Chapter 158 Inherited Rune

“No… Do you think I’ll summon one just because you ask me to?”

Tang Wan-er finally found an opportunity to retaliate and simply rolled her eyes at Long Chen, giving him the cold shoulder.

“No way! You eat and drink my food and all I want is for you to show off a bit, but you refuse? You really flip faster than the pages of a book.” Long Chen opened his eyes wide.

Tang Wan-er realized what he said was reasonable. She sighed awkwardly, “Fine, what do you want to see?”

His first reaction was to say ‘you’ll show me whatever I ask for?’, but he quickly brushed off that idea as it was not worth it. After he said that he would probably not only be beaten, but this rare opportunity would also have been wasted.

“Just summon out a normal wind blade. I just want to take a look.” Long Chen was extremely curious about her wind blades. Tang Wan-er’s wind blades were different from Little Snow’s. She could split them, combine them, use them for defense, and all kinds of other marvelous methods.

Extending her hand, a wind blade formed above her palm, quickly revolving.

Long Chen was about to ask her to keep the wind blade still when he realized what a stupid question that was.

Water was constantly changing, but wind was never stable. It was impossible for her to cause the wind to stop, or the wind would disappear. Luckily he had stopped himself before he had lost face.

The current wind blade in her hand was just an ordinary wind blade and hadn’t been turned into a weapon.

“Wan-er’s wind spirit body truly is amazing. You can summon wind blades with just a thought,” praised Ye Zhiqiu.

If Ye Zhiqiu wanted to summon an ice blade, it would require her to first circulate her spiritual qi in preparation. There was no way she could do it as randomly and easily as Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen closely examined the wind blade. He could sense that within the wind blade was a trace of Spiritual Strength. With just an urge from her soul, it could be sent out to attack others.

“Are you trying to secretly learn my wind blades?” Tang Wan-er asked when she saw how deep in thought Long Chen was.

“You’re joking.” Ye Zhiqiu looked at Long Chen with surprise.

“This fellow is really nefarious. He even managed to steal Lei Qianshang’s thunderforce. There’s nothing he doesn’t dare try to do,” laughed Tang Wan-er

Long Chen rolled his eyes. “Can I take those words as praise?”

“Hehe, if you think so then ok.” Tang Wan-er laughed.

Ye Zhiqiu was shocked. It seemed Tang Wan-er had been telling the truth.

“Can you change its shape?” asked Long Chen.

Tang Wan-er nodded. The wind blade quickly changed, becoming a longsword in her hand.

But even once it had changed shape and its outside was now no longer moving, Long Chen could still sense that the wind blade strength within was still quickly circulating even faster than before.

This wind blade sword in Tang Wan-er’s hand was causing space to twist slightly. The pressure coming from it was much greater.

Long Chen nodded. This kind of technical method was something that he could definitely learn. Although he had no wind energy, his flame energy could also copy that.

Although he had a Pill God’s memories, those memories were not complete. He had some techniques to refine medicinal pills as well as knowledge of medicinal ingredients and other things relating to alchemy. Everything else was completely gone.

So if Long Chen wanted to learn to control his flame, that would require him to grope around on his own. He hoped to maybe learn a bit from Tang Wan-er’s control over her wind blades.

“Last time I saw that there were some lines within your wind blades. What are those?” asked Long Chen.

“That’s my family’s ancestral rune. Only my family’s main bloodline’s disciples can use that kind of technique.” As Tang Wan-er spoke, her wind blade gradually grew larger, becoming three meters long. That terrifying aura cut apart space, causing it to constantly tremble. At the same time, violent wind surged from it, continuously making people feel as if blades were scraping across their face.

Then the wind blade in her hand disappeared, and everything returned to calm. She explained, “Using such a wind blade uses up my body’s core energy, so I can’t maintain it for too long. Otherwise, it will affect my combat strength during the core disciple trial.”

Core energy was extremely powerful, but it would only recover slowly. So Tang Wan-er could only show such a wind blade to Long Chen for a moment.

Long Chen nodded and became lost in thought. With Tang Wan-er’s display this time, he had completely seen through the intricacies of her wind blades.

But all those intricacies were nothing compared to that final part. Those faint lines that had appeared within the wind blade had caused the wind blade’s strength to explode by ten times. That was the most terrifying part of her technique.

Back when he had fought against Qi Xin, Qi Xin had also used such a method to send Long Chen flying. That kind of force was practically unstoppable.

He raised his hand, and a flame appeared over his hand, surprising both Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu. They looked closely at Long Chen, wanting to see what he was planning.

After appearing, that flame slowly began to be compressed into a crescent moon shape, the same shape as Tang Wan-er’s wind blades. But within Long Chen’s hand, it was unable to revolve.

Long Chen shook his head. That flame blade immediately turned to become a fist-sized ball. That flame ball quickly grew larger, becoming a meter in diameter. Terrifying heat waves constantly roasted the air.

This large flame ball then began to quickly circulate within Long Chen’s hand, the terrifying energy within it simply bouncing around.

“What powerful Spiritual Strength!” Tang Wan-er was shocked. She hadn’t thought that Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was so great that it was like a boundless ocean. If it hadn’t been powerful enough, compressing his flame into such a ball would have definitely caused an explosion.

