Chapter 1562 The Dragonblood Legion Slaughters

The one that Long Chen had been most worried about hadn’t been Yan Weishan, Hu Xiaolin, or Jin Mingwei. No, the one he had been most worried about was Bloodkill 1.

If Bloodkill 1 didn’t die, he wouldn’t dare to allow the Dragonblood Legion to fight. Once a battle started, Bloodkill 1 and his assassins could launch sneak attacks and bring the Dragonblood Legion great pain.

Perhaps only Yue Zifeng, Guo Ran, and Chu Yao would be able to stop their assassinations. The others would be in danger.

That was why even during that intense fight, he had kept some of his attention on Bloodkill 1. He was the greatest danger.

As soon as Bloodkill 1 had died to his trap, he had taken advantage of everyone’s shock to slaughter the rest of the Bloodkill Hall’s experts.

Now that the Bloodkill Hall’s people were dead, the Dragonblood Legion would be safe, and only then did Long Chen issue the order to kill.

“Everyone, don’t panic. They’re only ten thousand people! We have ten times their number!” shouted someone to raise morale.

They truly did have ten times the Dragonblood Legion’s members. Furthermore, many of them were rank nine Celestials. On the surface, the power difference between them was stark.

Others immediately began to echo what that person had said and attacked the Dragonblood warriors. Sword Qi swept through the air, saber-images filled the sky. All kinds of magical arts and Battle Skills clashed.


Long Chen slashed Yan Weishan’s golden furnace, and both sides were forced back. Yan Weishan sneered, “How foolish. Are you really in such a hurry to see your subordinates die?”

It had to be known that the people he had gathered were the elites amongst the elites from Pill Valley, the Corrupt path, the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, the Xuan Beasts, and the Martial Heaven Alliance. Long Chen actually ordered his ten thousand people to attack these elites that outnumbered them ten to one? To him, that was the peak of folly.

“You’re the fool. Did you really think the Dragonblood Legion had revealed all its power before?” sneered Long Chen. Evilmoon swung through the air as he met all three of their attacks. He wasn’t at a disadvantage at all.

Although the two sides had already clashed and it had seemed like the Dragonblood Legion was in danger, that was because they had been fighting to stall for time. They hadn’t unleashed all their power to avoid causing their opponents to be wary.

Now, it was different. Long Chen had arrived. They could fight without any misgivings or hiding anything.

Each of the Dragonblood warriors was shining as the runes on their armor activated. Their swords immediately glowed with a sharp light.

A rank nine Celestial had just stabbed his spear at an ordinary Dragonblood warrior’s chest. However, that Dragonblood warrior didn’t even look at him as he slashed his sword at his opponent’s head. As a result, that person’s head exploded, while the Dragonblood warrior merely coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“What the fuck, their armor and weapons are all Ancestral items!” cried someone.

Ordinary rank nine Celestials would at most have a single Ancestral item, while some people didn’t have any. But every member of the Dragonblood Legion had two.

“Their Ancestral items are strange. They’re so strong! They… they have to be top grade Ancestral items! Pfft!”

One person cried out a warning just as he was killed by a Dragonblood warrior.

Even though he died, his warning was heeded by everyone. The armor and weapons in the Dragonblood warriors’ hands were no ordinary Ancestral items.

What they didn’t realize was that these Ancestral items were not just top grade. They were first generation Ancestral items. The item-spirits of these Ancestral were all fully loyal to their masters, which was what allowed them to unleash such immense power.

“Impossible! How can they have so many top grade Ancestral items?!” raged someone. Ancestral items weren’t that rare. Ordinary sects would all have one or two of them to maintain their karmic luck.

However, it wasn’t as if they were cabbages just sprouting out of the ground. Furthermore, not only did they have top grade Ancestral items, but each Dragonblood warrior had two! That made their opponents crazy with envy.

“Kill them and their Ancestral items will be ours!” cried someone greedily. However, greed oftentimes led to death. That person was killed not long after crying out.

“What terrifying killing arts.” In the distance, the neutral camp’s experts were all shocked. They found that each of the Dragonblood warriors’ attacks was refined and sharp. Their fighting style was shocking, as they continuously exchanged injury for injury or even suicidal moves. Despite that, the Dragonblood warriors’ expressions were calm. There was no anger. They were simply calm and indifferent.

A rank eight Celestial of the Dragonblood Legion killed a rank nine Celestial without batting an eye. It was simply natural, as if this was an incredibly minor thing. Witnessing this made other people’s hair stand on end.

If Yue Zifeng, Meng Qi, and Chu Yao’s power was terrifying, then the display of these ordinary Dragonblood warriors was horrifying.

“They are true experts who have gone through the tempering of blood and fire,” sighed someone.

Everyone here was an expert, a genius. But the display of the Dragonblood warriors gave them chills.

At this time, Chu Yao, Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Guo Ran, Song Mingyuan, Yue Zifeng, Li Qi, and Gu Yang had tied down all the Empyreans. This had become a true battle of soldiers against soldiers, generals against generals.

