Chapter 156 Intense Struggle

Of course, if Long Chen managed to smell it, the others also all managed to. Their auras all exploded out completely as they attempted to overpower their opponents.

As for Qi Xin who was fighting with Long Chen, his eyes brightened and strange lines suddenly appeared between his eyebrows.

As soon as those lines appeared, that water blade in his hand seemed to come to life as it slashed at Long Chen.

Long Chen was startled and hastily blocked it.

BOOM!!! Now Qi Xin’s water blade seemed to have a mountain’s worth of energy poured into it, causing Long Chen to be sent flying.

Qi Xin smiled mockingly. Without glancing further at Long Chen, he charged towards the cave.

Seeing that, Long Chen immediately understood he had been duped. And it wasn’t just him; everyone else had been fooled as well.

Although he didn’t know whether Qi Xin had been faking his anger, he definitely hadn’t lost his reasoning.

He had acted as if he had gone insane to fight Long Chen. That was because Long Chen had been a bit closer to the cave. Once the Profound Spirit Fruit matured, he could charge to it at the first moment.

Long Chen reacted and charged over at Qi Xin. However, Qi Xin had moved first, and so there was no way he could catch up.

“Gale Slashing Moon!” Suddenly, a lovable cry rang out and a wind blade shot at Qi Xin. Once the Profound Spirit Fruit had matured, everyone had been irresistibly drawn closer to the cave.

Seeing Qi Xin was the first to charge over to the cave, Tang Wan-er gave up on her opponent and used her wind attribute energy to increase her speed, shooting over like a gust of wind. Completely avoiding all the attacks behind her, she used a secret technique to attack Qi Xin.

Qi Xin, on the other hand, was completely horrified. That attack she had sent him had been condensed from her full strength. If he received it without doing anything, even if he didn't die, he would definitely be gravely injured. He quickly blocked with his water blade.

When the wind blade and water blade collided, an explosion of energy sent Qi Xin flying. That terrifying energy knocked him hundreds of meters away.

He had immediately gone from being the closest person to the Profound Spirit Fruit to the furthest. That angered him so much he almost coughed up blood. Stabilizing himself, he immediately charged back, seeing if he could obtain another chance.

“Careful!” Ye Zhiqiu let out a cry. That was because Tang Wan-er had left herself open to attack Qi Xin. Lei Qianshang’s fist had already arrived to smash into Tang Wan-er

“Get lost you gorilla!” A spear viciously smashed into Lei Qianshang’s fist.

Lei Qianshang was forced back two steps. He was furious that such a good opportunity had been lost just like that. If his attack had landed on her, the Profound Spirit Fruit would definitely have been theirs.

“Die!” Lei Qianshang roared, and thunderforce completely covered his body. Lines of thunderforce appeared on his fist as he punched at Long Chen.

Long Chen hastily raised his spear to block. But a cracking sound rang out as his spear exploded. Lei Qianshang’s fist only paused for a moment before continuing towards Long Chen’s stomach.

Long Chen was immediately sent flying by that explosive energy. But a strange smile appeared on Long Chen’s face. Lei Qianshang’s expression immediately changed.

“Stop him!” That was because he realized his fist had sent Long Chen straight into the cave. He was both shocked and infuriated, immediately chasing.

“Stay behind.” At this time, Tang Wan-er had already steadied herself and her wind blades flew out, blocking him.

After being knocked flying into that cave, Long Chen took out a jade case from his spatial ring and quickly ran over to the Profound Spirit Fruit sapling, using a handkerchief to wrap the Profound Spirit Fruit and placing it into the jade case, putting it away in his spatial ring.

It truly had been a waste for Long Chen not to be a thief. From the moment he had been sent flying into the cave to plucking the fruit and storing it into his spatial ring, only half a breath had passed.

Long Chen stood next to the sapling. “Game’s over. Do you still want to continue fighting?”

Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin who had just run back immediately turned green. Yue Zifeng stopped fighting, looking at Long Chen complicatedly. Sheathing his sword, he walked away without saying anything.

“What, are you two still not leaving? Are you waiting for me to feed you or something?” Long Chen said, standing by the Profound Spirit Fruit sapling’s side.

He knew that with the sapling here, this was the safest place. No matter what, those two would not dare come out to attack him for fear of harming the sapling. If they did, their lives would be taken as reimbursement, turning them into dead monsters.

Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin glanced at each other, both seeing the other’s fury and helplessness. Now that the Profound Spirit Fruit had landed in the other side’s hands, according to the agreement, they had lost. They could only admit their own defeat.

What had been an excellent situation had been completely destroyed by Long Chen. They hatefully glared at him, especially Lei Qianshang. That was the second time Long Chen had ruined one of his fights.

If looks could kill, Long Chen probably would have died a hundred times over.

Unfortunately, they could only glare. Other than grinding their teeth, they didn’t do anything.

If they really did continue fighting, then this would no longer be a game, but a life and death battle.

“If you bet you must accept your loss. Do you want to be shameless?” asked Tang Wan-er icily.

Qi Xin took a deep breath and pointed at Long Chen. “Long Chen, I’ve remembered you. I’ll make you regret ever being born into this world.”

The impishly smiling Long Chen immediately became cold, his smile disappearing to be replaced with icy killing intent.

