressed.

“What powerful zither arts. With the very first note, she can enter a person’s heart and mind. Her Spiritual Strength is probably terrifying.”

Long Chen’s expression didn’t change, but he was shocked inside. This Shen Bijun was extremely powerful. She had said that she was Zi Yan’s senior apprentice-sister. It seemed her achievements on the Music Dao were even greater than Zi Yan’s.

This music was completely different from the boundlessly majestic song she had just played. After a short moment, everyone’s expressions changed.

“This is… the Phoenix Dance?”

The Phoenix Dance was a famous song practically everyone had heard. It was both well-known in the secular and cultivation world.

In the secular world, the phoenix was known as a legendary auspicious beast, signifying peace and good fortune.

However, in the cultivation world, the phoenix was known as a divine beast. It was its own race that stood at the peak of all beasts. However, those that could truly be called phoenixes had to possess very pure bloodlines.

It was said that the phoenix race’s requirements toward their bloodline were very strict. As soon as one of their members’ bloodline regressed or was tainted, they would be expelled from the phoenix race.

Those who were expelled could only change their name from being pure phoenixes.

Whether it was in the secular world or the cultivation world, the song known as the Phoenix Dance was something only to be played during weddings.

The song had lyrics as well, but Shen Bijun didn’t sing them. That was because this song was originally something played by a man to show his affection for a woman.

This song was meant to be sung by a man. However, now that it was being played by Shen Bijun, even Di Xin’s expression changed. Even an idiot would know that Shen Bijun was expressing her love toward Long Chen.

Di Xin finally understood. He had clearly expressed his adoration for Shen Bijun, and he hoped to become Dao-companions with her. Although Han Feifei was one of his worshippers, as a powerful genius, he didn’t mind taking a few more Dao-companions. Beautiful Dao-companions were one of the signs of glory of a powerful man.

Shen Bijun hadn’t refused him. However, she hadn’t accepted him either. That had made his heart itch. As an expert, it would be a huge accomplishment to conquer such a powerful beauty.

Now, this woman he had done his best to pursue had expressed her love for another man. That made his fury erupt like a volcano.

However, Di Xin’s control was extremely great, and he suppressed his anger, not expressing it. That would damage his reputation as a peerless expert.

The Phoenix Dance song was not very long, and its tempo was fast. It was a song of jubilation. Shen Bijun quickly finished playing, and she lowered her head, blushing.

No one clapped or praised her. Everyone was silent while looking at Long Chen. Those gazes were extremely strange. There was jealousy, envy, bitterness, and even hatred.

Only Cloud was just sitting there blankly, not knowing what was going on or what this Phoenix Dance song was. She was curious why so many people were staring at Long Chen after it was played.

Long Chen had closed his eyes to listen to Shen Bijun’s playing. He had used his heart to listen and his soul to sense what was within it. After a long time, he slowly opened his eyes and looked at Shen Bijun.

“The song was a good one, but your heart wasn’t in it. Many thanks for your divine music, but I still have things to do, so I’ll bid you farewell.”

Hearing this, no one could believe their ears. Long Chen was refusing the loving heart of a peerless heavenly genius from the Illusive Music Immortal Palace? Was he a fool?

It had to be known that any expert that had the support of one of the geniuses of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace would be able to make rapid advancements with their cultivation. They would skyrocket and rarely encounter any bottlenecks.

Shen Bijun’s body shook. Her face paled as if she was on the verge of collapse. Her disappointed expression made people’s heart ache.

“Young master Long Chen, am I really so lacking? Can’t I win your favor?” Shen Bijun’s tears dripped down.

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