Chapter 1560 Five-Point Star Pierces the Dome of the Sky

Divine might shook the sky. That huge bone claw was an incredibly powerful divine item that Hu Xiaolin had taken out.

This was a divine item left behind by one of the Darkwing Devil Tiger race’s ancestors. It was the remains a terrifying expert of their race had left behind. All the power of that expert’s cultivation base was condensed within it.

Amongst the three of them, the most infuriated one would have to be the one who had been slapped in the face, had his nose broken, and his balls crushed, Yan Weishan.

However, he had actually endured, while Hu Xiaolin had taken out a divine item first. This was because of Long Chen’s dragon pressure. Hu Xiaolin was unable to bring out all of his power because of it, resulting in him being the weakest amongst them.

When the three of them worked together, due to his large body, he was unable to cooperate nimbly. He could only wait at the side and look for opportunities. He, a heavenly genius of the Xuan Beasts, had actually turned into a mere extra with everyone watching.

That was unacceptable to him. However, the other two also refused to be the first to take out a divine item.

That was because being the first one to take out a divine item would represent that that person was the first to be unable to go on without one. That was why the three of them had continued fighting without them, but Hu Xiaolin couldn’t endure any longer. He was extremely sullen inside. All he wanted was to kill Long Chen. Not bothering with anything else, he became the first to take out a divine item, his giant bone claw.

A terrifying pressure caused even the distant spectators to feel like space had frozen. They felt that this divine item was different from other divine items. It was even more terrifying, even more powerful.

“I just knew you are the weakest,” laughed Long Chen.

Hu Xiaolin almost coughed up blood. Just being the first to take out a divine item was embarrassing enough, but now Long Chen had added salt into his wound.

Long Chen was fearless in the face of the bone claw. Instead, he was excited. His battle intent had been ignited.

“Break!” A black saber appeared in Long Chen’s hands, and a huge saber-image soared into the sky, slashing the bone claw.

BOOM! Divine light exploded. Huge waves spread through space like an angry tsunami.

This was the dreadful power of divine items. The surrounding space around them exploded.

Long Chen and Hu Xiaolin were both blown away. Yan Weishan and Jin Mingwei were at the core of the battlefield and were the first to be affected by their divine power. However, divine light appeared around them as well, protecting them.

A golden cauldron appeared above Yan Weishan, emitting waves of golden light that protected him.

As for Jin Mingwei, the gourd on his waist was now above his head. Waves of Blood Qi came from it, preventing Jin Mingwei from being affected by the shockwaves of the divine items.

“Why is it that their divine items are able to release such power in their hands? Could it be that they’re already powerful enough to use divine items?” cried out someone.

Previously, people had seen the Empyreans fighting Guo Ran, Meng Qi, and the others wielding divine items. However, they weren’t able to unleash this much power from their divine items.

“It’s not that they’re fully using their divine items, but that their divine items are above ordinary divine items,” explained the Empyrean from the neutral camp.

Only Empyreans in possession of divine items were qualified to understand the difference between divine items. Some of these people hadn’t even seen divine items before, so they naturally didn’t know that divine items were classified according to different levels.

The divine items in these Empyreans’ hands were at most quasi divine items. They didn’t have innate divine runes.

However, even quasi divine items weren’t something that they were qualified to use. They couldn’t activate their true divine power.

The reason Hu Xiaolin, Jin Mingwei, and Yan Weishan’s divine items were able to unleash such power wasn’t because they could control them, but because of the divine items themselves. The power of divine items was so great that they could destroy the world, but it was also because of their great power that they had to be sealed with restrictions when they were made. Otherwise, if a divine item attacked its master, the world would be thrown into chaos.

Divine items themselves were only able to control a very small portion of their power. Ninety-nine percent of their power required a person to activate. 

That was why although some of the spectators possessed divine items, none of them had a divine item that could unleash such power. They couldn’t even unleash a tenth of their divine items’ power.

However, these principles were only known by Empyreans. The others didn’t have that much understanding of divine items. All they knew was that Long Chen and Hu Xiaolin’s exchange was an apocalyptic one.

Even from such a distance, they were shaken by the divine might. They didn’t even dare to move.

Long Chen rested Evilmoon on his shoulder. Holding Evilmoon, he was full of confidence as well as an intense desire to fight. This was still his favorite way of fighting. Simple hacks of a saber were what made him feel the most content.

