Chapter 1625 I’m a Divine Doctor

At first, no one had understood why Long Chen had made Wang Hai take such a strange position. But now they understood. That was the best posture to be slapped

They found it both shocking and funny. Wang Hai was among the Southern Xuan Region’s top heavenly geniuses, but he had been duped like this.

They didn’t know that the reason Wang Hai was so easily duped was because Long Chen had laid his bedding so well. Each of his words had struck Wang Hai’s vitals.

Wang Hai was forced to endure great pain and pressure each day. His heart had grown more and more shadowed. That was why he harmed so many innocent women. Not only did he sexually assault innocent women, he even killed them brutally. His heart had become completely abnormal.

So when Long Chen said that he could cure his illness, it struck him in his most vulnerable spot. Even if there was only the slightest hope, he wanted to try it.

With this slap, Long Chen could have killed him. Long Chen naturally didn’t care about any rules. However, knowing that Wang Hai’s life was so painful, he changed plans and first slapped him before deciding on anything.

“Bastard, you-!” Wang Shan roared. He was just about to get vengeance for his brother.

“Shut up.” Long Chen conveniently slapped Wang Shan across the face as well.

The two were too close, and Long Chen’s slap was like lightning. He didn’t need to accumulate any energy. Wang Shan was sent flying.

Long Chen’s hand was like a specter’s curse. At such a short distance, it would definitely land. The only regretful thing was that without accumulating any energy, this move had no danger to experts.

However, its destructive power was even greater than just breaking an opponent’s limbs. Compared to the injuries of the body, the humiliation to the mind was much worse.

Long Chen’s easy-going appearance was like he was beating children. All the experts gasped. Long Chen was practically a monster.

When Wang Hai crawled up, he staggered and fell back down. Long Chen’s slap was truly vicious. The reason Wang Hai’s head hadn’t exploded was because his earth energy had automatically defended him.

Wang Hai had just crawled up when Long Chen grabbed his neck and gave him seven slaps to the face in a row. The rhythmic sound was clear and crisp.

“Now you should be feeling all the stars in the sky revolving around you, and you should be hearing booming sounds. Your mind is like paste. Yes, this is the effect of the cure. Remember, this cure must be administered seven times in one dose, seven doses in one round, and ten rounds to finish the treatment. If you can persevere to the end, you’ll see your symptoms lessen in two months and be fully cured in just half a year,” said Long Chen. By this time, Wang Hai’s face was swollen like a pig’s. It was so inflated that people were worried that it might explode.

“You dare to trick me?! Die!”

Wang Hai finally recovered from his dizziness and roared. An earthen spear appeared in his hand, and he slammed it at Long Chen. 

At the same time, Wang Shan’s manifestation circulated, and he smashed a fist at Long Chen. Both of them wanted Long Chen dead immediately.

“Someone’s trying to kill people here! Someone’s biting the hand that feeds them!” shouted Long Chen.


Countless wooden stakes grew out of the ground, forming a huge dragon, and both of their attacks struck the wooden dragon, causing it to explode. However, their attacks were also blocked, causing no shockwaves at all. 

The previous Elder reappeared. It went without saying that while a wood cultivator’s attack power wasn’t very great, their defensive might was astonishing. According to reason, earth elemental cultivators should have the strongest defenses, however, while their defenses were unyielding, they lacked flexibility. A stiff rock never appeared as relaxed as a wood cultivator’s defense.

This Elder was just a rank eight Celestial. Although she was a peak Life Star expert, to block the attack of two Empyreans would be very difficult for other experts at that level. Even if they were able to block it, it would require their full strength, and the collision of power would definitely cause wide-scale destruction.

However, this Elder was able to rely on her plentiful energy and precise control to cancel out their attacks. It could be seen that wood cultivators required an incredible level of control. They weren’t limited to just healing.

“Great Elder, please give us justice. They wanted to kill me!” Long Chen immediately expressed his own innocence upon seeing that Elder’s anger.

“Bastard, you were clearly the first to attack!” roared Wang Hai and Wang Shan. They felt like they would explode from anger. Long Chen was clearly the guilty party here.

“Nonsense! I helped to heal you out of the kindness of my heart, but you wanted to kill me! It’s a clear case of repaying kindness with enmity!” cried Long Chen.

“You were clearly toying with me!” roared Wang Hai.

“So you refuse to admit it! Then tell me, were the illnesses I brought up correct? Do you dare to swear on your Yuan Spirit?” demanded Long Chen.

“I…’ Wang Hai instantly became lost for words. He now understood that Long Chen’s made-up diseases were just cursing him for being an idiot.

However, the symptoms Long Chen had described were true. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been fooled and slapped for nothing.

