Chapter 1568 Once More Killing Jin Mingwei

“Damn, Long Chen, you’re quite the badass. How did you know he would suck you in?” Evilmoon was filled with praise toward Long Chen. Long Chen had actually succeeded in getting into the gourd.

“Don’t waste words. I’m almost at my limit,” said Long Chen, panting.

He was no god. How was he supposed to know that the gourd had its own space that could suck people inside?

This was entirely a coincidence. Long Chen was like a blind cat who had found a dead mouse. His thought had merely been to eliminate the troublesome fellows and see if he could find an opportunity, but the Corrupt elder had directly activated his divine item’s special space to suck Long Chen in while his back was turned to him.

Just as Long Chen was about to resist the suction, Evilmoon had let out a pleasantly surprised cry. Acting like he couldn’t react, he had allowed him himself to be sucked in.

In truth, his acting was far too exaggerated, but the Corrupt elder didn’t suspect anything. Perhaps he wasn’t afraid of Long Chen doing anything.

Once Long Chen was sucked in, the gourd’s outer runes transformed into frightening ghouls that entered it as well.

Seeing Long Chen being sucked in, everyone jumped in shock. That was a terrifying divine item. Once someone was sucked in, they would probably never come out again.

Although divine items couldn’t refine other divine items, meaning the gourd probably wouldn’t be able to do anything to Evilmoon, Long Chen would probably be instantly killed.

“Corrupt Master, refine Long Chen’s essence blood. I want to drink it all, or I won’t be able to expel my hatred!” shouted Jin Mingwei. Right now, his physical body had been destroyed, causing his hatred for Long Chen to grow even greater.

Although he could find another body, it was very difficult to find a suitable one. Even if he did find a powerful body, once they merged, there would definitely be some kind of resistance. That would cause his talent to drop in the future and weaken him. This was even worse than killing him. Seeing Long Chen being sucked into the blood gourd, Jin Mingwei shouted furiously, wanting him dead this instant.

“There’s no need for that. I’ll destroy his Yuan Spirit and leave his physical body for you.” The Corrupt elder smiled sinisterly.

Hearing that, Jin Mingwei’s rage instantly transformed into delight. Long Chen’s physical body was absolutely terrifying. It was even stronger than the Xuan Beasts’ Hu Xiaolin’s body.

If he obtained Long Chen’s body, then combined with some secret arts, his combat power would actually increase.

“What do we do?” Guo Ran and the others’ expressions changed. Long Chen had been sucked into that terrifying gourd, and they had no idea what to do. Their previous attack had sucked up the majority of their energy, and they couldn’t unleash it again.

“Blood Erases the Soul. Ten Thousand Ghosts Slaughter the Spirit!” The Corrupt elder formed hand seals, causing the gourd to spin in the air, its divine light shining. Frightening shrieks came from within the gourd, giving other people’s chills.

Within the gourd’s space, it was a blood-colored world. Countless blood monstrosities were charging at him.

Long Chen was surrounded by golden flames that formed a perfect defense around him. Anything that touched the golden flames would immediately let out a miserable shriek and flee, their whole body ignited. Once ignited, some kind of special energy would extinguish the flames on their bodies, and they would charge at Long Chen once more.

Long Chen ignored them. As he maintained his flame shield, he roved around this space.

“I’ve found it. It’s up ahead. There. Hey, you’re going the wrong direction!” shouted Evilmoon.

“You fool, do you think others are as stupid as you? If we go there directly, they’d realize something was off. We have to make them feel like we’re running around randomly in panic. A sneak attack isn’t as effective if they’re prepared,” said Long Chen.

“Ah, not bad. It really is you humans that are the craftiest.” Even upon being cursed by Long Chen, Evilmoon wasn’t angered. Instead, it praised him.

Long Chen ignored Evilmoon. The flame barrier around him shrank with each passing moment. That was because the Corrupt elder was controlling more and more of the blood monstrosities, and they were growing stronger. Long Chen had to reduce the range of his barrier. He acted like he couldn’t hold on much longer.

He dashed left and right, but in the end, he reached the place that Evilmoon had pointed out.

This space was its own minor world. It was a wasteland. As for the place that Evilmoon had pointed out, it was merely a small bump in the wasteland. On this uneven ground, it appeared completely ordinary.

