Chapter 1575 A Competition of Experts (Teaser)

“Come, smile. Smile a bit more naturally!”

Hearing Guo Ran’s plea, Long Chen smiled helplessly. He placed an arm on Guo Ran's shoulder, and lightning sparked. Guo Ran’s body immediately stiffened. His hair stood on end, and that smile froze. He stood there, straight as a bamboo pole. On the surface, he looked very much at attention.

“Are you trying to scare a child? If you are, you’ve managed to achieve your goal, so you can put away your aura. If you want to fight, then all you need to do is nod your head. When it comes to fighting, I, Qu Jianying, have never been afraid of anyone.” Qu Jianying looked indifferently at Yu Xiaoyun as his aura rose. She clasped her hands behind her back, not at all moved by his power.

“Long Chen, don’t worry. She’s family. The old man- aiya!” The seventh boss was in the midst of whispering to Long Chen when he was sent flying by the old man’s staff.

“You’re talking too much.” The old man glanced at the seventh boss. That warning gaze was clear.

Long Chen was a bit confused, not knowing why the seventh...

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