Chapter 1628 Justice Before Family?

Following Shen Bijun’s gaze, everyone looked into the distance to see Long Chen and Cloud.

When they saw and heard that it was Long Chen, quite a few people let out startled cries. Although they had never seen Long Chen before, they had heard his name. There was no one who didn’t know of the Eastern Xuan Region’s demon king.

“You are?” asked Long Chen.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I am Shen Bijun, from the same sect as Zi Yan. In terms of seniority, she has to call me senior apprentice-sister. I’ve long since heard of your great name, and seeing you today is the blessing of three lifetimes. I wonder if young master Long Chen can give me face and come to chat with me for a bit?” Shen Bijun respectfully made an inviting gesture.

“Thank you, but my character is too coarse. I wouldn’t want to be rude.” Long Chen cupped his fists slightly, tactfully declining her invitation.

Although this was just his first time seeing Shen Bijun, he could sense a barely discernible killing intent coming from her that made him very uncomfortable.

Most importantly, he didn’t know what she had done. Why would Zi Yan’s Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither wind up in her hands?

Although he was curious, he didn’t want to be with anyone from this group. He saw quite a few people glaring at him hatefully. He also saw Wang Shan and Wang Hai. Most likely, there would be people targeting him again if he went over, so all he wanted to do was leave.

“Young master Long Chen, please stay. Am I not worth you staying for you to leave so hastily?” Shen Bijun looked at Long Chen, seeming a bit disappointed and bitter. Shen Bijun was a remarkably beautiful woman, only slightly inferior to Meng Qi. Her elegant beauty combined with her current expression was something no man could refuse.

“This woman’s actually trying to seduce Long Chen. How shameless!” raged Tang Wan-er.

“I’ve long since told you that Long Chen’s very charismatic and that it wasn’t a good idea to let him show his face in such a situation, but you refused to believe me. Now you’re getting jealous again,” laughed Chu Yao.

“Hmph, this woman’s definitely up to no good. I feel irritated just looking at her. It’s no good, I’m going out. I’m not going to let her seduce Long Chen.” Tang Wan-er angrily glared at Shen Bijun.

Chu Yao laughed as she held Tang Wan-er back. If Tang Wan-er went out now, she would definitely cause trouble.

“Wan-er, don’t make a fuss yet. Long Chen isn’t the kind of man to be seduced. Furthermore, this matter isn’t so simple,” said Meng Qi gravely.

“What?” Chu Yao and Tang Wan-er were both startled.

“Have you noticed? These days, Shen Bijun has always been with Di Xin. She treated him very fondly, delighting Di Xin. When Han Feifei came, he sent someone to send her away, just to show Shen Bijun his affection for her. Shen Bijun has also expressed the same affection for Di Xin these days, but as soon as Long Chen arrived, she immediately acted like this to Long Chen without caring about Di Xin. Although Di Xin’s acting like he doesn’t mind, his eyes have turned cold. That emotion in them should be jealousy,” said Meng Qi.

Shen Bijun and Di Xin had both arrived several days earlier. The two of them were both peak geniuses and had begun discussing their cultivation experiences. In the eyes of others, their relationship had to be very good.

“Then you mean… this woman is intentionally harming Long Chen? But why would she do something like that? She has no enmity with him,” asked Tang Wan-er.

“I don’t know either. According to reason, since she’s Zi Yan’s senior apprentice-sister and would know Zi Yan’s feelings toward Long Chen, she wouldn’t act this way. However, she gives me a very uncomfortable feeling. I feel like she’s a deeply scheming woman. But don’t worry, Long Chen’s gaze is far sharper than mine. There’s no woman that can trick him. It’s always him tricking others, so let’s watch.”

Following Meng Qi’s deduction, Tang Wan-er calmed down. The three of them focused on Long Chen.

In the face of Shen Bijun’s strange actions, Long Chen was startled at first, but he quickly saw Di Xin’s eyes. He hid his emotions very well, but Long Chen saw the jealousy deep within his eyes.

He looked from Di Xin to Shen Bijun and smiled. “Miss Bijun has misunderstood. My temper is strange, and I’m not good at interacting with others. I wouldn’t want to accidentally be rude to you and everyone else.”

Although Shen Bijun was very beautiful, it wasn’t to the point of causing others to stop breathing. To attempt shaking Long Chen’s soul with just beauty might only be possible for Meng Qi. Shen Bijun was still greatly lacking

Long Chen’s first impression of Shen Bijun was extremely bad. He felt that this bad feeling came from the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, so he didn’t want to get too close to her.

