Chapter 1579 Huge Waves (Teaser)

The waves caused by the Dragon Slaughtering Convention spread far and wide, going from the Eastern Xuan Region to the entire Martial Heaven Continent.

This Dragon Slaughtering Convention, which was supposed to be a simple competition amongst the junior generation and shouldn’t have caused any reaction at all, had ended up drawing in the majority of the Eastern Xuan Region’s sects, as well as three Netherpassage experts.

Netherpassage experts were rare even within the entire continent. They were figures that could shake the continent.

It wasn’t just because they were so powerful themselves. Another reason was because Netherpassage experts could unleash the greatest power from divine items. They could cause irreparable damage to the very land.

Netherpassage experts would rarely ever reveal themselves. However, three of them had now appeared at once. How could that not be shocking?

Who would have thought that the Xuantian Dao Sect, which had declined to the point that it had been about to be wiped out by the flow of time, would actually revive and give rise to a Netherpassage expert?

The Xuantian Dao Sect was like a lion that had been slumbering for countless years that had awoken...

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