Chapter 1626 Criticized by Everyone

“Long Chen, how can you be so shameless?!” roared Wang Hai, his eyes scarlet like a furious lion.

“How can you call this shameless? Although I practice medicine to help others, that doesn’t mean I treat their illnesses for free. Furthermore, I put in good work to help cure you, so how is it shameless? Could it be that a grand Empyrean doesn’t even have the money to pay your medical fees?” Long Chen looked curiously at Wang Hai.

“My Wang family has plenty of money, but you…” Wang Hai couldn’t keep going. He was slapped, couldn’t retaliate, and now the other side wanted him to pay money for the slap. Long Chen was clearly the one with a mental illness.

“You have money, but don’t want to pay? Then I really look down on you. As a doctor, I operate in good faith. I can’t accept IOUs. Hurry up and pay,” urged Long Chen.

Everyone looked oddly from Long Chen to the Wang brothers. They didn’t know exactly what they were feeling right now. They had never experienced such a thing before in their lives.

“How much money?”

In front of countless strange gazes, Wang Shan spat out some words since Wang Hai was quivering too hard from rage to speak.

“Not that much. After all, I practice medicine to help people. It didn’t take much effort on my part, and your illness wasn’t fully cured. I’ll charge a very small fee of ten thousand spirit crystals,” said Long Chen generously, raising a single finger.

This generous offer caused everyone to suck in a cold gasp of air. This was definitely extortion. For most of the heavenly geniuses present, even their entire net worth would only be a few hundred spirit crystals. For that previous woman that Long Chen had saved to offer him a thousand spirit crystals showed that she was actually very rich. Now, Long Chen was charging someone ten thousand spirit crystals for a slap in the face. That was definitely going too far.


Just as everyone was feeling like Long Chen had gone too far, Wang Shan tossed out a spatial ring at Long Chen. He sneered, “Take care to stay alive long enough to spend it.”

Clearly, Wang Shan and Wang Hai hated Long Chen to the bone now, and the enmity between them was one that would not end without the other side’s death. If this wasn’t the Skywood Divine Palace, they would probably have started a fight to the death.

“Thank you for your care. I don’t have many outstanding points, but my life is pretty tough. If anyone wants to take my life, they can come at any time.” Long Chen received the spatial ring. Looking at the ten thousand spirit crystals inside, he laughed just like a petty person who had gotten their way, causing Wang Shan and Wang Hai to clench their teeth furiously.

“Just wait. My brother is friends with Di Xin! He’s a heavenly genius from the Central Xuan Region! Now that you’ve offended us, no one can save you!” said Wang Hai through clenched teeth. He didn’t care about the ten thousand spirit crystals, but he was thoroughly infuriated and said some vicious words.

Long Chen placed the spatial ring in his pocket and disdainfully said, “You shouldn’t constantly bring up who is friends with who. Does that have any meaning? Is a court eunuch capable of having the emperor avenge him? He doesn’t even have his life rod, so who cares?”

“You…!” Wang Hai coughed up another mouthful of blood, and sharp pain suddenly wracked his body. His unmentionable illness was flaring again, and he hastily swallowed a medicinal pill to suppress it.

“I’m sure you know best just how many evil things you’ve done. If you’re so bored as to cough up blood constantly, you should think about those resentful spirits. If you simply think of your current situation as retribution for them, you’ll feel much more at ease,” advised Long Chen.

“Long Chen, you have gone too far!”

Just at this moment, someone new spoke out, criticizing Long Chen. He was another expert from the Southern Xuan Region. He felt like Long Chen had gone too far with his bullying.

“That’s right. Are you challenging our Southern Xuan Region? If you weren’t a guest here, there wouldn’t be any chance of you leaving alive now.

“How can you humiliate others like this? You’ve lost the demeanor a cultivator should possess. So what if you’re strong? All you are is a strong monster.”

More and more of the Southern Xuan Region’s experts added in their criticism. One reason was that they didn’t know what the retribution Long Chen was talking about, while another reason was that Long Chen was, in the end, an outsider. There was naturally discrimination in each region toward people from the other regions.

Some women even stood up and said that Long Chen was as skinny as a monkey and had no muscle. He wasn’t a real man, so he didn’t have the qualifications to mock others.

Toward their criticism, Long Chen merely smiled and didn’t retort. People always liked to judge things from their point of view and think that they were the ones who were correct. There was no need to explain anything to them.

In any case, Long Chen had finished slapping some faces and extorting some money. His mood had improved. At this time, he should quit while he was ahead.

If he decided to try explaining things to fools, he’d just end up irritated again. That wasn’t worth it.