“Young master Long Chen is too humble. I’ve heard of your matchless miraculous feats. You dominated the Eastern Xuan Region, and I’ve even heard that you are skilled in the Music Dao. I’ve always been hoping to get your pointers. I still remember that when Zi Yan was roaming the world, she encountered you several times and benefited endlessly. Are you really unwilling to give me a few pointers?” asked Shen Bijun sadly, her gaze filled with worship and admiration for Long Chen.

Shen Bijun’s words caused countless people’s expressions to change. Some men in particular were glaring at Long Chen with hatred.

Shen Bijun was the apprentice of the master of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace. Her skill in the Music Dao was unfathomable. If anyone could obtain her favor and cultivate while she played her music, their mental realm would advance by leaps and bounds.

During these past few days, Shen Bijun had played several songs, which had benefited them greatly. They viewed her as a godly figure.

Originally, seeing Shen Bijun and Di Xin form a couple had caused them to be filled with envy. Everyone saw that Di Xin was pursuing Shen Bijun, and while Shen Bijun hadn’t directly accepted, she hadn’t refused. In their view, the day that Di Xin won Shen Bijun over would come sooner or later. After all, Di Xin’s talent was shockingly high, while his background was also something others could only look up to.

However, as soon as Long Chen arrived, Shen Bijun expressed her worship and admiration toward him. That made these men uncomfortable because in their eyes, Long Chen was an outsider.

“I think that fairy Bijun has been tricked by others. This person is nothing more than a filthy-mouthed, despicable little bully.”

Just as Long Chen was wondering how to refuse Shen Bijun, Wang Hai couldn’t help opening his mouth, sneering at Long Chen.

Wang Hai hated Long Chen, and seeing Shen Bijun show affection for him, Wang Hai immediately launched an attack on Long Chen.

Long Chen’s lips curled into a disdainful smile. This Wang Hai really didn’t wait when it came to courting death. His head had just returned to its original form, yet he had already reached a new milestone on his path of courting death.

However, Long Chen had no time to bother with him right now. He didn’t know Shen Bijun’s intentions. She clearly felt hostile toward him but still put on such an act.

Wang Hai had just spoken when a zither rang out once more.


Wang Hai clenched his head and let out a miserable scream. At this moment, countless scenes appeared before everyone.

Those scenes were of innocent maidens in the face of death, their bodies naked and covered in injuries. They were all killed brutally.

“Your own heart is so despicable, so what qualifications do you have to criticize others? Through the cycle of karma, I’ve brought back the resentful spirits circling around you. You can finally experience what they experienced.” Shen Bijun looked at Wang Hai, continuously plucking her zither.

As she played, the music raged. It was unknown what method she had used to dredge up Wang Hai’s most sinister memories. Everyone could tell that these were real memories.

Long Chen was also startled. Shen Bijun’s zither arts were truly powerful and domineering. She managed to invade Wang Hai’s mind in an instant. Wang Hai wasn’t even qualified to resist. This meant that Shen Bijun had to have powerful Spiritual Strength that completely suppressed Wang Hai’s.

“This person’s practically a beast!” cursed several women. Those innocent women Wang Hai had killed provoked their righteous indignation.

Wang Shan was astonished. He hadn’t expected that his little brother had done such things. He didn’t know what to do. He saw Di Xin looking coldly at him.

Wang Shan looked from Di Xin to his brother Wang Hai. He suddenly took a step forward and pointed a finger at Wang Hai, who was clenching his head painfully and wailing.

A spiritual arrow shot out and pierced Wang Hai’s head, ceasing his cries immediately. He slowly collapsed. Wang Shan had actually killed his Yuan Spirit.

“It was my family’s misfortune to give birth to such a monster. As his brother, I have unavoidable responsibility for this. I, Wang Shan, will apologize to everyone here for my brother’s actions. I will report this to my elders when I return home. We’ll investigate those women’s origins. I’ll bring Wang Hai’s corpse to their families as an apology. Hopefully, those innocents can find some peace,” said Wang Shan

Everyone had been filled with righteous fury upon seeing Wang Hai’s memories, but for Wang Shan to put justice over family shocked everyone. His words showed his attitude.

Now that Wang Hai was killed and Wang Shan said that he would give an explanation to the families of the dead, this matter was handled perfectly. It wouldn’t affect the Wang family’s prestige at all. In fact, their name would shine even brighter.

Long Chen looked at the furious Wang Shan to the expressionless Di Xin and couldn’t help but nod inside. This Di Xin’s scheming ability was truly profound. Wang Shan’s actions had clearly been directed by him. He was both decisive and smart.

“Young master, can you come here for a chat?” Shen Bijun affectionately invited Long Chen once more.

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