Long Chen let out a sudden explosive cry and stabbed Evilmoon into the ground. This space instantly became chaotic. The item-spirit had finally sensed something.

Regretfully, it was too late. The ground exploded, revealing a huge altar. Evilmoon was stabbed right into an image at the center of the altar.

This image was of a ferocious beast chained by countless divine runes. This was the blood gourd’s item-spirit.

This image was now shaking violently, as if it was resisting. However, the runic chains bound it, making it so it couldn’t resist.

The two dragon images on Evilmoon lit up, and its rumbling rang out like the roar of a furious dragon.

Up in the sky, countless blood-colored runic chains exploded. The image slowly faded. Long Chen could clearly sense a new immense power inside Evilmoon.

“Haha, that was satisfying!” Evilmoon shouted in joy. It had instantly annihilated the item-spirit and sucked away all of its divine energy.

This blood gourd was a fierce killing tool that had slaughtered countless people. This kind of energy was greatly beneficial to Evilmoon.

In the outside world, the Corrupt elder suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood. This sudden change shocked everyone. In the distance, the Flame Divine Palace’s master flew back with the golden furnace. He was just about to say not to kill Long Chen, because Long Chen’s secrets were something Pill Valley longed to learn.

However, before he could speak, the Corrupt elder suffered a heavy injury. Even more shocking was the blood gourd. Its bright runes were rapidly dimming. Its aura was also withering away.

“What’s going on?” Everyone stared at the blood gourd in confusion.


Suddenly, the bottom of the blood gourd exploded. A figure shot out of the newly formed hole, and a five-colored divine ring appeared once more.

“It’s Long Chen!”

Startled cries rang out, along with cheers from the Dragonblood Legion. However, their cries had just started when Long Chen attacked.

“I told you, there’s no essence blood. Do you want my piss instead?”

A huge saber-image struck the dumbfounded Yuan Spirit of Jin Mingwei.

Jin Mingwei’s soul was annihilated. Following Hu Xiaolin, another peak heavenly genius was slain.

“He’s capable of killing Empyreans even in this kind of situation. He really is heaven-defying.”

Back when the Dragon Slaughtering Convention was announced, everyone had thought that this was simply an execution. If Long Chen came, he would definitely die.

Who would have thought? This Dragon Slaughtering Convention, instead of slaughtering a dragon, became a convention where the dragon slaughtered the others. 

The sight of Long Chen killing Jin Mingwei was especially amazing. The scattered fragments of his Yuan Spirit illuminated him along with his divine ring. A generation’s genius had died, setting off Long Chen’s unrivaled power. This scene was something these people would never be able to forget.

Jin Mingwei was truly a fool. Thinking that Long Chen was definitely dead, he had stood at the front of the crowd. That was the easiest place for Long Chen to kill him. If Long Chen hadn’t killed him, it would be like Long Chen was letting him down.

After killing Jin Mingwei, Long Chen charged at the other experts, preparing to kill a few more of them before the Five Star Battle Armor disappeared.

However, halfway there, his divine ring vanished along with the five-point star. His eyes then returned to normal, and a wave of exhaustion came over him.

“What? It’s only been nine breaths. It was shorter than I estimated…” Long Chen instantly became dumbfounded. He was now right in front of these people.

Fortunately, these experts were already terrified of him. They scattered. If even the blood gourd wasn’t able to handle him, then their quasi divine items were nothing.

However, they had only fled for a bit before they realized something was wrong. Long Chen’s divine ring had vanished, and his aura had plummeted.

“His secret art’s vanished! Kill him! Get vengeance for our children!” shouted a Life Star expert from the ancient races. He was the first to attack.

Following that person, the others also roared and attacked. Long Chen sneered and raised Evilmoon.

“Evilmoon, it’s about time for you to get to work,” said Long Chen. Having eaten so much, it was time for it to show its power.

“I’m really sorry, Long Chen. I might have eaten a bit too much. Most of my power is being used to suppress the energy I just consumed. I can’t help you…” Evilmoon’s voice was very quiet. It truly did seem sorry.

“What the fuck?! You really are a con man!” Long Chen’s face immediately turned green. These experts were now right in front of him. There was no time for him to run.


The ground exploded and a huge willow appeared. Countless branches rained down on those experts like sharp blades.

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