“Tell me, why bother testing me bit by bit? Shouldn’t you have brought out your divine items earlier? How is this any different from taking off your pants to fart? Even tigers use their full power to hunt down a rabbit. Well, there’s just one thing I want to ask you: does your face not hurt?”

Long Chen’s words were another slap in their faces. At first, the three of them had thought that Long Chen was trapped like a turtle in a jar, and if it weren’t for the orders from higher-ups, they wouldn’t have even bothered coming. They would have ordered others to handle him, as doing it personally was lowering their own status.

However, as soon as they started fighting, they were forced to bring out all their power and were still unable to defeat him. Thinking of how arrogant they had been and how they had wanted to use the least amount of power to defeat him, they all felt their faces twitch. The more arrogant they had been, the more resounding this slap was.

“Shameless arrogance, face your death!” raged Yan Weishan. Long Chen’s words burned his cheeks. The golden furnace above his head suddenly grew and smashed toward Long Chen.

The golden furnace left behind a large black mark as the void exploded wherever it passed. The world was not able to bear its power.

“If being arrogant means a person should die, none of you should be alive,” sneered Long Chen. He slashed Evilmoon. The golden furnace’s runes lit up as it activated its own power.

Long Chen didn’t bother with that. He knew that all he had to do was slash with his own power. Evilmoon would handle the rest.


When Evilmoon and the golden furnace met, a faint black light came from Evilmoon. The collision of two divine items caused space to crumble, and spiderweb-like cracks spread through the air. That sight was shocking to behold.

The collision of divine items caused powerful shockwaves. Long Chen was thrown into the distance, his hand bleeding. He raged, “Evilmoon, what are you doing?! They’ve activated their divine power. What are you still sleeping for?!”

The reason Long Chen was angry with Evilmoon was because it had used its divine power only to protect itself, resulting in him receiving a huge backlash.

He saw that on the other side, Yan Weishan hadn’t suffered any backlash at all. The majority of his power had been blocked by the golden furnace.

“Aren’t you someone who wants to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Sovereigns? I trust that you can handle this. My energy is rather precious, and I can’t waste it. They aren’t Life Star experts and can’t bring out the real power of their divine items. I’m sure you’ll be fine,” said Evilmoon lazily.

“What the fuck, you conner! Didn’t we agree that you would help me block the power of divine items?!”

“The current situation is a bit special. That furnace’s origins are a bit terrifying, and it’s not easy to handle. You deal with it for now. I’ll start thinking of how I can get a big bite of meat from it. Alright, stop nattering. Don’t worry, you’ll definitely be fine. I look favorably upon you,” said Evilmoon.


Long Chen had no more time to communicate with Evilmoon. Jin Mingwei’s blood gourd grew to the size of a mountain and smashed toward him. He hastily raised his saber to block.

His wrist almost broke, enraging him. Divine items had a special kind of divine energy that gravely injured his body and was difficult to block, but Evilmoon refused to help, which made Long Chen want to curse.

Fortunately, his healing abilities were monstrous. During this time, the World Trees in the primal chaos space had already grown to over six thousand meters and could offer him an ocean’s worth of life energy.

The golden furnace, the blood gourd, and the bone claw all whistled toward him. Long Chen roared furiously, slashing Evilmoon over and over again to force the three powerful divine items back. The intensity of the battle reached a new level.

“This is their real power? Each of their attacks can kill an Empyrean. This power is enough to cause despair,” sighed an Empyrean bitterly.

He regretted coming now. He might be classified as a heavenly genius, but this terrifying battle was a grave blow to his confidence.

Another Empyrean patted him on the shoulder with a similarly bitter but sympathetic smile.

The experts who belonged to Sha Guangyan’s camp were all shocked. However, they were also afraid.

They were afraid that the three of them would be unable to suppress Long Chen and allow him to escape. If he did escape, then as people who had participated in the attack against the Dragonblood Legion, they would have to face a terrifying reprisal. If Long Chen wanted to kill them, then there would be nowhere for them to run.

Their only hope was for Yan Weishan, Hu Xiaolin, and Jin Mingwei to kill Long Chen right here. Otherwise, they would never be at peace again.


Long Chen forced Jin Mingwei’s blood gourd back. Flames exploded out of Long Chen, and a golden sphere shot out.

A wave of flames spread, and a translucent figure appeared in the sky suddenly, wrapped by the flames.

“Bloodkill 1, I noticed you a long time ago. You want to sneak attack me? You’re far too lacking,” sneered Long Chen. A huge saber-image slashed toward that translucent figure.

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