Chapter 159 Sent Flying With a Single Kick

As he had expected, on their way, Long Chen became the complete focus.

But of course, when others looked at Long Chen, their gazes were not filled with the same loving and worshipful expressions they had when they looked at Ye Zhiqiu and Tang Wan-er. Instead, those gazes were filled with both hatred and jealousy.

“Who is that guy? How is he walking with the two beauties? Did you see that look in his eyes? That’s definitely a provocation! No, it’s unbearable, I definitely have to have a fight with him. I’ll definitely beat him up.” One dark-faced man angrily raged, obviously unable to control his own jealousy.

“We’ll support you, but before you go, leave behind your spatial ring as well as anything valuable. You might also want to leave behind a final will and some parting words,” said one tall, slender man beside him lightly.

“What do you mean?” asked the dark-faced man.

“I mean if you go, don’t think about returning alive. That’s the person who burned Zhao Wu alive. Do you think you’re stronger than Zhao Wu?”

“So you mean… he’s Long Chen?”

“Do you need me to say it? Other than him, who else could walk that closely with Tang Wan-er? Hey, since you said you were going to fight him, hurry up. Your brothers are all waiting for you to beat him up,” mocked another person by his side.

That dark-faced man immediately awkwardly blushed. But since his face was so dark, no one could tell.

“Cough, how could I not recognize Long Chen? I was just making a joke for everyone. Haha, look, I can’t believe you guys believed me,” laughed the dark-faced man.




Everyone around him mocked him. That person gloomily walked to the back, not wanting to be ridiculed. He naturally didn’t dare to go and fight against Long Chen anymore.

As Long Chen’s group of three continued forward, Long Chen noticed that more and more people were gathering here. After he counted, he saw that there were actually over ten thousand people.

“No need to wonder about it. Not all of these people have gathered all the tiles. Since they came from so far, they probably want to see what the final trial is like.” Tang Wan-er explained when she saw Long Chen’s confusion.

Although the trial region was extremely large with countless opportunities, after this much time had passed, everyone had basically already collected whatever they could.

Some opportunities had powerful Magical Beasts guarding them. If they didn’t handle that properly, it would be easy for them to lose their life. No one wanted to risk that danger, and so they just followed the flow of the crowd.

Even if they hadn’t passed this trial, getting to see more of the world was also good. Once they returned home, they would still have something to talk about.

This final trial location was on the edge of the trial region, and there were no more good opportunities to be obtained here. They could only continue forward sullenly.

As they continued forward, there were also some people who began to join Long Chen’s group. Those people were naturally from Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu’s factions.

Long Chen had once quietly asked Tang Wan-er just what was so good about becoming a core disciple.

She had told him that after becoming a core disciple, not only would she be able to make her own faction, each month she would receive a fixed ration of cultivation resources.

Furthermore, it was possible to obtain even more cultivation resources by completing the sect’s missions. Each month the sect would test their powers, and the stronger factions would have the priority missions.

All those rewards would only be given to her. In other words, Tang Wan-er had complete authority on how to divide those rewards.

What made Long Chen extremely worried was that he had frequently been beaten by Tang Wan-er. Would this boss of his make life hard for him?

Tang Wan-er hadn’t replied when he had asked that, only laughing at him. She had winked at him, meaning he should understand from his own experience.

Following her explanation, Long Chen finally understood how important a faction’s power was. The sect only gave out a certain amount of missions. If they wanted to enjoy more cultivation resources, they would need to rely on those missions.

But with limited missions, they would need to struggle just for those missions. Without a powerful faction to rely on, you really could only starve to death.

“Boss!” Suddenly, a startled cry rang from the side. Turning his head, Long Chen saw that it was Guo Ran.

“Not bad, I really didn’t need to worry about you!” Long Chen was much more at ease after seeing Guo Ran.

“Greetings sister Wan-er, greetings sister Zhiqiu.” Guo Ran noticed a bit late who was beside him. He hastily greeted the two beauties respectfully.

Ye Zhiqiu only lightly nodded. Tang Wan-er glanced at Long Chen and then told Guo Ran, “You’re definitely much better than your boss. Pay attention not to learn bad things from him in the future.”

“Yes, yes, yes, junior brother will remember sister Wan-er’s priceless words. Please be at ease sister, this junior brother will not be infected-”


Guo Ran had still been going on when Long Chen hit him on the head and scolded, “Whose side are you on?”

Tang Wan-er laughed and said to Long Chen, “You guys can catch up. I’m going to look ahead and collect everyone.”

She waved goodbye to Long Chen and quickly brought away Ye Zhiqiu. The final trial was about to begin. Everyone in their factions needed to be gathered.

