Chapter 1610 Possessed Long Chen (Teaser)

Evilmoon unleashed a burst of light and instantly grew larger, stabbing deep into the dragon skull.

The dead purgatory evil dragon suddenly began to rumble and explode. Powerful shockwaves blew Xie Qianqian far into the distance, making Long Chen jump in shock.

“Don’t worry, its dragon soul has long since vanished. This is just an instinctual twitching from having its soul essence stabbed,” said Evilmoon.

Evilmoon was like a heavenly blade now. Long Chen felt like an ant in front of it.

Light flowed around Evilmoon as it absorbed the soul essence of the purgatory evil dragon. As it said, the purgatory evil dragon was already dead, and its movements were just an automatic reaction.

Evilmoon didn’t need Long Chen’s help to absorb its energy, so Long Chen ran over to the skull’s crown.

“What sharp teeth! Dragon teeth are definitely good stuff!” Long Chen’s eyes began to shine. He jumped...

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