Chapter 1594 Appropriate Preparations (Teaser)

A burnt smell came from the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. He had failed his refinement of the Empyrean Pill yet again. This was already his third try.

According to his calculations, they should all have succeeded. However, for some reason, the moment they merged, the medicinal powders instantly ignited and turned to ash.

After failing three times, even Long Chen was starting to lose confidence.

Taking a deep breath, he calmed himself down. The worst thing was to be vexed while refining pills.

After two hours, he began his fourth refinement. This time, he was delighted to see the medicinal powders finally merge together with the Heavenly Dao Fruit. There was no unexpected expulsion.

Not daring to tarry, he controlled his flame carefully to merge them. After an hour, the Blazing Dragon Cauldron quivered ever so slightly. The lid popped open, and a translucent pill appeared.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be called a pill. There was no fragrance, no pill lines, no fluctuations of a medicinal pill whatsoever. It looked completely ordinary.

It was like a pearl of unclear water. It was exceptionally unremarkable. Long Chen stared at it for a long time. Had he succeeded or not?

However, in the end, he gave it to Guo Ran....

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