Chapter 1581 Shen Bijun (Teaser)

In the Central Xuan Region, there was a holy land with soaring mountains and ancient forest of towering trees. Mist shrouded the land, making it look like a fantasy world.

Atop one of those soaring mountains was a grand and beautiful palace. It could vaguely be seen within the mist and cloud.

The rising and falling mountains looked like they were moving rhythmically. It enthralled the heart, looking like it contained the silent transformations of the mysterious Grand Dao of music.

This place was the Martial Heaven Continent’s famous Illusive Music Immortal Palace. The reason why it was so famous was because in times when the continent had been facing a great crisis, powerful experts had come from the Illusive Music Immortal Palace, allowing humanity to survive. It was one of the protectors of the Martial Heaven Continent.

Another reason for its fame was because all the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s members were women. Countless experts yearned to win one of their hearts.

If anyone could marry one of their disciples, it would be the blessing of their lifetime. The Illusive Music...

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