“Qi Xin, be glad this is inside the monastery. If it was outside, I’d have made it so that you would never see tomorrow’s sunrise. I’d advise you to put away your little pettiness and not invite a disaster on yourself.”

Long Chen was completely serious without the trace of a joke. At the same time, everyone could sense that profound killing intent from Long Chen.

Tang Wan-er’s heart shook. This was the same Long Chen who had killed Zhao Wu. To him, it seemed killing people was a common occurrence that it was nothing out of the ordinary. Just how many people had he killed before?

“Hmph just keep talking big. I’ve already said, I’ll make you regret being born in this world. Just wait.”

Qi Xin icily snorted and left.

Lei Qianshang also glared at Long Chen. “Brat, don’t fall into my hands later, or I’ll make you live a life worse than death.”

Long Chen shook his head. “You’re all willful children. But remember, even willfulness must have its own limit, or the price will be extremely painful.”

Long Chen could feel their hatred, but he didn’t feel as if he had done anything wrong.

The very first day they met, Qi Xin had ordered people to humiliate him, wanting him to kowtow in apology. That was an even more vicious humiliation than being killed.

That was why he had gotten Little Snow involved to fight Qi Xin. And Lei Qianshang was pretty much the same. He had ordered Zhao Wu to cripple him.

Later he had been even more insidious, launching a sneak attack and planting a thunderseed inside his body, wanting him to feel the torment of having thunderforce devour his body.

Honestly speaking, Long Chen hadn’t borne much of a grudge, feeling that within this monastery, it was more like a game. For there to be winners and losers was extremely normal. There was no need to bother about momentary wins or losses.

But today, Qi Xin and Lei Qianshang had shown him that they were not the same. They would do anything, without holding anything back, in order to deal with him.

If it was just to deal with him and they came at him openly, Long Chen would gladly receive any of their methods.

But if they were too excessive and started using some despicable methods, then they shouldn’t blame him for being merciless.

During the battle of the capital, for some unknown reason, Long Chen had begun to feel a kind of excitement and anticipation towards slaughter.

That had caused him to feel a bit terrified. He was afraid he would become a bloodthirsty, murderous demon king, and so he had always been restraining himself since then.

But today, Qi Xin and Lei Qianshang’s threats caused that murderous heart of his to stir slightly.

“Ok, don’t get angry because of them. The rules are extremely strict within the monastery, and they won’t dare do anything stupid.” Seeing Long Chen’s face was still so grave, Tang Wan-er drew him out of his stupor.

She didn’t know why, but she didn’t like it when Long Chen was like that. She would rather see him be the rascally, laughing Long Chen. That was the Long Chen she was familiar with.

Taking a deep breath, Long Chen suppressed his fury and put on a wronged expression. “Beloved sister Wan-er, how come I feel so wounded inside? I think I overextended myself in this fight; can you console me a bit? Let us conduct a clean and pure embrace… ah, forget about it.”

Long Chen had only just spread his arms when a wind blade began to quickly revolve within Tang Wan-er’s hands as she disdainfully looked at him. Her posture was such that as long as Long Chen dared come over to her, she would let him have it.

“Cough, it’s just a joke! Don’t take it so seriously,” laughed Long Chen awkwardly. He touched his spatial ring and handed over the jade case with the Profound Spirit Fruit.

“Ok, who do I give it to?” Long Chen looked at the two of them.

“I don’t want it. You two can split it.” Tang Wan-er hesitated for a moment and shook her head.

“Why?” Ye Zhiqiu was surprised. That was a Profound Spirit Fruit! It was something that involved their futures and they had even fought such an intense battle for it. Why would she give it up?

“Originally I only fought for this Profound Spirit Fruit in order to… well, uh, I already have a silver grade Spirit Root, so even without it I have a high chance to advance perfectly. You two can split it.” Tang Wan-er paused halfway. Her face reddened and she glanced stealthily at Long Chen.

“Then many thanks, sister Wan-er. I’ll remember this favor. Long Chen, let’s split it in two,” said Ye Zhiqiu.

This Profound Spirit Fruit was extremely miraculous. It didn’t need to be consumed at the moment of advancement. As long as you ate it before and absorbed its essence, it would automatically strengthen your realm so that when you advanced, you would have a higher chance of a perfect advancement.

Normally, a silver Spirit Root genius would leap from having a thirty percent chance of a perfect advancement to a seventy percent chance after consuming the Profound Spirit Fruit.

But if it was split in half, the essence would be split and the chance of a perfect advancement would drop to fifty percent.

But no matter what, even just that partial increase was an extremely great thing. That was why everyone viewed the Profound Spirit Fruit so importantly.

That was also why Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin’s expressions had been so ugly when they had left.

A cultivator’s strength was definitely important, but luck was also an important factor. And so this partial increase in chance could allow their future to change completely.

Long Chen glanced from Tang Wan-er to Ye Zhiqiu and shook his head. “You can eat it yourself. I can’t use it.”

Both of them were completely shocked. They looked closely at him, asking, “Why is that?”

Long Chen was embarrassed looking at their intent gazes. He helplessly lamented, “I’ll tell you guys a secret, but you must keep it absolutely to yourselves. I’m actually an absolute peak genius. My Dantian’s Spirit Root is actually... the legendary dark gold Spirit Root.”

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