The ball of flame then faded away. Long Chen dejectedly shook his head.

He wanted to see if he could condense runes like Tang Wan-er, but he had failed. Although he had copied her circulation method, he was unable to condense those lines.

“Long Chen, there’s nothing you can do about this. First of all, your flame’s level isn’t high. Second of all, that isn’t your core flame. It is impossible for it to condense a rune.

“That rune is deeply imprinted into my bloodline. Even if outsiders copy the technique, it’s completely useless. It’s as if you copied how to cook a recipe but then realized you didn’t even have a pan to cook with. It’s futile,” consoled Tang Wan-er.

She had seen through Long Chen’s thinking. He had wanted to copy her technique and imitate it with his flame, but Long Chen wasn’t the same as her.

She had immediately seen that his flame was a beast flame and not his original flame. So to summon a rune was impossible.

Her family’s inheritance stretched back countless years. Powerful experts had come from her ancestors who had somehow added in wind energy into their bloodline. That was how her bloodline inheritance came to possess such power.

“Although I’m still a bit unconvinced, you’re completely correct. Ah, this is just my fate.” Long Chen smiled bitterly. For an idea to be crushed just like that really was irritating.

Furthermore, he cultivated the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. The most powerful part of him was his physical body. There was no way he could put his focus on becoming a pill cultivator. And so he could only drop this subject.

“Don’t get dejected. There are many techniques within the monastery. As long as you work hard, you’ll definitely be able to find a way to control your flame better,” consoled Tang Wan-er.

“Thank you sister Wan-er for your consolation. But if you give me a hug, I’m sure the wound on my heart will completely disappear,” Long Chen said expectantly.

“Ugh, scram!” Tang Wan-er immediately scolded Long Chen.

She even scolded herself for being stupid enough to worry about a shameless fool like Long Chen.

Long Chen laughed. Teasing a beauty alleviated a great deal of his dejection.

Although it was impossible for him to condense a rune, by following Tang Wan-er’s controlling method, he could still increase his Pill Flame’s power by a bit. That was at least something.

Furthermore, Long Chen wasn’t really discouraged. His current beast flame was from a Flame Leopard. That was just a second rank Magical Beast and wasn’t that powerful.

Once he refined the Flame Salamander’s Neidan, his beast flame would be completely upgraded. At that time, if he tried again, it wasn’t certain that he would still fail.

Collecting his thoughts, he asked them why they had suddenly formed an alliance.

Tang Wan-er told Long Chen that once they entered the monastery, the resources they would offer them were limited. If they wanted to obtain more resources, that would require them to win struggles against others.

This struggle relied on power. In accordance with the monastery’s rules, the monastery would not care how you struggled for your resources.

So once you entered the monastery, the struggle and competition became exceptionally intense. Cultivation was a cruel world. If you didn’t step over others, you would end up stepped on by others. That was a reality that was unavoidable.

Tang Wan-er had been the first to arrive at the Profound Spirit Fruit. But at that time it hadn’t ripened yet and so she could only wait. The second to arrive had been Lei Qianshang.

The two of them had directly begun to fight. With Lei Qianshang’s temperament, having suffered a previous loss to her, he had wanted to get revenge. At the same time, he had wanted to prove his strength to Tang Wan-er.

As they had fought, everyone else had gathered. Tang Wan-er had been the one to propose an alliance with Ye Zhiqiu. Their alliance would be one in which they would help each other attack and defend during battles. And Ye Zhiqiu had assented.

After all, the competition would only become more intense in the future. As an icy person, it was difficult for Ye Zhiqiu to get close to others. She was only slightly closer to Tang Wan-er. Naturally, she wouldn’t refuse. That was how the two of them had joined hands against the other three.

At that time, Yue Zifeng had been the last to arrive. By the time he had, Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin had already begun working hand in hand.

As for Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu, they didn’t really want to form an alliance with Yue Zifeng. Thus, Yue Zifeng was pulled into Lei Qianshang’s group.

But Tang Wan-er also said that Yue Zifeng was an extremely proud person. Although he had temporarily joined their group, he hadn’t used his full strength when fighting. Otherwise, they would have found it extremely difficult to endure.

Long Chen recalled how Yue Zifeng had left completely calmly and freely. That truly was the manner of an expert. That was a great difference from Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin.

Only those with broader hearts who could accept both wins and losses could walk further on the martial path.

Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu solemnly warned him that he had to be careful of Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin. Both of them were already completely filled with hate towards Long Chen.

Although they probably wouldn’t dare to kill him, if they had the chance, they would definitely heavily injure him, maybe even crippling him. That was because the monastery’s rules were not completely perfect, and there were still loopholes.

Otherwise, Long Chen also wouldn’t have been able to get away with killing Zhao Wu as if nothing had happened.

The monastery’s rules were mostly favorable for the stronger party. Losers would only be able to go off and cry by themselves about their own lack of power. That was the cruelty within the monastery.

After they had pretty much eaten their fill, Tang Wan-er said, “Let’s go to the final trial location. Since there’s not that much time left, let’s just stay together.”

Long Chen naturally wouldn’t refuse such an alluring proposal. With two beauties beside him, who knew just how many people would die of envy along their journey.

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