Chapter 1597 Collecting the Black Water (Teaser)

The red-haired man was definitely using some kind of divine ability to forcibly hold back the black mist. However, based on appearances, doing so was very taxing to him.

Only now did the old man realize that the reason this black lake didn’t seem as frightening as the blood-colored lake was thanks to Long Chen’s black soil. It isolated them from the mist.

The two of them continued forward. There were no surprises or dangers, but they didn’t dare to be careless. After all, there was no need to take any risks. Stability was the most important thing here.

The two of them eventually reached the end of the floating logs, and the whirlpool of nine different colored pools appeared.

When they personally witnessed it, this sight was even more stunning. They felt majestic energy gathering. It was like all the Daos of the world were concentrating here, as if this was the pinnacle of the world.

When he saw the nine-colored whirlpool, Long Chen felt his 108,000 stars slowly circulating.

“As expected, my senses...

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