Chapter 1614 Crazily Raking in Money (Teaser)

The facts proved that people’s potential was really limitless. As long as you could give someone a target that was easily obtained, they would unleash unimaginable power.

It was unknown whether it was due to the identity of the patriarch, or whether it was because Long Chen’s conning skills were simply so great, or perhaps it was a combination of both, but these Elders who had lost their chance to become the new sect leader all went crazy fighting for this chance. None of them wanted to give up a second chance.

After returning to their homes and gathering their things, they rushed off to sects that they had a decent relationship with.

As Elders of a sect, they all had their circle of friends. Some of these Elders were friends with Elders from other sects. Some were even close enough to certain sect leaders to call them brother.

After all, the Evil Spirit Sect was quite famous within the Eastern Xuan Region’s Corrupt path. Back when Long Chen had charged into the Corrupt path’s minor worlds to take their heaven and earth spirit spring, the Evil Spirit Sect had contributed greatly to the force that had managed to drive him away.

Those Elders immediately went to the sects that they had the closest...

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