Chapter 1569 Heaven Splitting Blade

The willow branches were like a torrent of swords as they rained down from the sky.

Some experts didn’t react fast enough and were pierced by them. Those seemingly tender branches flowed with divine light, and not even Ancestral items could block them. It was unknown how many experts were slain in that instant.

The Undying Willow had finally attacked. Before Long Chen had arrived, it had been the one to block the attacks of the experts, protecting the Dragonblood Legion. Despite being named Undying, blocking the attacks of three powerful divine items had exhausted a great deal of its energy.

After Long Chen had arrived, it hadn’t interfered again. Chu Yao had told it to quickly recover its energy. The Undying Willow’s recovery speed was monstrous, and during the time Long Chen had been fighting, it had almost recovered to its peak state.

Now that Long Chen was out of energy, Chu Yao immediately summoned it. The Undying Willow launched its most ferocious killing move.

Long Chen felt a branch wrap around his chest, and he was pulled over to under the giant willow’s crown.

There was a woman there who stared coldly at Long Chen. She was the Undying Willow. She had been named Liu Ruyan by Chu Yao.

Liu Ruyan possessed a beautiful, transcendent air. However, whenever she saw Long Chen, there would be hostility in her eyes.

“Thank you.” Long Chen sighed with relief. Evilmoon had almost conned him to death. If it hadn’t been for Liu Ruyan, he might have died there.

“I was just helping sister Chu Yao,” sniffed Liu Ruyan coldly, refusing to accept his thanks.

Long Chen smiled and didn’t reply. Back then, he had gone all-out to seal Liu Ruyan. It seemed she had decided to forever remember that enmity. With her petty nature, she might never look at him nicely.


The branches exploded as a huge furnace shot through them. The Flame Divine Palace’s master was attacking.

Liu Ruyan’s expression changed, and she formed a hand seal. Countless branches gathered together in front of her, but she was still unable to stop the golden furnace.

The golden furnace tumbled through her branches, smashing them to pieces. Perhaps only Liu Ruyan with her body of the Undying Willow could block a divine item, but even so, it exhausted far too much energy.

“That’s about enough.” Long Chen shook his head and sighed. He sent a spiritual message to Bao Buping, who took out a formation disc. He crushed it.

Space shook, and eight figures appeared in the sky. The one at the front was an imposing elder with a pitch-black wooden staff. It was the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s current master.

Behind him were the seven bosses of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. As soon as they saw the situation, they jumped in shock.

“What’s going on here?” Boss Bao was shocked. Remnant divine energy still hung in the air, and the ground was in ruins and soaked with blood. Scattered bits of weapons and armor were everywhere. This was an apocalyptic scene.

Before the Dragon Slaughtering Convention had started, Long Chen had reached out to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect through Zheng Wenlong. If he couldn’t handle it, then he would need the old man to come clean up after him.

The old man instantly agreed and made his preparations along with the seven bosses. For this occasion, Long Chen had given a formation disc to Bao Buping. If he encountered a life and death crisis or Long Chen needed help, he could crush it, and they would appear.

This kind of formation disc was a remnant of the ancient era. The method to create them had long since been lost in the flow of time. This was also the only such formation disc that the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect possessed. It was incomparably precious, and now it had been used up.

The old man and the others had been waiting patiently at the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect summoning formation when they were suddenly summoned. They were shocked by what they saw.

Originally, they had thought that this would be nothing more than a battle between Soul Transformation brats. How many waves could they possibly make?

However, the scene in front of them was a far cry from what they had expected. Seeing the huge willow fighting the golden furnace, even the old man was shocked.

“The Daynight Furnace!”

Others might not recognize it, but the old man saw it for what it was. This furnace was the Daynight Furnace, an incomparably precious treasure of Pill Valley. It was supposedly something that Pill Valley’s god, Fallen Daynight, had bestowed upon them. It was on the same level as the Brahma Divine Diagram.

The void rumbled as the Undying Willow’s branches collected into layers of defenses but was still unable to stop the Daynight Furnace’s attack.

In front of the Daynight Furnace, the Undying Willow was only able to hold it off. She couldn’t retaliate. Just as she was about to reach her limit, a black light shot out.

A black staff struck the tumbling Daynight Furnace, causing it to fly back. The old man appeared in front of Long Chen, mighty and bold. The black staff was held in his hand. Long Chen’s reinforcements had finally come.

“Wu Guangyuan, is your Heaven Splitting Battle Sect planning on becoming enemies with everyone beneath the heavens?” roared the palace master as he caught the Daynight Furnace.