However, in just the first clash, a mass of experts had been slain by the Dragonblood Legion. It was just that the number disparity between the two sides was so immense that it didn’t seem like much. Blood soaked the land. Translucent figures occasionally flew through the air. Those were the fleeing Yuan Spirits whose physical bodies had been destroyed.

Ordinary experts didn’t have very powerful Yuan Spirits. They weren’t as condensed as the Yuan Spirits of Empyreans. Some of them were killed just by random shockwaves.

The Dragonblood Legion’s ferocity caught everyone off-guard. Yan Weishan’s expression immediately became unsightly. He hadn’t expected the Dragonblood Legion to be equipped to such a level.

It had to be known that even with Pill Valley’s financial power, gathering over twenty thousand Ancestral items could not be done in a short time. This completely surpassed his prediction.

However, he trusted in his side’s power. After all, they had so many people. Which one of them didn’t have trump cards? Suppressing the Dragonblood Legion would just be a matter of time.

As they fought Long Chen, they saw blood spurting from his hand with every exchange. They felt like Long Chen wouldn’t be able to last much longer. However, even after all this time, his aura hadn’t changed in the slightest. There were no signs of it starting to fall. They were in a stalemate.

The four of them crazily fought in the sky, while the Dragonblood Legion was slaughtering their enemies below. Blood dyed the land. There were severed limbs and broken weapon fragments scattered throughout the area. This was an incredibly bitter battle.

The neutral camp’s experts all stared with fright and shock. The Dragonblood Legion seemed to be a group of bloodthirsty Magical Beasts tearing through these experts.

Zi Yan watched. She didn’t say a word nor express any opinion. It was like she was just a spectator.

In the end, she sighed, “Perhaps I shouldn’t have come.”

“If you didn’t come, master wouldn’t be happy. You will have to face your fate sooner or later,” said Yu Tong.

The slaughter continued on the battlefield. The battle of the Empyreans was still undecided, but the Dragonblood Legion’s killing power was too great. In just a short incense stick’s worth of time, over ten thousand experts had fallen, while there was not even a single casualty amongst the Dragonblood Legion.

That was thanks to the fifty wood cultivators amongst the Dragonblood Legion. Any time someone was injured, they would immediately wave their staves and heal them in an instant.

Furthermore, their armor was protecting their vitals. They wouldn’t give their opponents any chance to inflict mortal injuries on them.

The opposing experts were all infuriated. They tried to charge through the Dragonblood Legion to kill the wood cultivators, but they were all slaughtered midway.

The wood cultivators were the greatest assurance for the Dragonblood warriors’ lives. Long Chen had naturally anticipated that their enemies would target them, so the formation they were in was created with over ten barriers between them and their enemies.

It could be said that if anyone wanted to kill the wood cultivators, they would have to completely destroy the Dragonblood Legion’s formation. However, if someone focused on breaking their formation, they would be unable to ambush the wood cultivators.

Quite a few experts tried without succeeding. They all died to the Dragonblood Legion’s sharp blades. As soon as they tried to attack the wood cultivators, they didn’t even have a chance to escape.

After hundreds of experts who thought too much of themselves died attempting it, people finally stopped and began a head-on fight against the Dragonblood warriors.

“No wonder they’re called the Dragonblood Legion. Over ten thousand people who are able to work together perfectly, it’s truly a rare sight. On the other hand, although their opponents’ collective power is ten times greater, they are nothing more than a wild mob. As a result… well, the results are easy to see,” sighed someone in the neutral camp.

The neutral camp’s people could already see that although the Dragonblood Legion’s fighting style looked chaotic and disordered, as if they were all fighting for themselves, they all had a tacit understanding with each other. As soon as someone needed help, someone would appear beside them. This was especially true when someone was in danger or had landed a heavy injury on an opponent. There was always someone who would come to assist or land the finishing blow. Many people were killed by this silent cooperation without even realizing it.

The Dragonblood Legion’s cooperation was at such a high level that others couldn’t even understand it. Their cooperation raised their killing power to a peak, and they were not only in possession of great offense but also great defense. Up until now, not a single one of them had died.

“Fuck, you monsters, I’m not playing around with you any longer!” A rank nine Celestial whose arm had just been cut off suddenly cursed and fled. His courage had been completely broken.

Over twenty thousand of the experts gathered from various forces had been slain without killing a single member of the Dragonblood Legion. That was truly frightening. It made them feel profoundly powerless.

Yan Weishan’s group of three was still fighting Long Chen, while the other Empyreans were unable to assist them. They couldn’t see any hope any longer. The Dragonblood Legion was too powerful.

That person ended up taking the lead in fleeing, and the result was that his departure shook the confidence of the others. Hundreds of people followed his lead.

That started a snowball effect. Despite Yan Weishan’s furious roar, he couldn’t stop everyone from running away.

Yan Weishan’s fury soared. There were still over one hundred and fifty thousand of them left. Although twenty thousand of them had died, they still outnumbered the Dragonblood Legion ten to one. However, they actually lost just like this.

The first expert had gotten a thousand miles away when suddenly, four huge pillars of light soared into the sky from the core of the battlefield.

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