Chapter 1584 Once More Encountering Troubles (Teaser)

Long Chen shook his head. “This isn’t evil. Pill Valley is also thinking like this. They only lowered their heads this time to win their reputation back, and I refuse to believe that they don’t understand what I said. They’re already scheming on how to bring us down. Our enmity with Pill Valley has been completely set in stone. If Pill Valley has a chance, they won’t hesitate to destroy the Xuantian Dao Sect. And if I have a chance, I definitely won’t let them off easy. Don’t get taken in by appearances. The Xuantian Dao Sect looks like it’s rising, but in terms of foundation, it cannot compare to Pill Valley. It might look like we got a large sum from Pill Valley, but to their sales of medicinal pills over tens of thousands of years, it’s nothing. Medicinal pills are the most profitable business. They’ve held monopolies for so many years. No one knows how much wealth they’ve accumulated. Of course, Pill Valley won’t just let that money rot away. They definitely have the ability to transform that wealth into terrifying power. The most powerful existence in this world...

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