For him to be able to call out the old man’s name, the two of them were most likely from the same generation. His expression was cold and hostile.

“Are you saying Pill Valley represents all that is beneath the heavens? If that’s the case, then yes we can be enemies,” said the old man indifferently. He then turned back at Long Chen and smiled. “Brat, I’m liking you more and more. If those cowards Buping and Chang Hao had a tenth of your ability to cause trouble, I could die happy.”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao both raged. The old man didn’t give them the slightest face. Who would belittle their own children in front of outsiders?

The old man’s arrival shocked everyone. Many people didn’t know who he was at first, but once the palace master spoke, they learned his identity.

“Hehe, in truth, I wanted to settle this fairly. They said that this was some Dragon Slaughtering Convention, the playing field of the junior generation. But then a bunch of shameless old ghosts crawled out of the woodwork, ghosts so virtuous that they had the face to attack juniors, even using divine items. There was no way around it. Their shamelessness was absolutely frightening. I couldn’t handle it. But you, old man, are definitely able to handle it with your divine power,” said Long Chen with a mischievous laugh.

Both the Xuantian Dao Sect and the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect were Long Chen’s home. They viewed him as their own child, so he could talk as he pleased.

Long Chen knew that if he hadn’t alerted the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect about this, the old man would definitely become infuriated. He would carry his staff and start attacking, but the one he would be attacking would be Long Chen.

The very first time he had gone to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, the old man and the bosses had warned him that he had to treat them as family. If he kept worrying about implicating the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect would not view him as their disciple.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was very direct. Their relationships were also very direct, but they were also sensitive in their own way. Being afraid to implicate them was an insult to them. They couldn’t accept such a thing.

Today, even if Long Chen caused the heavens to collapse and needed the old man to clean up after him, the old man wouldn’t get angry. Instead, he would feel a kind of pride. This was one of the aspects of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect that was incomprehensible to others.

Long Chen’s words were a giant slap in the face of these senior experts. After all, in order to draw Long Chen over, the various powers playing host to the Dragon Slaughtering Convention had sworn that Life Star experts would definitely not interfere. It was all to provoke Long Chen’s competitive spirit and draw him into a trap.

However, as Long Chen’s power revealed itself, more and more experts were killed, and the ones that hadn’t been qualified to participate in the fight had rapidly spread the news.

Due to the distance, these senior experts were not clear on what exactly was happening. They only received a vague story from their people. However, they still felt uneasy. Then, while they were waiting for the good news, they received news of major deaths amongst their people, and they charged over.

The moment they managed to break through the barrier, they saw their disciples slaughtered until practically none remained. So how could they possibly care about some promise? They had immediately attacked Long Chen. Now that he brought it up, they were enraged but had no way to retort.

The neutral camp’s experts blessed their luck that they had chosen to remain neutral. The majority of them were rather conservative and wouldn’t choose a side before things were clear.

Many experts they were familiar with had ended up baited by Pill Valley’s powers or wanting to suck up to Pill Valley, resulting in them standing on that side. That one choice had been the difference between life and death.

“Wu Guangyuan, Long Chen colluded with the Spirit World’s creatures to harm his own people and betrayed the human race. He is an enemy of the entire Martial Heaven Continent. For you to protect him is to become enemies with the entire world. Think carefully,” warned the palace master.

“Fuck off. Don’t accuse my child of such a thing. The entire continent knows what kind of people the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect holds. So if you want to fight, I’ll accompany you. Don’t make up useless excuses. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect has always spoken with its fists!” The old man pointed his black staff at the palace master.

“There’s no reasoning with you! Since your Heaven Splitting Battle Sect wants to go against my Pill Valley, you can disappear from this world just like the Xuantian Dao Sect!” raged the palace master, slamming his hand on the Daynight Furnace.

“Old bastard, you’ve finally admitted that the Xuantian Dao Sect’s destruction was caused by your Pill Valley!” interjected Long Chen suddenly.

The palace master stiffened, his expression changing. Just now, he had slipped up in his rage. “Hmph, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s destruction was the result of the fight between the Righteous and Corrupt paths. It has nothing to do with Pill Valley. Don’t accuse others randomly!” He might have slipped up, but he hadn’t directly admitted to anything. As long as he said he simply misspoke, no one could do anything.

“Long Chen, don’t waste words with them. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect doesn’t bother with that. Our specialty is in cutting people down!” said the old man. A bright saber suddenly appeared in his hand. When that saber appeared, everyone sucked in a cold gasp of air.

“The Heaven Splitting Blade?!”

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