Chapter 1623 Sent Flying With a Kick (Teaser)

Just looking at that little fellow’s vengeful smile and his previous mocking of him in defense of Di Xin, Long Chen knew that this little fellow was causing trouble again.

Wang Shan was Di Xin’s follower. Hence, if the little fellow wanted to cause trouble for Long Chen, Wang Shan would definitely help.

Just as everyone was looking at Long Chen, Long Chen vanished, reappearing in front of that smiling little fellow.

A large hand slapped across the little fellow’s face, and he immediately coughed up blood, all his teeth flying out in a beautiful arc before scattering to the ground.

Startled cries rang out as no one had expected Long Chen to suddenly attack. His actions were too quick for anyone to react.

Long Chen clenched that person’s throat in his hand. He was just a rank eight Celestial. In front of Long Chen, he didn’t have the slightest ability to resist.

“You didn’t respect the gamble. I said you had to die or finish eating all the stones. Now you’ve...

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