Chapter 1569 Heaven Splitting Blade (Teaser)

The willow branches were like a torrent of swords as they rained down from the sky.

Some experts didn’t react fast enough and were pierced by them. Those seemingly tender branches flowed with divine light, and not even Ancestral items could block them. It was unknown how many experts were slain in that instant.

The Undying Willow had finally attacked. Before Long Chen had arrived, it had been the one to block the attacks of the experts, protecting the Dragonblood Legion. Despite being named Undying, blocking the attacks of three powerful divine items had exhausted a great deal of its energy.

After Long Chen had arrived, it hadn’t interfered again. Chu Yao had told it to quickly recover its energy. The Undying Willow’s recovery speed was monstrous, and during the time Long Chen had been fighting, it had almost recovered to its peak state.

Now that Long Chen was out of energy, Chu Yao immediately summoned it. The Undying Willow launched its most ferocious killing move.

Long Chen felt a branch wrap around his chest, and he was pulled over to under the giant willow’s crown.

There was a woman...

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