Chapter 1568 Once More Killing Jin Mingwei (Teaser)

“Damn, Long Chen, you’re quite the badass. How did you know he would suck you in?” Evilmoon was filled with praise toward Long Chen. Long Chen had actually succeeded in getting into the gourd.

“Don’t waste words. I’m almost at my limit,” said Long Chen, panting.

He was no god. How was he supposed to know that the gourd had its own space that could suck people inside?

This was entirely a coincidence. Long Chen was like a blind cat who had found a dead mouse. His thought had merely been to eliminate the troublesome fellows and see if he could find an opportunity, but the Corrupt elder had directly activated his divine item’s special space to suck Long Chen in while his back was turned to him.

Just as Long Chen was about to resist the suction, Evilmoon had let out a pleasantly surprised cry. Acting like he couldn’t react, he had allowed him himself to be sucked in.

In truth, his acting was far too exaggerated, but the Corrupt elder didn’t...

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