Seeing the two of them had left, Guo Ran gave Long Chen a thumbs-up. “Boss, I really admire you. In all the information gathered, you are the only one who has ever killed someone during the trial. Furthermore, you even managed to continue the trial! Boss, you are definitely the number one person here.”

“Ah, don’t blindly mess around. Did you collect all the tiles?” asked Long Chen.

“Hehe, easily.” Right in front of Long Chen, Guo Ran took off his boot and used a knife to cut open the sole, revealing two tiles in front of Long Chen’s dumbfounded expression.

He then cut open the other shoe, forming a perfect set. Guo Ran proudly said, “I got one in a fight and bought the other two. Hehe, once I gathered them I placed them in here. I met many people who wanted to rob me, but no one noticed where I put them. Look boss, I definitely paid a worthy price for this set.”

“Yeah, ok. Please put them away. I don’t want to get your foot fungus.” Long Chen hastily took a few steps back. Perhaps this kind of method was something only someone like Guo Ran could have done.

But no matter what, Guo Ran had relied on his own strength to collect a full set, which he admired. That was because his set had just been given to him by Tang Wan-er.

“Let’s go. Put your tablet together. With me here, no one would dare steal your things,” laughed Long Chen.

Guo Ran put together the tiles. Because it couldn’t be put in a spatial ring, he stuffed it in his robes.

“Boss, I heard you were struck by Lei Qianshang’s thunderseed. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” 

Guo Ran was about to say more when someone walked over. Looking over Long Chen, he icily said, “You are Long Chen?”

Long Chen frowned slightly. This person held his head high, looking down on him. It was quite irritating.

“Do you need something?”

“I heard you’re very skilled, rumored to be the number one person below the monster-class. I want to test that out to see if you really are worthy of that reputation.” That person struck his chest icily.

“Ah, just fuck off then. I, Long Chen, am not someone just anyone has the qualification to appraise.” Long Chen disdained this kind of provocation the most. Couldn’t you just conserve your energy for the final trial? Do you need to waste my time?

Long Chen didn’t even stop walking as he spoke, not even placing this person in his eyes despite the fact that he was quite strong.

That person narrowed his eyes and pointed at Long Chen. “I don’t have the qualifications? Receive one of my punches before boasting so shamelessly!”

That person shouted, and his aura suddenly exploded, shaking the air. That immediately drew everyone’s attention.

“What a powerful aura!” That person’s aura rose extremely quickly, reaching its peak in just a couple of breaths.

“Take this!” Light exploded from his fist as he smashed it at Long Chen.

“Boss, careful, he’s-” shouted Guo Ran hastily.


An explosion rang out before Guo Ran could say his name. People could feel the earth shake.

One of them was sent flying into the air like a cannonball, reaching a height of hundreds of meters before slowing down, then quickly speeding up before crashing into the ground.

The earth once more shook. A crater had been smashed into the ground by him, and at the center, that person was like a green onion, half his body planted in the ground, leaving only his two legs above ground.

Guo Ran was stunned. He knew that person was an expert. But he was defeated with just a single kick?

Practically, no one had seen Long Chen preparing to move. By the time they did, he had already kicked that person flying.

Then without even blinking, Long Chen immediately continued on his way. That manner was as if he had just randomly kicked away a stone on his path.

As expected, there really were all sorts of people here. This person had clearly been spoiled rotten by his family. In a true battle, who else would have no guard against an attack? Did your opponent really need to just obediently take your fist?

If this had been a life and death battle, that was completely asking for death. He finally understood why there were those Magical Beasts in this trial region.

That was to let these flowers that had grown up protected within a greenhouse see true blood. Otherwise, these useless fellows would be useless forever, despite their strength.

A powerful sect required elites. They definitely wouldn’t waste energy raising idiots.

No wonder this trial had immediately caused at least seventy-five percent of them to wash out. There were far too many idiots here. Even if they were talented, they were just talented idiots. They weren’t useful.

By the time Guo Ran reacted, Long Chen had already walked quite a bit away. He hastily ran over, filled with excitement. Being with this kind of boss, he would definitely be able to eat and drink as he pleased. He had definitely made the right decision back then. He was admiring his own eyesight more and more.

After another fifty miles, Guo Ran and Long Chen finally arrived at the end. There was a huge mountain.

But what was stunning about this three thousand meter mountain was that it looked as if part of it had been cut off by an expert. That cut off part revealed the stone inside the mountain.

That stone was black as ink. Along that side of the mountain were many caves, numbering in at least the thousands. They almost seemed like demonic eyes. A strange aura came from them, causing people to tremble.

When Long Chen arrived, he saw that five groups had already formed neatly at the front. Those were the five monsters’ factions.

“Come over, Long Chen.”

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