Chapter 1592 Bring Me In (Teaser)

There was a huge castle ahead, with giant gates opened outward. The gates had huge rivets that were many miles long.

Standing in front of this giant gate, humans seemed as miniscule as ants. What was beyond the gates was shrouded in primal chaos. It was impossible to see anything inside.

The Gates of Hell did not have the guards of legend like the Ox-Head and Horse-Face. There was nothing around except primal chaos.

Just as Qu Jianying was not far from it, she saw two figures enter it, vanishing within without a trace.

Due to the great distance, Long Chen hadn’t managed to see whether those two were human or some other species.

Suddenly, a figure appeared not far from Qu Jianying. It was a giant colorful tiger. When it passed by Qu Jianying, it glanced at her and then ignored her, going straight into the gate.

Even its huge, mountain-like body was miniscule in front of the giant gates.

Qu Jianying hesitated for a moment before also entering.

Just at that moment, the vision faded. The dark aura vanished, and...

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