He wanted to refuse to admit this, but he couldn’t swear on his Yuan Spirit. Lying like that would plant a heart-devil. It wouldn’t cause a problem normally, but when he attacked the Life Star realm in the future, it would erupt, possibly killing him.

“What, you can’t swear such a lie?” pressed Long Chen.

“Even if you blindly guessed right, you can’t randomly hit someone and curse them for being an idiot! Your motives were clearly malicious. You were intentionally provoking me!” shouted Wang Hai.

Seeing Wang Hai in such a furious state, everyone felt a chill. They didn’t know how Long Chen had managed to make a person’s head swell like this. A person’s skull bones were fragile, but Long Chen had managed to make only Wang Hai’s flesh inflate like a balloon.

Some people were worried that if Wang Hai kept acting so vehemently, his head might explode out of anger. They all backed up a bit, afraid of being splattered.

“That’s where you’re wrong. A doctor treats his patients in a parental way. How could I provoke someone with a problem in their head? Furthermore, tell me this. When I slapped you, you sensed your earth energy circulate automatically to protect you. That should have caused you immense pain in your meridians, but did you feel any pain at that time? Don’t lie, unless you don’t want to reach Life Star ever,” said Long Chen.

“Back then… there was no pain… but…” Wang Hai wanted to say that it might be a coincidence.

“There’s no buts. My slap contained 19,480 different streams of energy that stimulated your nerves, alleviating your pain. This is a secret method unique to me, even when considering the continent as a whole. No one else has such a technique. I’m a divine doctor whose specialty is in handling various idiots. I help cure them in the fastest, most painless way possible,” said Long Chen.

The surrounding people looked at each other strangely. This was the figure from legends? Why did he seem so different from what had been described? He seemed more like a rascal than an expert.

In the main palace, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Tang Wan-er were laughing uncontrollably. Tang Wan-er was even crying.

Even the palace master, a dignified and strict figure, couldn’t help smiling and shaking her head. This was her first time seeing such a marvel of a youngster.

“Didn’t I hear that this scoundrel Long Chen would punish fools? That Di Xin actually dared to flirt with big sister. Now it’s time for Long Chen to properly teach them a lesson,” said Tang Wan-er.

“It wasn’t really flirting. Di Xin just expressed some affection. For a man to act that way to a woman isn’t something to place in your heart,” said the palace master.

“Palace master, you don’t know what happened afterward. If that Di Xin just liked my big sister Meng Qi, I could brush that off. However, when big sister Meng Qi said that she was Long Chen’s wife and told him to give up on that thought, that bastard smiled and said that with Long Chen’s arrogance, he’ll die sooner or later and that she should reconsider! Don’t you think that’s maddening?” raged Tang Wan-er.

“Di Xin actually said such a thing? The current youngsters are lacking wisdom. How could such people handle big things? I originally had such a high opinion of Long Chen and Di Xin, but now…”

She couldn’t help shaking her head. For Di Xin to have said such a thing, it showed that he had yet to escape the childish nature of youth. He was too competitive.

As for Long Chen, the palace master didn’t have a very high opinion of him either. His character clearly wasn’t steady enough. In fact, he almost seemed like a child now, completely unreliable.

Meng Qi smiled. “Palace master, the Long Chen you see right now isn’t the real Long Chen. Even the Long Chen we see isn’t the real Long Chen. You’ll understand in the future.”

“I hope that’s true. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be at ease leaving my most beloved apprentice with such an unreliable fellow,” said the palace master, causing Chu Yao to blush slightly.

“You’re twisting words and just making up nonsense!” roared Wang Hai.

“You’re the one repaying kindness with enmity. I helped to cure you, but you decided to bite me? You said that there was no effect to my cure? Alright, if you stay with me for half a year, I promise that if you aren't fully cured, I’ll give you my life. Do you dare?” said Long Chen.

Long Chen hoped that he would agree. That way, even if he was in a bad mood, he would have a constant target to slap. 

Long Chen had simply clamped down on his reason for striking Wang Hai being to cure him. That way, it wouldn’t count as breaking the rules; it was simply treatment. That Elder didn’t know what to do. Everyone was dumbfounded.

“Alright, count yourself vicious! We’ll remember this enmity, so just wait!” Wang Shan dragged Wang Hai away. He knew that Long Chen was too slippery for them to get an advantage over this time. They would have to settle this debt later.

“Hold it! Are you two pigs? Do you not understand the rules?” demanded Long Chen.

“What are you talking about?”

“Didn’t I just give you treatment for your illness? Hurry up and pay the doctor’s fee.” Long Chen extended a hand.

Wang Hai couldn’t hold on any longer, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

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