Ignoring these people, Long Chen left. Those people thought that he was afraid and immediately charged over to block him. As a result, that Elder reappeared and stopped them, saying that this matter ended here. Anyone who brought it up again would be kicked out.

After throwing off those people, Long Chen continued strolling through the Skywood Divine Palace. It was truly unimaginably huge.

In truth, the Skywood Divine Palace’s main palace wasn’t that much bigger than the original Xuantian Dao Sect’s. However, its outer territory was huge. Everything within hundreds of thousands of miles was their territory.

This entire territory was filled with beautiful scenes of nature. Range upon range of mountains, criss-crossing streams, heaven-reaching ancient trees, it was like a scene out of a painting.

However, this previously peaceful scene had become rowdy with the countless geniuses that had come.

Long Chen had to cross two mountains before shaking off those people. Here, the path diverged into many possible routes. Long Chen then chose an isolated little path.

It wasn’t that Long Chen didn’t want to provoke them, but that looking at idiots irritated him. He was constantly busy, and it was rare for him to get a chance to relax on a scenic stroll. He naturally didn’t want to bother with them.

As he was walking, he saw a plum tree with plentiful red plums, so he turned to walk toward it. It was a thirty-meter-tall tree. He climbed up, sat on one of the branches, and plucked a plum. As soon as he bit into it, its juices overflowed and sweetness filled his mouth.

Long Chen smiled. He still remembered that when he was young, there were a dozen plum trees in the corner of his home’s courtyard. Each summer it would be packed with fruit.

At that time, the Long family had already started to decline. All the fruit he had eaten had basically come from their own yard. That had resulted in plums being his favorite fruit.

Ever since leaving the Phoenix Cry Empire, he had eaten countless delicacies, however, he hadn’t eaten such simple fruit.

The Skywood Divine Palace had all kinds of precious fruit around. Only the few plum trees here were ordinary. The flavor was the same as back then, however, he no longer had that nostalgic feeling.

He remembered when his mother would look after him and not allow him to eat too many plums, saying that it would hurt his stomach. So many years had passed. He had obtained many things, but at the same time, he had silently lost many precious things as well.

“Brother Long Chen!”

Long Chen was silently contemplating this when a small figure rushed over to him. What startled Long Chen was that he had only just sensed her existence when she threw herself into his embrace, too quickly for him to react.

Long Chen was startled. The one who had charged into him was a seemingly fourteen or fifteen-year-old girl. Although she was still young, she was already starting to show a nation-collapsing kind of beauty. She was a very cute and beautiful girl, but Long Chen didn’t recognize her.

“Big brother Long Chen, I’m little Cloud! Do you not recognize me? I helped carry you so many times, have you forgotten?” asked the girl disappointedly as she hugged Long Chen’s neck.

Only at this time did Long Chen realize that this girl was no human but the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow that had taken on human form.

Long Chen was about to speak when a group of men and women walked by and heard Cloud. They immediately stopped and looked over with strange expressions.

Cloud was sitting on Long Chen, her arms wrapped around his neck. That appearance was very intimate. Adding on her words, they were clearly shocked.

“What a brute. How could he do such a thing to a little girl?” said one man angrily. However, he couldn’t conceal a trace of envy in his eyes.

The others were also staring strangely at Long Chen. However, when they sensed Cloud’s terrifying fluctuations, their expressions changed.

“She’s a Xuan Beast!”

Only now did they realize Cloud was no human but a Xuan Beast. A human wouldn’t possess such fluctuations.

“Cloud, you’ve managed to transform! Congratulations. Let’s go find somewhere to talk.”

Long Chen pulled Cloud away, finding a private place. He gently rubbed her head. “I didn’t think you’d be able to transform so quickly. And you’re so beautiful.”

She truly was beautiful with her curves already starting to show. Furthermore, her legs were longer than average, just like the Spirit race’s warriors. This was a golden ratio countless women would long for.

“Hehe, sister Wan-er said that you would definitely like me, especially if I wasn’t wearing any clothes. Big brother Long Chen, do you want me to take them off right now for you to look?” Cloud actually began to take off her clothes.

“No, no, no!” Long Chen jumped in fright and hastily stopped her. Even if she wanted to undress, she couldn’t do it here.

“Why not? Sister Wan-er said that you would like it,” said Cloud with a confused and naive expression.

Doom. Wan-er, you wretch, you completely ruined my reputation. Long Chen turned red with rage. Cloud was still a child. How could Wan-er say such a thing to her?

Just as Long Chen was embarrassed and wondering how he could explain this to Cloud, the sound of a melodious zither came from the distance. Long Chen narrowed his eyes. Had she also come?

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