Chapter 1586 Settled (Teaser)

“What just happened?”

“He… he lost?”

The disciples who had turned red in the face from cheering for Long Chen were all disappointed.

“You little brats, how old do you think Long Chen is? Did you think he could challenge the old man? He was just letting Long Chen show off his skills before. When he fights seriously, of course Long Chen isn’t a match for him. Hurry up and scram. The ones shouting, you should know that the old man heard it all clearly. Prepare your last testaments and graves!” shouted the seventh boss.

Those disciples’ expressions immediately changed. Long Chen was defeated and the old man’s fury was about to explode. Although it wasn’t as exaggerated as the Seventh Boss made it sound, they would definitely have to suffer a beating.

The seven bosses shooed the disciples away. Glancing at each other, they also vanished, leaving behind only the old man and Long Chen.

The old man looked at Long Chen who was wretchedly crawling up from the ground. He didn’t know what he was feeling now. He knew Long Chen had intentionally let him get...

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