Chapter 1585 Explosive Temper

“Aiya, who kicked me in the butt?!”

“Fuck off, who grabbed my pants?!”

Bang, bang, bang…

“Aiya, my eyes!”

When Long Chen arrived at the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, a group of dozens of disciples were brawling at the gate. All of their faces were bruised, and as their fists met flesh, they seemed to get quite a kick out of it.

No matter how many people were present, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was always like this. They were very lively.

“Wait a sec, big brother Long Chen has come- aiya!”

A disciple suddenly saw Long Chen and cried out, only to have another disciple knock him down.

“Do you think we’re idiots? You’ve tried that move three hundred times now!” sneered the puncher, continuing to fight.

The disciples didn’t get distracted and continued fighting like it was a joy, leaving Long Chen speechless.

“Hey, can you help me out and get out the way so I can go?” asked Long Chen, but no one acknowledged him.

Suddenly, Long Chen’s divine ring appeared, and a powerful surge of power blew away the disciples. They tumbled back like calabashes. 

“Big brother Long Chen really came!”

The disciples crawled up wretchedly, looking at Long Chen with surprise.

“Big brother Long Chen, come teach us how to get stronger!” One of those disciples ran over worshipfully.

“You’re already very strong… Can you wipe off your snot first?” Long Chen couldn’t bear to talk to a disciple whose face was covered in blood, sweat, snot, and tears.

“Big brother Long Chen, we all saw how heroic you were in the Grand Han. Can you teach us how to do the same? We want to get stronger too!” cried a disciple. He was already a Sea Expansion expert, which was already quite talented for his age. His eyes blazed with passion as he stared at Long Chen.

“No problem. I’ll think of some special medicinal pills that should change your constitutions.” Seeing these disciples looking at him like a god, Long Chen could only come up with a vague reply.

Those disciples went wild with joy, as if a single word from Long Chen would be able to transform them into peerless experts.

That couldn’t be blamed on them. The legend of the Dragonblood Legion had shaken the continent. None of them had been that talented, but by following Long Chen, their cultivation bases had advanced by leaps and bounds. They weren’t one bit inferior to the core disciples that other sects had raised with their full power. That was thanks to Long Chen.

Long Chen hastily ran up the mountain after saying a few words to them. Hearing that Long Chen had come, the bosses came out as well.

“I want to see the old man,” said Long Chen.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I just came from his house. He said that he’s attacking the Netherpassage realm today and to not disturb him,” said Boss Bao.

“This quickly?” Long Chen was startled, hastily saying, “Hurry up and interrupt him before he starts his attempt. I came precisely for this.”

Boss Bao was stunned, but seeing Long Chen’s panic, he pulled Long Chen and the other bosses to the top of the mountain.

At the peak of the mountain was the old man. The Heaven Splitting Blade was revolving around his head, enveloping him in divine light. He was currently sitting with his eyes closed.

“Senior, please permit disciple to interrupt the old man’s cultivation. Disciple has something very important to report.” Long Chen knew that the Heaven Splitting Blade was currently protecting the old man. If Long Chen wanted to disturb him, he would need the Heaven Splitting Blade’s approval.

The Heaven Splitting Blade actually did retract its divine light. The old man slowly opened his eyes.

“Fuck, I just told you not to disturb me! You- oh, brat, what are you doing here?” The old man was irritated at being disturbed, but his fury calmed down when he saw Long Chen.

Boss Bao and the others sighed with relief. After returning from the Grand Han, the old man’s temper had grown more explosive. If Long Chen wasn’t present now, they would definitely have to face a beating.

“Boss Bao, you guys go rest. I need to speak to the old man alone.” Long Chen cast a glance at Boss Bao and the others.

Inside, Boss Bao and the others gave him a thumbs-up, feeling like Long Chen was handling this for them so that they wouldn’t have to face the old man’s rage.

The seven of them left without hesitation. Long Chen turned to the old man. “I suppose I made it in time. I came to give you something.”

Long Chen handed over a jade case. This was the jade case Qu Jianying had given Long Chen to pass to the old man.

The jade box contained some of her experiences when advancing to the Netherpassage realm. It was precisely what the old man needed. It could increase his chances of advancing.

“This was something senior Qu Jianying told me to give to you. As for its use, I’m sure you know.” Long Chen didn’t conceal the truth at all.

“Bastard, how can you be so gutless? You just randomly accept other people’s things?” The old man, whose fury had just dissipated, immediately reignited again.

Long Chen took a deep breath. He snorted, “Old man, the reason I respect you isn’t because of your cultivation base, but because I thought you were a man. But now I find that I was wrong.”

“Brat, are you looking for a beating? Who are you calling unmanly?!” The old man became even angrier, and he gripped his wooden staff, ready to beat Long Chen.

“Just look, all I did was say a few words and you got so angry. If you don’t even have that much magnanimity, how can you be called a man?” Long Chen shrugged, not even looking at the wooden staff.

The old man glared at him. “I’ve been strong my whole life without depending on other people’s charity. Little brat, have you turned traitor after accepting bribes from others?”

“Ha, I happen to be a magnanimous person. Someone who can buy me has yet to be born,” said Long Chen disdainfully.

“Are you cursing me for being narrow-minded?”

In the end, the old man’s staff still fell toward Long Chen.

A black light flashed as Long Chen blocked with Evilmoon. The staff was also a powerful divine item, and their collision caused the mountain to shake.

“Unable to win with words, so you angrily attack someone? Isn’t that precisely what a petty little person would do?” shouted Long Chen.

“Brat, do you think I’m too old to handle you?!”

The old man furiously struck Long Chen three times. The Battle God Sacred Canon was also a cultivation technique that pursued great physical power, and the old man’s power was so great that not even the bosses could endure his attacks.

However, Long Chen repeatedly received his attacks with Evilmoon. He appeared extremely relaxed. When it came to simple brute power, Long Chen had never feared anyone.

“If you really have any ability, then we can both fight without the power of our cultivation bases or Battle Skills. We can fight like men!” shouted Long Chen.

Boss Bao and the others stared at him in shock. Just what was going on? Why would they suddenly start fighting?

“Little brat, even without the power of my cultivation base or any techniques, I can still put you down! Today, if I don’t give you a proper lesson, you’ll grow completely unbridled!” The old man roared, and his black staff repeatedly struck, moving so fast that black images filled the air.

“If you don’t use your cultivation base, I’ll definitely defeat you today! Get ready to lose, old man!”

Long Chen fearlessly began a crazy competition with the old man, both sides relying on pure physical power.

The two of them fought in the sky. Heaven and earth turned dark, startling all the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples.

“Heavens, big brother Long Chen has challenged the old man!”

“Could it be that he wants the sect leader position?!”

“If he does beat the old man, then he’d be our new sect leader. He could lead us to slaughter our enemies every day! How amazing would that be?”

“Big brother Long Chen, I’m cheering for you!”

“Big brother Long Chen, work hard! Beat the old man and become our sect leader!”

“You can do it! Beat the old man!”

Countless cheers for Long Chen rose throughout the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had never concealed their worship for the strong or their unreasonable nature. Just how mighty had Long Chen been during the battle in the Grand Han? He had dominated everyone in the same realm, killing his enemies until their corpses piled up like mountains.

They also wished to be the same as the Dragonblood Legion and fight alongside Long Chen, crushing their enemies. All of them had hot, warlike blood flowing in their veins.

Boss Bao and the others stared at each other, not knowing what to say. It couldn’t be that Long Chen really wanted the sect leader position, right?

“You bastards, just wait for me to put you in your place! You’re rebelling, is that it?!” raged the old man.

His attacks became fiercer, but he found that Long Chen’s fighting style was too strange. There was no pattern. Sometimes his attacks were heavy, sometimes he was as agile as an elf. Sometimes he fought in an imposing style, sometimes his technique would become bizarre and unique. There was no way for the old man to suppress him with power, and in terms of technique, he was unable to get any advantage. After two hours, the old man’s tempest of attacks was unable to do anything to Long Chen.

The distant disciples were cheering for Long Chen even louder now. The old man found that both infuriating and funny.

He was extremely proud of Long Chen inside. He was happy with Long Chen’s power, but he kept on a stern face.

However, after six hours, his expression started changing. After fighting at such a high tempo, his energy was starting to flag, while Long Chen was still fighting as usual.

The old man had plenty of spiritual yuan, but Long Chen had sealed it up with this challenge. Now that it was purely a competition of physical strength, he was at a disadvantage. Long Chen’s physical body was monstrous.


Suddenly, Long Chen was sent flying by one of the old man’s attacks, smashing into the ground. Dust filled the air.

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